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Video: Anti-equal marriage advert ‘Not about Equality’ airs in Washington

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Reader comments

  1. Moe liars.

    No, don’t tell me, let me guess – They’re christians.

    And no, marriage is about a de facto contractual relationship between two legally competent consenting adults. it is neither required FOR child-rearing, nor does a failure to have children negate it.

    I wouldn’t trust those christofascist swines if they told me that the sky was blue.

  2. “You can reject equal marriage and not be anti-gay.” That’s bullsh1t, forcing anyone to be a second class citizen is bigotry, pure and simple.

  3. Nothing new there, then. More bull.

  4. Absolute BS!

    ?Not about Equality” and “The care and well being of the next generation ”
    nicely combines contempt and hypocrisy in one generalization!

    These people don’t think there will be any GLBT in the next generation? who’s legal rights won’t exist if these people have their way begin to include:Hospital visitation rights, Inheritance, Pension, Taxation benefits, Employment and health benefits?

    Beyond love and lifetime commitment, marriage comes with a a whole host of “other benefits” which precipitated the whole marriage and equality issue because legal equality does “NOT” exist in it’s present form.

  5. “Comments are disabled for this video.”
    Why do bigots always do this? Preventing comment and discussion. That on it’s own shoud discredit them and any argument they have.
    Actually, I think it should be written into law that written articles and videos of a political nature MUST have commenting made available, otherwise be removed from view.
    If it can be prevented for news stories about ongoing legal cases, then it can be enforced for current political affairs.

    1. Dave North 12 Oct 2012, 8:56pm

      You will notice that the Christian Institute, Catholic Concern et al. NEVER allow comment, even by their own followers.

      In the States, FRC, NOM and their like are the same.

      Gay related stories in the Daily Hate and The Terrorgraph usually only allow comment when they “THINK” it is going to side with their own editorial opinions.

      As I see it.

      If your argument cannot stand up to comment and discussion then why publish it?

  6. Protecting whose kids exactly? Kids of straight people only. What about our kids?! Idiots

    1. Dave North 12 Oct 2012, 9:01pm

      “Why wont someone think of the Children”. Aaarrrgh. Enough already!

      Well, as far as I remember BOTH my parent are straight.

      They spent their lives “protecting and thinking of the children”.

      Indeed they still do in their 70’s looking after a handicapped daughter
      and helping out a “sometimes skint” 46 year old gay son.

      These people really DO see us as OTHER. Dangerous etc.

      And what brought them to those thoughts. RELIGION.

  7. As far as anti-gay sites not accepting comments, *OneNewsNow* deletes them if they’re gay-affirming. I’ve posted there several times and had my comments disappear. Next time I’d try to post they’d ‘forget’ my name and tell me I’d have to re-register. Three times that happened, and I stopped commenting, which was just what they wanted. Of course, they’re funded by the virulently anti-gay American Family Association.

  8. GingerlyColors 14 Oct 2012, 4:59pm

    A number of major companies in Washington State are voicing support for marriage equality. Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Expedia, T-Mobile and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce are supporting the right for gays to marry. I wonder what Boeing’s stance is on the subject, after all a lot of gay people work on board their products as cabin crew.

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