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US: University government votes Chick-fil-A off campus

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Reader comments

  1. People are acting as though we’re being unfair, or violating his freedom of speech or his right to discriminate against innocents.

    I wouldn’t care about any of this if Dan Cathy hadn’t funded anti-gay organisations. I just wouldn’t eat there myself. But when I know that he has a store on my campus for people to provide him resources to actively oppose gay people, then it goes way beyond talk – I don’t want funding for bigots right outside my doorstep.

    1. Well done for making a stand.
      And thanks for fighting back against the bigots

      1. I was actually just talking hypothetically. Whoops! Should have made that a tab more obvious…

  2. Wow! I am impressed!!
    The religious nuts are beginning to get their butts kicked and rightly so.

    1. Indeed. It will take a lot more hard work to enshrine LGBT rights outside of North Carolina’s college towns though – they’re islands of progress and secularism in what is mainly a very religious fundamentalist South.

  3. Hit their wallets …they will feel it in their heads.

  4. This is brilliant!

  5. Good! Hope this sets a precedent to see them ALL closed. Bigoted businesses have no place in a 21st century world, even though these sky fairy believing twits might think otherwise.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is so satisfying. :-) Its GOT to be fattening!

  7. ‘Robert Orr, a student at the university, questioned whether the student body should be removing the entire company, and suggested that it only appears to be Dan Cathy, CEO, who very openly opposes equal marriage:
    “Is this university prepared to inspect the giving records of every person and entity that it is connected to?”’

    This line of reasoning seems disingenuous to me. Not only did Dan Cathy go on the record endorsing his funding of anti-gay groups, he positively revelled in it, and there was precious little attempt to distance himself when Chick-a-fil was adopted as the eatery of choice for homophobic bigots in the wake of what he said. Then he reaffirmed his position publically.
    Most universities are run with clearly established anti-discrimination policies in place, so if Mr Cathy objects to the board’s decision he can suck it up.
    If other CEOs of fast food chains are found to be funding hate groups they can be vetoed in the same way.

  8. Excellent news! There’s no place for bigotry anywhere but especially not on a Uni campus. I don’t care if there are other Chick-Fil-A places nearby – this is making a point, and a very good one at that. Well done!

  9. Bye bye Chick Filler!

  10. That There Other David 15 Oct 2012, 2:49pm

    This will be the first of many outlets that will close thanks to their CEO’s words. Pretty soon Chick-Fil-A will only be associated with redneck holes and KKK hotspots.

  11. And now you know why Romney doesn’t want to hear what young people think.

  12. It warms my heart that three university campuses in North Carolina support marriage equality. It was heatbreaking that only a few months ago, North Carolina enacted a constitutional provision prohibiting the recognition of same-gender marriages. It’s nice to see the next generation of voters in that state support equality.

  13. GingerlyColors 16 Oct 2012, 7:36am

    In light of North Carolina’s decision to ban all recognition of gay partnerships (civil unions and marriage), it is heartwarming to hear Chick-fil-A get it’s marching orders from a university in North Carolina.

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