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Gambian president: I’ve ‘cured’ 68 HIV patients

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Reader comments

  1. Religion-addled numbskull.

    1. Best way of stopping the spread of HIV is having sex with one person for the rest of your life.

  2. Alternative medicine at a glance.

  3. Marcwebbo3 11 Oct 2012, 3:51pm

    I pity the people of Gambia gay and straight being ruled by this nasty evil man….anybody with an ounce of intelligence knows you can not cure HIV/AIDS with herbs…hes talking rubbish….he is a dangerous man and probably adding to the spread of HIV in his country….vile

    1. sadly, it appears that NOT “anybody with an ounce of intelligence knows you can not cure HIV/AIDS with herbs”.

      there are still conspiracy theorists who insist that HIV does not cause AIDS, that HIV was created in a laboratory, that “Big Pharma” are not curing HIV because they make too much money off it, that HIV was created to specifically target gays and blacks, etc…

    2. I don’t know….I believe that there must be some plant derivative or compound somewhere out there that could aid HIV medication.

      1. Spanner1960 12 Oct 2012, 12:50am

        Honey and lemon is good, apparently.

        1. Midnighter 12 Oct 2012, 1:24pm

          In that many amazing medicines have come out of plant derivations (mainstream, not homoeopathy) there is some basis for that hope imho. Derivatives of cocaine and opiates are well known, but there are many others. But to be clear it is not a case of eating some leaf, but identifying the active chemicals and synthesising or refining them to isolate and enhance the effect to a useful medicinal strength.

  4. I feel for the people of the Gambia having a non-elected and clearly a non-educated leader.

  5. I feel so sorry for the LGBT people in Gambia. What a nutjob. He’s even comparing himself to Mohammed! That should really result in protests from the Islamic world. Surely it’s blasphemy in their eyes?

    1. That must be worth a couple of embassies

  6. Midnighter 11 Oct 2012, 4:33pm

    It is a tragedy that this delusional fool seeks to doom his own people merely to stroke his own ego, but then history is replete with his ilk.

    We’ve seen major religion insisting for years that condoms should not be used in countries rife with AIDS, and now you have another major religion jeopardising the treatment of the sick.

    I expect I’m probably being silly – the millions of deaths won’t really matter since they’ll all be with God.

  7. So let’s have some actual evidence, Mr. Natty Head Gear, unless of course you’re really selling snake oil.

  8. More proof of his warped mind…

  9. Helen Wilson 11 Oct 2012, 4:59pm

    He wont mind infecting himself and after the virus has taken hold of him then prove his cure works…… Mr Jammeh its over to you!

  10. Don Harrison 11 Oct 2012, 5:26pm

    OK President Yahya Jammeh just how many people have died in Gambia of HIV/Aids since you came you to power?

  11. GingerlyColors 11 Oct 2012, 5:49pm

    What next? A cure for the common cold? Don’t worry, Gambians, you can sleep around and practice unsafe sex because your president has found a cure for HIV/AIDS. If he has then why isn’t he exporting it – whoever finds a miracle cure for HIV/AIDS or any other viral disease for that matter should end up rich but would a vile man like Yahya Jammeh let his country benefit or would he keep all the money for himself and let his people starve and expect foreign aid, donated by poor people in rich countries?

  12. Are women included in the cohort of HIV patients being taken off their meds for this quackery? If so, Gambia is ensuring a new generation of children will be born with HIV, quite unnecessarily.

    Tragic, cruel, and disastrous for the country.

  13. Did it involve hitting people with wet chickens. What an idiot.

  14. ...Paddyswurds 11 Oct 2012, 8:33pm

    Is reporting stories like this not akin to the bearded lady freak shows of the 19th century. Yahya Jammeh is to be pitied rather than viewed as a madman. in a civilised country he would be in a secure unit mental institution and his ramblings would be regarded for what they are, the ramblings of a mad man in the final stages of syphilis….

    1. It is reminiscent of a freak show, but the ‘public interest’ bit is clearly the fact that this particular freak runs a country.

      I’m not sure if you are suggesting PN shouldn’t report this sort of thing, but for my part I’d rather know about it: being able to point at such ‘freaks’ helps greatly in discussions with the more dogmatic proponents of religion.

  15. Great, so many people around the world are dying pointless and painful deaths, and all the time this guy has a cure that can remove the pain of those infected.
    What a grade-A bar steward he must be for not sharing the knowledge with the rest of the world.
    Perhaps someone can claim he is deliberately withholding vital information, and allowing people around the world to die. That’s manslaughter at least.

  16. Dave North 11 Oct 2012, 9:03pm

    Tis a pity we cannot cure ignorance and stupidity.

    However it is clear this goon is using it to his own advantage.

  17. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Oct 2012, 11:42pm

    And infected another 68.

  18. Really? Don’t tell me, the concoction had half a gram of Hippo dung, 4 leaves from a willow tree, 27 crushed ants, and the ski of three snakes, all blended nicely and stewed for three days and served with some short grain rice.

    Or, perhaps the patient was slapped twice with a live chicken.

  19. Another African freak, I blame christianity for the retardation of africa…

    1. I think it’s fairly obvious that the individual in question is emphatically not Christian.

  20. “Just as the Prophet Mohammed prevailed and established Islam […] I also prevailed to cure HIV/AIDS to the point that 68 are being discharged today”.

    An apt comparison, methinks, since they’re both nutcases deceiving people into having false hope.

  21. Khalid Muhammad 12 Oct 2012, 3:38pm

    has anyone proven him wrong yet??

    1. Yeah, let’s all listen to Khalid. Yahya probably can cure Aids and were just too racist to believe it. That must be it.

    2. The onus is on him to provide proof of his outlandish claim.

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