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UK: National AIDS Trust celebrates 25th anniversary with special video

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations NAT on the great work that you continue to do on changing attitudes towards HIV.

    The film clip provides a snap shot of how so many things have changed in HIV care, but sadly public attitudes have not kept pace with the advances in care & treatment.

    I am sure there are many who will hopefully learn something from all those who took part in the film.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. No one is interested in your allegations, they are in the past! The Crusaid Hardship Fund was saved by THT and now provides vital financial assistance to those living with HIV -I really fail to see why you have to keep harping on about Crusaid and your other hobby horse UKC – both charities were badly managed hence they are no longer around.

    Stop hijacking these comments threads with your clap trap!

  3. Samuel B. 9 Oct 2012, 6:04pm

    Thanks for your insights ACT Up.

    More shocking and scandalous revelations about the gravy train that is the UK HIV sector.

    Whatever next?!

    1. How typical Samuel, as I have said before why don’t you join ACT up in this ridiculous crusade!

      What ever happened to Status Prevention? We have senn nothing from them all year, I wonder what happened to the funds they raised last year on WAD? I don’t see anyone questioning Peter Scott.

  4. Thank you PN for removing the annoying SPAM that really does not belong on such comments pages.

  5. Sarah w8 lady 11 Oct 2012, 2:03pm

    Whatever hapend 2 the £75, 000 ukc rescue package ?

  6. Sarah w8 lady 11 Oct 2012, 2:10pm

    Wel done to crusaid the high ct injunction is long closed ?

  7. Brenda w14 11 Oct 2012, 2:14pm

    Shame it cost £90, 000 to close down ukc more charity money wasted along with the £150,000 lost on the ukc hero awards all hushed up for 2 years

  8. Polly pimlico 11 Oct 2012, 2:18pm

    Must b upsetting for the police panel member emailed a london aids charity client database due to a regrettable error al hushed up

  9. The daddy w6 11 Oct 2012, 2:22pm

    What about london aids charity ukcs clients all abandoned in the ‘we care do u’ charitys collapse – treat people respect ? ?

  10. Stephanie bittoi w1 11 Oct 2012, 2:27pm

    Any news on the police panel member sent another police panel members multiple medical data by a london aids charity – the chief inspector of met police kindly didnt accept thr offer of resignation nat must b thrilled

  11. Darren london 11 Oct 2012, 2:33pm

    Is w6 bloke not annoyed ukc lost £150,0 00 of disabled peoples money ? All hushed up til private eye revealed al in 2007 annoyed abt spam lol get a life luvvy

    1. I think it is you that needs to get a life given that you have added another 20 SPAM messages under different aliases – you certainly have too much time on your hands. Go and do something useful with your time!

  12. Robin kent outraged ! ! 11 Oct 2012, 2:37pm

    Im very annoyed £90,000 was wasted closing down ukc while im hiv living in poverty !

  13. Positive nation reader 11 Oct 2012, 3:05pm

    I read positive nation mag announce ‘its jobs for the boys and dishonesty’ and theres going to be a expose ? What does that mean

  14. Austerity measures 11 Oct 2012, 3:10pm

    The running costs of nat appear quite high on returns on charity commissions website cldnt volunteers run the charity ? And the money be used for the hardship fund ?

  15. Brenda forbes spain 11 Oct 2012, 3:14pm

    Loved the letter from baseline mag to thts trustees ‘get a move on’ and re-open the hardship fund

  16. Can nat explain how crusaid trustees were able to use charity money to pay of their return to work staff in 2oo4 ? In exchange for them destroying documents ?

  17. Frances victoria 11 Oct 2012, 6:26pm

    Respect for the police panel member helping crusaid staff regain thr benefits as they fled the charity

  18. Donna winter sw1 11 Oct 2012, 6:31pm

    Now the wrong member of staff has had someone elses aids diagnosis in thr staff appraisal at crusaid does nat think that is something u should cease doing ?

  19. Harry d oxford 11 Oct 2012, 6:36pm

    Why do u make the sick n disabled live in poverty on stat sick pay before offering them thousands to destsoy documents ? In the london aids charity sector

  20. Iain renwicka 11 Oct 2012, 6:41pm

    Whn will the trustees of crusaid apologise for the ‘pain n suffering to alot of people get a better job with another employer’ in 2004 ? While yr preaching about respect ?

  21. Teresa green 11 Oct 2012, 6:43pm

    Its a joke people have needlessly died in poverty ?

  22. Charlie chaplin w14 11 Oct 2012, 6:47pm

    Pinknews feature on crusaid merger reveals so little money raised went to people it was raised for why did no one speak up earlier ?

    1. So where were you when all this was going on???? What is the point of constantly going on about things that are in the past and cannot now be changed????? Your ridiculous SPAMMING on many sites is not going to bring any of the money back is it????

