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US teen commits suicide following bullying claims

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Reader comments

  1. It’s so sad that this is still happening… my thoughts are with his family i can’t imagine what they’re going through

  2. Every time I read of another young life lost I feel so bloody impotent. I can’t think of anything profound or useful to say.

    1. Same here.

  3. just how many more young lives must we lose before someone sits and and realises there is a serious issue?

    Just how many more???

  4. Hehe, “State teen”. I didn’t know States had their own teens.

    It seems PinkNews miswrote the headline and put the colon too early.

  5. But jokes aside, I am really sorry for the boy. I know the feeling very well, I tried suicide once 4 years ago because of the difficulties I was having in life, although at the time it was unrelated to my sexuality. Now that I discovered that I am transgender about one year ago but haven’t had the courage to come out to my parents yet these feelings resurfaced with full strenght, I believe mostly due to the female hormones I’ve been taking on my own. It’s such a debilitating and horrible feeling, I wouldn’t wish this to anyone, even though sometimes it feels like the only way to gain freedom and peace.

  6. My heart goes out to his family, what a terrible ordeal for them.

    Note to the Republican:
    See how your vile rhetoric is REALLY damaging families!

  7. That There Other David 11 Oct 2012, 11:25am

    Stories like this really bring home just how messed up all the anti-gay rhetoric being spewed by right wingers really is. It damages people, it hurts people, and it causes misery. I hope the family and friends of this poor boy can recover in some way from this tragedy. I also hope that the community can learn from this and prevent others in the future even considering taking their own lives.

    RIP David. I’m so sorry that collectively as grown ups our generation failed you.

    1. Absolutely right! The needless death of this young man is a tragedy. It’s heart-breaking to read about each teen, and there seem to have been so many recently.

      Yet how ironic that Santorum is reported to be lamenting the fact that LGBT people are being accepted more and more – an acceptance which, I hope, will eventually reduce the numbers of young people killing themselves because of the homophobia around them. He and his ilk would seem to prefer a society that ostracises and hurts young LGBT people even more. I don’t believe that the anti-gay groups fail to realise the harm they do. I think they DO realise but they simply don’t care.

      1. That There Other David 11 Oct 2012, 1:20pm

        I think it’s more complicated than that. If they continue to convince themselves that it’s the “gay feelings” causing the misery rather than the hate they spew then they can believe they don’t have the blood of these youngsters on their hands. That’s why they fear wider acceptance of LGBT people, because they realise that happier LGBT teens and less suicides will show the real cause of all of these tragedies lies with the fundies. Personally I don’t know how any of them can sleep at night but they appear to have convinced themselves their hate is justified in order to do just that. Meanwhile the closer those protective mental walls come to crashing down the louder they are getting.

        1. “If they continue to convince themselves that it’s the “gay feelings” causing the misery rather than the hate they spew then they can believe they don’t have the blood of these youngsters on their hands…”

          Yes, you’re right about that too – a perceptive comment again. I suppose that’s how most homophobes function ie by blaming someone or something else (although a few are more than happy to take the ‘credit’ themselves).

  8. Jeffery J. 11 Oct 2012, 3:01pm

    What’s really tragic about this is that this kid died feeling completely alone and unloved. And think of the thousands of others like him whose names we’ll never know who all died in such mental torment. If that’s not enough to shame the antigay zealots, then they’re no longer human.

  9. More education is needed to stop this shocking waste of life. Bullying is cowardly and only people with a yellow stripe down their backs do it. Wake up America stop bullying in schools now! Decisive action immediately.

  10. Pavlos Prince of Greece 11 Oct 2012, 9:21pm

    I am thinking about suicide very often too, especially before sleep. But then – the question for himself: who know, maybe next day will bring something, what I necessary must see and learn?

    1. Sorry to read that. Find some support or come here if you feel down for some support.

      Take care xx

  11. What I find depressing is that a few elite gay people vote for the right wing parties and fight for marriage while the average blue collar gay person has to still deal with the life like they are living in the 60’s. Priorities are messed up. No more it gets better. Google have enough cash to set up a school for kids at risk of bullying if they cared

  12. no more, not again,

  13. Whenever I hear that a gay teen committed suicide, it makes me sob and hits me in the heart really bad. I can’t believe such things are still in this world.

    There is always hope, suicide is not the answer.

  14. This crap about reports of homophobic bullying being “unconfirmed” has to stop! The other students can confirm everything, I’m sure. The only way school districts are going to sit up and take notice and do something is if they get sued to the tune of millions of $$. It needs to be done, so they will get off their uncaring butts and put a stop to this.

  15. It makes me sick that people are bullying people just because they’re gay. I get homophobia all the time, I know how it feels. My thoughts go to his family.

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