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Stonewall: Tackling anti-gay crime should be a priority for new police commissioners

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Reader comments

  1. Here in London we DON’T have that option to vote for police commissioners.

    many people I have spoken to outside London are not even aware of the vote.

  2. Can Stonewall define exactly what they mean by “hate-crime”, and set out the parameters by which they deem a certain act to be such a “crime”?

    Most right-thinking people would agree that any kind of physical assault on the grounds of sexual orientation would fit into that category.

    But verbal “harassment” and “intimidation” are entirely subjective and this board is now pretty clear that we do not want hate laws stretched to seeing people incarcerated, for example, for wearing t-shirts (see recent Peter Tatchell story).

    Nor for what are perceived by a few reactionary activists forever on the lookout for so-called “thought” or “speech” crimes.

    There has been a remarkable volte face on this subject on these boards in recent months compared to, say, two years ago when most would jump at the slightest provocation and demand police action against the perpetrator.

    Thankfully many now realise the need to safeguard freedom of speech far outweighs the desire to protect our sensibilities.

    1. A post like yours, however, still gets voted down.

  3. Don’t think this issue would be at the top of most voters ‘wish list’ Closing down cruising sites would be more likely. Lets face it-its a populist move-God help us.

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