      I have seen you spout the same drivel on various sites -why not put your efforts into something worthwhile like supporting people living with HIV, do some voluntary work, but don’t waste your time on rubbish like that because it is all in the past, and whatever axe you have to grind go do it somewhere else!

      1. Perhaps maybe so that those responsible for such blatant corruption at the expense of those who were shafter by the likes of the deplorable Steven Bitty can finally be held to account?

        1. I agree that those who are responsible for any financial wrong doing should be held to account, but what I fail to see is what good any of this spamming is doing, we see it in other threads that have nothing to do with the subject.

          Anyone who is serious about finding out the truth about these things does not need to hijack various gay sites with this SPAM. This sort of campaign just switches people off and does nothing to hold those responsible to account.

      2. Or perchance are you of the opinion that those guilty of past crimes ala the police at Hillsborough and Jimmy Savile should be pardoned because they occurred years ago?

        It is gratifying to see so many truths bubbling to the surface as mass consciousness shifts to a more open and enlightened paradigm.

        Indeed I eagerly await mass awareness of the truth about how pharma operates growing bigger by the day and bringing its entire house of cards crashing down.

        1. Whilst you may think you speak for gay men in general you certainly do not speak for me Samuel. You are ever becoming more like the “thought Police” you often refer to. I am very capable of having my own thoughts about the events that you highlight above, so please do not think that you know what my opinion is.

          Having lived in Hillsborough & also attended matches at the ground where people lost their lives I certainly do not think that anyone should be pardoned, the truth must be outed, and it is great to see that the families who lost loved ones will finally get the justice they deserve and those that are culpable are held to account.

          How typical of you to try a cheap shot at me linking failed HIV charities to events such as Hillsborough & the Jimmy Saville investigations. It says it all about your rhetoric Samuel, but I have come to expect nothing more from you – I thought you had been too quiet for too long………………………..

        2. You will be pleased to know Samuel that I am currently reading “Bad Pharma” and whilst you have consistently suggested that I am naive about the way Corporations are run to maximise profit, I do not sit in my ivory tower aloof from the rest of the population, I am able to form balanced opinions on matters relating to the Pharma Co’s.

          Your constant denial about the development of better meds to manage HIV is borne of your dislike for Pharma Co’s – it has nothing to do with the very clear evidence that modern treatment works very well. This dislike of Pharma Co’s encompasses your dislike for HIV charities where you erroneously think they are in bed with each other. Many gay men have benefited from grants made available to charities such as AIDSMAP, i-Base, NAT, THT, George House Trust etc. You are the naive one Samuel!

          You want to see the demise of HIV charities & have them replaced by companies such as Serco & Virgin Health – be careful what you wish for sunshine!!!

  23. Caped cruisader 12 Oct 2012, 11:12am

    I was helping crusaids staff regain thr benefits as they fled the charity whn not critically appraising the met police from minor crimes to those more serious whn not picking up awards n medals for 20 years of fundraising mr w6 bloke make sure u dont make a tit of yourself luvvy ? The past is the new future

    1. As you seem to live in the past I really do not think you have a future! What do you possibly aim to achieve by spouting all this clap trap on various sites????? HIV Charities up and down the Country do great work & are more reliant than ever on volunteers. If you dislike the Charity sector then that is your right, but what would you propose it is replaced with – incompetent Government departments?

      I guess you are really happy that private sector firms are now gaining contracts relating to sexual health services – companies like Serco & Virgin Healthcare, do you really think they are going to provide the same level of service that the Charity sector?

      As I say the world has moved on since the demise of UKC & Crusaid, think it is time you did as well.

  24. Oh poor mr w6 bloke out with anger in wiv love maybe a anger management class for annoyed gays ? U cld do spam sarnies for the class mr yummy :-)

  25. Hammy smith 12 Oct 2012, 11:53am

    Its great that thts legal advisor destroyed this year crusaids compromise agreement giving them hope and a future to celebrate a spam sarnie seems od while celebrating 25 years w6 bloke doesnt want past dug up ? Doh

  26. Hammy smith 12 Oct 2012, 11:59am

    Wat a tit telling someone with awards medals for thr 25 yrs of voluntary work to do some voluntary work we fell abt laughing w6 bloke u shld do stand up comedy luvvy yr great mate the best ever yd sell out the palladium seriously luvvy u shld think abt it ;-)

  27. Hammy smith 12 Oct 2012, 12:10pm

    Aw w6 bloke lost the debate n starts telin people wot they shld be doin with thr time try volunteering lol

  28. Chiswick chukler 12 Oct 2012, 12:16pm

    Celebrate the last 25 years but dont mention the past ! Oh thats so gay a real classic i avnt laughed so much since crusaid trustees declared theyv bn upfront and honest in 2005 on ukcs website then all resigned

  29. Billy barnes 12 Oct 2012, 12:37pm

    “one day the sordid truth about aids charity ukc will come out” staff pos nation mag – the future a transparent upfront and honest hiv charity sector

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