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US: Scout denied Eagle badge invited onto the Ellen Degeneres Show

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  1. he cute.

  2. seriously though, why is the international scouting community not objecting to this florid discrimination. Apparently the UK scout movement is LGBT friendly, according to their public-domain policies. Same for Canada. I haven’t looked further than this. What is the UK Chief Scout, Old-Etonian Bear Grylls, doing about this? The notion that you can prove yourself to be worthy and qualified for a particular award (eg. a university degree, a pilot licence, a driving licence, the Eagle Scout award, etc.) but be denied that award on the singular basis of being LGB or T is deplorable and grotesquely dehumanising. How can the decent, moral (i.e. human rights, inc. LGBT rights – accepting) branches of the scouting movement accept this deplorable policy of the US boy scouts, without outrage and condemnation. Time, I think, for Bear Grylls, et al, to dispense with vacuous politesse and to brazenly come out in favour of eqaulity and civil rights.

  3. What happens at the World Jamboree? Are the BSA segregated in case they come across (no pun intended) Scouts and Scout leaders who can be open about their sexuality without fear of discrimination?

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 10 Oct 2012, 1:26pm

      With any luck they build some sort of wall of shame around them

  4. Jon "maddog" Hall 10 Oct 2012, 2:50pm

    An interesting thought:

    Are the requirements for Eagle Scout for the UK Scouts enough the same that the UK Scout movement could award him the badge of “Eagle Scout”?

    Or perhaps an honorary “Queen’s Scout Award”?

    Perhaps this will embarass the homophobic leaders or their funders enough to make a difference. It at least would give some well-earned recognition to the young man.

    1. A spectacular idea, Mr Hall!! I can’t think of a better symbolic gesture from British Scouting to the bigoted, fascistic, god-botherers that seemingly run the BSA. Seriously! We should start a petition!!

      Unless things have recently changed, the UK Scouts are still officially god-botherers, in the sense that you must at minimum be a deist (though not absolutely necessarily a theist) to take the scout oath in the UK. For all that I do object to this discrimination against atheists and agnostics (i count myself firmly among the former, as a secularist, humanist and atheist), my experience suggests that the deist/theist position of the UK scouts is somewhat loose and abstract in comparison to the conspicuously partisan approach of the BSA in supporting a unilateral, biased policy that favours the votaries of the more extreme and repugnant branches of the (ultimately spurious, atavistic, ironically concupiscent, rationally false, ultimately damaging) monotheistic oragnised religions.

  5. BSA of America, bigots training a new generation of bigots. As an American I am ashamed and disgusted at them. I was one of the 370,000 signatures showing support for this young man.

  6. The BSA is the H1tler youth for the 21st century!

    1. David Myers 11 Oct 2012, 2:15am

      They’re not there yet but it is a disturbing trend. The BSA were not always like this. I was in US scouts and until 1978 they did not discriminate against gay members. After 1978 right wing fundamentalist christian Texans and LSD Mormons took over the BSA and imposed these hateful and discriminatory policies!

  7. @jophus yes he’s cute but back to the point …. I was part of scouts for a while (a long while a good half a decade) and left after being bullied so good on him! and Let them change things!

    1. so what if he’s cute?!? anyway, yes, I was also a scout in the UK for about three years before I too left on account of bullying (of sorts), although I think it would be a stretch to say i specifically experienced homophobic bullying. Would be interested to know on what account you were bullied (I think I was really just a kid with more than half a brain, and a decent education, among a menagerie of (mostly) stupid young oafs!). I do hope they change things. I would seriously advocate for interventions from LGBT-friendly scouting nations in this case. For all I know these may be going on already behind closed doors. But clandestine diplomacy is not adequate in this instance. Publicily shame the right-wing bigots! Please!

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