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Anti-gay church pickets funeral of lesbian US Army sergeant

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Reader comments

  1. cant they and and do something more positive for once sad people

    1. Burn Phobes burn 18 Oct 2012, 6:45am

      sickies int he head – the family is full of sexual and mental molestation

      Cut them up for spare parts for good people and if the phoibic bishops complain, do the same with them. MFrs

    2. Burn Phobes burn 18 Oct 2012, 6:54am

      teh phelsp came to a mass gay marriage in DC when it became legal I and a group of kids marched up there – many of the kids doing same sex kissing, I and a few others holding our crotches and spitting on the ground

      YOu dont know what the words hate and slurs mean until I did this . then the chiden hearted pieces of poo jumped in their car and ran away

      I’ve also challended with simple words eg the local catholic secretary to the bishops. Nothing vile, just told them they were wrong and evil.

      she just walked away. It shows how brainwashed they are with the church’s poo that they cant even stand to have a polte conversation.
      Diederot had it right when he said during the french revoution
      strangle all the ings with the guts of the priests
      pity we ran out of kings so the priesthood survvived.

  2. Noticed this in the British media too, when the policewomen were tragically killed recently. Plenty of mention of the family of the straight one, not even a not to the partner of the lesbian woman.

    Anyway, these people are really savage. Targetting funerals of all places… why are they allowed to do this?

    1. Nod*, sorry.

    2. No, not on the BBC, which mentioned not only the partner of the deceased policewoman but also their plans to get CPed, and also that her partner’s daughter had led her family into the cathedral for the service.

      1. Ah, I see. I was referring to newspapers – how silly of me to not have specified. ._.

      2. While this is true, the straight woman’s funeral did get more press coverage.

  3. I know most people probably feel differently, but I would give my right arm to have Westbro picket my funeral – its a sign that you were definitely doing something right in life

    1. And you wouldn’t be needing your right arm anymore, anyway.

  4. Maybe when the Phelps clan pass away, some folk will picket and disrupt their funeral.

    Boot other foot.

    1. I suspect it will be one of America’s more danced upon graves – and possibly the site of many same-sex marriages, if people have any sense of ironic justice.

    2. Burn Phobes burn 18 Oct 2012, 6:48am

      lots of speculation that the chief MF Fred Phelps is dead. long ago there was a movie about a woman who took her dead hubby with her in a casket.

      I wouldnt be surprised if these MF do the same to worhsip him.
      And bless the smell as Gods thankts to them

  5. I hope the Patriot Guard Riders were there too, they do good work when the WBC attend a funeral.

  6. The Phelpses should be surrounded by counter pickets dressed as the Easter Bunny and playing kazoos.

    1. Cardinal Capone 17 Oct 2012, 12:54am

      Might be a bit distracting at a funeral.

    2. When it became known that Phelpes and WBC were going to protest at the funeral of Mathew Shepard people were outraged. A plan was put into place to have rows of people dressed as angels who would raise their arms as wings and block WBC from view and prevent his family being distressed by their presence and banners.

      The can be viewed seen by viewing the Mathew Shepard story! It was a beautiful gesture to make by a creative and thoughtful group of people.

      This is the only example (sadly) of which I am aware to block all sight and presence of WBC during a funeral protest.

      3:32 @

    3. That’s what they want. Seriously, they’re lawyers that are trolling people into doing something to them that they can sue for. It’s just like Sarah Pain and Nick Griffin- ignore them and they’ll go away.

  7. James Cunningham 17 Oct 2012, 2:47am

    Heartless bastards!! Westboro make me sick!!

  8. To people like Phelphs and WBC… Who believe it is their divine right to hate…
    “A message for those who choose to bash and attack gay people”

  9. What a disgrace the Phelps family is. I watched Louis Theroux’s exposure of them on our Tv the other night. But what made me really sad was the 11 children and grand-children of the mad patriarch being so brain-washed to the point I would have thought, could be prosecuted as child abuse.

    1. GingerlyColors 17 Oct 2012, 9:59am

      One of the disturbing scenes in Louis Theroux’s documentary was when a carton was thrown from a passing car, hitting one of the children in the face. The WBC scum are endangering their own children.

  10. The members of this so called church are nothing like what a true christian should be. They are nothing but vile excuses for human beings.

  11. Westboro Baptist Church and all of the dysfunctional Phelps family are already living in a Hell of their own making.

    1. i wouldnt say all the Phelps family, after all 4 of them have escaped that what can only be discribed as a cult, most notibly of course is Nathan Phelps, behond those however.. i agree

      1. Yes, you are quite right.

  12. GingerlyColors 17 Oct 2012, 9:57am

    The Westboro Baptist Church are scum. How would they like it if one of THEIR funerals got picketed. I would like to mention here the Patriot Guard Riders, an American motorcycle organisation who formed to oppose the picketing of US military funerals by the WBC. They try to prevent WBC members from accessing the mourners and rev their engines to drown out their hateful chants. I don’t know the Patriot Guard Riders views regarding LGBT issues but at least they represent the decent people of America. God hates the Westboro Baptist Church.

  13. I’ve run out of vile invective for the Westboro church…the less media attention they get, the better. That’s what they’re looking for – attention.

  14. Shame on Pink News for giving free advertising to the extremists of the Westboro cult.

    That cults is 1 family; has 80 members and requires publicity to survive.

    Shame on Pink News for giving a platform to homophobia.

    1. I hardly think Pink News a pro LGBT group would endorse an anti LBGT group like westboro. Praise and Kuddos to pink news for showing how disgusting the WBC can be.

    2. Especially given that the Westboro action – which was the same as they (sickeningly) do at every single military funeral – was almost entirely nullified by over a thousand opponents and local people, and had little effect, whereas the real story on this woman is missed. Its another occasion upon which to worry about L&G journalism, not least since this site seems heading to be the largest international LGT news site.

      This was the first married L or G US service-person to die in action. But, despite the end of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, the US Army hadn’t bothered to figure how to handle such an event. Instead they followed DOMA to the letter, and more, and completely erased all mention of her married status, and her wife, in their released information,whereas the wives of those killed beside her were all honoured. This was then compounded by the national news agency (AP) simply reproducing that information.

      But there’s more, because DOMA also denies her wife survivor benefits, and

      1. the Army abided by DOMA to the extent of not even treating her as the first person to be informed of the death, or the person first asked to identity the body. Grief counseling is also denied.

        Of course this discrimination – shocking to us – would have come as no surprise to Tracy Dice (, because she was already denied access to Sgt Johnson’s military healthcare coverage, to the low-priced service-person’s shopping outlets, to couples’ housing, to relocation assistance or retraining. She was excluded from official social events for families too.

        Should this tragic death and the exposure of the discrimination not be the occasion for the start of outrage to end it?

        And there’s a missed positive side too. The local media fully report a wonderful response and day at the funeral, where a Johnson’s life was fully recognised:

  15. Have these people no shame!? Seems not!!!

    And massive pat on the back to those hundreds of people who turned up to block this maniacs!!!

  16. Art Pearson 18 Oct 2012, 12:14am

    They have truly forgotten what it means to be Christian. They bring shame on ‘true believers’.

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