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Northern Ireland

Comment: “It was an amazing push for marriage equality”

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Oct 2012, 2:10pm

    Someone should as of the DUP if civil partnerships were available to hetero couples, would any of them opt for such a union and if not, why not? The majority of them wouldn’t be able to provide a rational, logical reason why they would not choose a CP over marriage assuming that they believe both are equal and indistinguishable.

  2. That There Other David 9 Oct 2012, 3:56pm

    The DUP are nothing but a bunch of backhander taking charlatans who bash their Bibles to distract people from their feathering of their own nests. Sadly there is still a generation in Northern Ireland that will only vote along sectarian lines, but there will come a point when they will begin to fade as their support dies off. There is nothing in that party’s ideals that attracts a younger generation, and this will the DUP off over time.

    Can’t come quick enough for me. They’re nothing more than a Church based version of the BNP.

  3. Quite right, Gary. Excellent piece.

    Forcing the cross-community procedure was shameful. The DUP will drop it eventually – but not till more UUP join the “Equality 3”.

    I’ve said on PN all along that it would take more than SF+SDLP+Greens+Alliance, though that brings them close to a simple majority.

    There were always going to be some in that grouping who felt dubious. I’m not certain that the Nat & Alliance absentees will vote yes next time. (Mr Lunn of course will vote No till the end of time.) So UUP will be needed for even a simple majority.

    But I’m reassured at how tidy the SDLP has been on this after the jitters over the summer.

    Combined with the Conservative position, this puts the UUP under a little pressure, and I expect some wonkish UUP “genius” will deduce that appealing to younger voters isn’t the worst idea for a party lacking direction.

    So 3 UUP this time – but how long till more?

    Last month on PN, I predicted a “Yes” in 2017, and marriages in 2020…

  4. Would be good to have comment pieces from the actual organisations on equal marriage rather than a student. His writing is good but I would rather hear what is going on from those that work far more closely with the government. All this I could have got from the local paper, tbh.

    1. Gary Spedding 9 Oct 2012, 5:59pm

      Just curious but does your post not indicate a certain condescending tone not only towards students and young people but also to myself?

      Also does your post also perhaps not indicate that despite the fact you haven’t any issue with what I’ve written you do have issue with the fact it’s me that has written it?

      I spend two of my days each week in the Northern Ireland assembly oh and I also spend three+ months founding the EMNI campaign itself which is now being run by a representative committee who are doing a wonderful job of carrying the campaign forward.

      I may be just a student in your eyes but the fact I’m capable of continuing my studies in a full time degree whilst dedicating so much time to other things such as LGBT rights perhaps should indicate something to you.

  5. I listened to the debate and I heard more warped theology and inaccurate history and just plain rubbish [I really wanted to be more accurate and use a four-lettered word starting with ‘c’ and ending with a ‘p’ but my comment might not get posted]. My feeling is that society in general in Northern Ireland is way ahead of the ‘politicians’ and History is on the side of Equal Marriage – it will happen, the only real question is ‘When?’.

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