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UK: Transgender ex-Broadmoor patient talks of Jimmy Saville abuse

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Reader comments

  1. I heard this man being interviewed on the BBC – such a sad story, and it was clear it was still upsetting for him now. I hope that a proper investigation with other witnesses coming forward will help him. It must have been horrible to know he wouldn’t be believed just because of where he was.

  2. I really hope someone comes along with actual evidence at some point in this witch hunt. Guilty by accusation & unverifiable stories don’t really cut it.

    1. Witch hunt? Do you work at Broadmoor, by any chance?

    2. Midnighter 15 Oct 2012, 1:48pm

      I agree in principle as we do tend to have ‘trial by media’ all too often. However the balance of probability led the police to make a clear statement on their view early on in this, which indicates that they feel the accusations and stories were in fact verifiable and substantial.

    3. Well said, Gedio. The way Saville, of whom I was no fan, and who may very be guilty of all these things of which he is accused, is being vilified by the mob makes me sick. Can’t you all wait until ONE accusation is verified in a court of law? I’d not be in the least surprized to read soon that there’s a group formed to dig up his body and have it burnt in public. Twice. And filmed on iphones, of course. Then put on YouTube.

    4. Spanner1960 15 Oct 2012, 3:36pm

      I totally agree.
      This entire furore is based on hearsay and gossip.

      I was no fan of the man, but he is not here to defend himself, no verifiable proof has been submitted and everyone is demanding a scapegoat, be it the BBC, NHS or the likes of people like Esther Rantzen.

      Leave the professional investigators to do their jobs and then a rational judgement can be made, otherwise this thing will just dissolve into peasants and Daily Mail readers with pitchforks and torches demanding summary justice.

      1. I agree that people are innocent until proven guilty, but people on this thread aren’t just reacting to a bit of gossip or idle tittle tattle. This is what a policeman involved said:

        ‘ “At this stage it is quite clear from what women are telling us that Savile was a predatory sex offender,” said Commander Peter Spindler, head of specialist crime investigations, in an interview with the BBC.’

        Yes, it doesn’t prove anything but I don’t think the police are normally so forthright. This shows they’re taking the accusations very seriously and feel confident enough to speak out at this stage.

        1. Spanner1960 16 Oct 2012, 1:10am

          Since when was a man convicted on the comments of a policeman?
          Let’s wait until the whole thing goes through due process and people are cross-examined, judged by a jury and deliberated by a duly appointed judge.

          Until then, it is still only conjecture.

          1. Never, Spanner – and I did stress that everyone’s innocent until proven guilty. I was pointing out the unusualness of the police making a statement like that and suggesting that that might be the reason for some comments here rather than idle gossip or speculation.

        2. Well they said they would have prosecuted but a prosecution isn’t a conviction. Unless there’s something we’re not seeing that’s kept confidential by the police I don’t know any jury that could ethically find him guilty with only “witness” testimony. I don’t want to sound cold & cynical but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that stories are easy to find when media sources pay a decent amount of money for them. World events don’t make the news – the media does.

          In the end of the day witness testimony isn’t really acceptable as a sole basis for conviction.

        3. Did’nt the police make a similar statement regarding blame at Hillsborough? And the gutter press collude in perverting justice, and we all know what happened there now.

          However , i would suspect that Saville is guilty, and that most of the allegations are true , but i would rather wait for judicial outcome rather than act as judge and jury.

      2. It’s largely about the Murdoch / Desmond press attacking the BBC and promoting their own TV empires. Savile is just the catalyst.

  3. It has to be said, a former Broadmoor patient is hardly the most reliable of witnesses.

    1. And THIS kind of attitude is precisely why these predators choose these kind of people to victimize. The predators ALWAYS go for the weakest of society so they can have free reign…
      Thats why these predators are actually punks though think in their
      deluded minds that they are tough and in the norm.

      1. How do you know Jimmy Savile was a predator?

        Where is your proof?

        Allegations and accusations are insufficient.

      2. Spanner1960 15 Oct 2012, 3:48pm

        I fully understand your rebuke here, and I am sure there is abuse in these establishments; however, we are not talking about your average mental hospital. Broadmoor is one of the highest security facilities available in the UK for seriously mentally ill, delusional and dangerous people, so any allegations made by patients have to be rigorously assessed because of this.

  4. People in care institutions in this country are all too often abused , sexually, mentally , physically. Whether it is children or the elderly, adults with disabilities, there needs to be proper monitoring of those caring for the sick or vulnerable and that includes doctors, social workers as well.

    1. In most countries abuse like this occurs.
      In San Francisco in the early 2000’s, i was in an hospital after a suicide
      Attempt. I awoke but was to medicated to react to a strange man hovering his genitals over me. I was relativley early into my transition and diagnosed as bipolar thus I wasnt taken seriously. To make matters worse they had me in the men side though I had been on Hormones for almost two years at that point. Also last fall I was called a he-she and battered by deputies whom patrol the Sfgh…
      So trust me abuses are still occuring and we as the victims have NO recourse. As being trans,poor and disabled we get NO love!!!

      1. I was referring to abuse in general in institutions not that just exclusive to the trans community because of this man’s allegation , but of course i recognise the hate and discrimination which is paramount against you and your community in everyday life .

