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In Photos: US members of Congress supporting the NOH8 campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting, no Republicans have joined the NOH8 campaign. The Log Cabin Republicans must be really proud of their bunch.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Oct 2012, 3:07pm

      The Log Cabin republicans actually believe they can change their party from within, delusional at best. What is so appalling is that they continue voting into power the very people who want them to remain second class citizens. Equal marriage has NEVER been a priority for gay republicans, not even if the economy were in top notch condition and jobs plentiful. It would still be on the bottom rung of the ladder.

      I’m thankful we live in a country where human and civil rights are not put to referenda as they are in some states in America. I know we do things a lot slower in the UK, but our equal marriage debate will succeed and become the law of the land. At least our marriages will be full marriages unlke the current situation in the U.S. where they are only recognised at the state level and aren’t portable in the remaining 44 states.

  2. GingerlyColors 16 Oct 2012, 7:40am

    It would have been heartwarming even to have just one Republican amongst them. It isn’t too late to sign up to NOH8.

  3. Surely as legislators these politicians could be doing something with immediate practical benefit, instead of engaging in publicity stunts,

    I’m all for publicity stunts to raise awareness of an issue.

    But when politicians engage in this No8 or the ‘Out 4 Marriage’ campaign, they seem to be forgetting that they are in a position to effect a change that appearing in a PR video will not achieve.

    They are trivialising their own positions by doing this (although maybe theat’s the point – since the political system is now owned by busines these politicians are only required to rubberstamp what their corporate bosses tell them.

    1. dAVID, you have to remember that in the states marriage is defined at state level so the fed gov can’t do much. and any awareness is better than none!

      1. And what are these congresspeople doing in practical terms to improve conditions in their own states?

        These people are policymakers.

        It’s a pretty sad state of affairs if in the US a congressperson can only appear in an advert to promote equality.

        I thought they were in a postion to actually do something practical.

  4. I approve of the sentiment but the images look rather silly. I hope this stunt doesn’t backfire in terms of public awareness.

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