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Gay Hollyoaks character to return to soap

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Reader comments

  1. Another failed actor makes his return…

    1. I’d hardly call him a failed actor with 240 screen credits to his name since he left Hollyoaks and why would they want him back if he’s considered a failure?

  2. Gus burney??? Think they mean guy Burnet, will pink news ever get it right

    1. And I think you mean Guy Burnet.

  3. BruceWillisFan 13 Oct 2012, 11:14am

    Yeah I think this is awesome news. I thought John Paul McQueen was such a great gay character who involved in some of the best storylines ever in Hollyoaks & when he returns I think there might be a good chance (here hoping fingers crossed) that him Ste (Kieron Richardson) & PJ Brennan (Doug Carter) will has a threesome. oh what the heck throw in George Smith (Steven Roberts) & Declan Brady (Jay Duffy) into the mix too. I would also like Newt (Nico Mirallegro) & Jason Costello (Victoria Atkin) to return too. :)

  4. Yay! I loved JP!

  5. Oh my goodness! Well I guess I’ll have to start watching Hollyoaks again. Didn’t think I would want to.
    Let’s just hope they can deal with their story continuity problems.

  6. Would love to see John Paul back, but it will kinda ruin his ending with Dean. And how they had a happy relationship in Ireland. Hope Dean comes back, I would love to see a four-way relationship between John Paul, Ste and Doug. Yum Yum

  7. Godric Godricson 13 Oct 2012, 5:58pm

    Just for once, I would like to see a gay character in a mainstream soap that was living a life without being in ‘crisis’ all the time. In real life, we aren’t all in trouble etc and TV should perhaps reflect that normality. I just want to see LGBT people reflected as they are.

    I regularly write on burials and funerals at

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