    2. Indeed.

      However Jimmy Savile has not been charged, tried or convicted of anything.

      And he never will be as he is dead.

      We will never know whether he is guilty or not.

      So the witch-hunt going on right now is not going to achieve justice for anyone.

      1. I am not an idiot easily pushed on the band wagon or influenced by media trials by the british gutter press. My comment was referral to the abuse carried out in institutional care in this country. I’m hardly so stupid to make a verdict on this particular case without there being full legal discourse.

        However , it is possible that Saville may still be charged and convicted in a posthumous verdict , which has happened in other nations and may set a precedent here.

    3. As a care worker, I am confident it is a vanishingly small proportion of workers who abuse their position. You do not do a job like this for pathetically small wages unless you are (forgive the word) committed.
      CQC is there to monitor all care institutions, private and otherwise, but they are short of inspectors, no surprise there, but no-one I work with or know fears an inspection.
      In Savile’s case, guilty or not, why was he allowed such unfettered access?

  5. Such a pity none of these allegations were investigated properly during Savile’s lifetime.

    All these accusations surfacing now, while they may (or may not – we really don’t know) be true, are never going to achieve any outcome.

    The accused is dead.

    That’s why the reaction to this story worries me – it is such a mob reaction.

    Meanwhile nothing will ever be proved.

    1. It is important for the victims who survived him, and important for all of us to find out how this happened, whether there was a cover up, and how do we stop this happening again – all assuming Savile is guilty, or course.

  6. Where were these people when the man was alive? The sun paper are giving it a lot of coverage, I wonder if it is trying to distract people from Hillsborough!

  7. Yes, it is trial by witchhunt. But as more of these allegations come out, many of the victims say they did complain, and they weren’t believed. If professional women were told to shut up and live with it, what chance did patients with mental health issues have of being taken seriously?

    You cannot blame the victims for the media furore. How can they prove what what happened? The only thing they have is the chance to speak out for the first time in decades.

  8. GingerlyColors 16 Oct 2012, 7:24am

    I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Jimmy Savile got mentioned here. The evidence against him would have been sufficient to bring a conviction if he was still alive.
    One thing of great concern is what rights do patients in a hospital have compared with people in prison. Disturbingly elderly people in residential care homes have less rights than prisoners so is it likewise for patients in long term psychiatric care? Although an NHS hospital, the staff at Broadmoor are represented by the Prison Officers’ Association although they are officially nurses – a contradiction which has been compared to the National Union of Mineworkers representing school teachers. If Broadmoor was a bone-fide prison rather than a hospital would abuse have been covered up in such a way? There are nasty people in Broadmoor but there are many there who are deserving cases and therefore have a right to be protected from abuse. (continues…)

    1. GingerlyColors 16 Oct 2012, 7:27am

      As for David Copeland who was convicted of the London nail bombings including the sickening homophobic attack on the Admiral Duncan, what on earth is he doing in Broadmoor? His guilt was not in question as he was a self-confessed racist and homophobe but at his trial, a jury had to decide whether he was ‘mad or bad’, which they decided the latter which ment that he should have gone to a regular prison.

    2. “Disturbingly elderly people in residential care homes have less rights than prisoners” There is a reason why dementia suffers can have “Deprivation of Liberty” orders taken out on them. If they wander onto the road, they are in as much danger as a 4 or 5 year old. They do not know where they are, their cognitive abilties are severely compromised, and they would walk into the road without thinking.
      And would be vulnerable to any passing pervert or sadist. Another reason why Savile’s “droit de seigneur” in so many institutions is suspect.

  9. If he is guilty its a horrible situation of course, but i question the value of making these claims. He did a lot of charity work, and the only things being harmed by these accusations are those charities, especially Stoke Mandeville. He is dead and doesnt care.

  10. The comments supporting Savile are making me feel sick. So many women (and men) have come forward now because they KNOW he is dead, and therefore he cannot refute their stories and act like he is innocent, while if he was still alive probably the same thing would have happened as always; no one would believe the victims and Savile would still be the media’s darling. The fact that people are STILL choosing to believe Savile over the victims… On what basis? That he was a national icon? it’s a clear example of the disgusting rape culture in our society which blames the victims and protects the abusers.

    1. You wonder why people are so scared to report rape and sexual abuse? This is why.

    2. Plus Savile would have threatened a libel action against his accusers, knowing they could never afford expensive lawyers, unlike him……

  11. Cardinal Capone 17 Oct 2012, 3:38pm

    Jimmy Savile sounds like a vile heterosexual.

    1. His sexual orientation is not the issue. His reportedly abusive behaviour is.

  12. its really not fair i read a comment saying they are all slags and liers these were children since when do they become slags. surley so many people now should be proof . i wish they had filmed it , would be these days with our iphone. I think rules need to change in this country need a strong detterent chop off a limb or something protect our vunerable kids /people. i know hes dead even this prooves more what would they poosibly be after, his moneys gone to his family ect he cant defend hiself. This prooves the victims are not after money they could not talk when he was alive he had very good defences. victims just need to off load this get it out now he cant hurt them. just want you to listen and believe.

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