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UK: Essex Gay couple in car flood terror

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Reader comments

  1. A lucky escape, hope they are ok.

    1. You’re a decent individual, Batmanz. You made your comment before the bandwagon rolled by. Most other posters have jumped onto it.

      1. I had a similar experience in my bath once,
        Luckily Robinz rushed (after hearing my screans) and turned the tap off.

        I t was close!!


  2. Spoilt little rich boys, next time they should leave their filthy, polluting Chelsea – tractor behind and catch the bus like everyone else.

    1. Tried catching a bus these days at midnight in the middle of the country have you?

    2. Dave North 9 Oct 2012, 8:21pm

      Not spoiled.

      They built a business from nothing.

      The business makes money and employs people. It pays it taxes. Its employees pay their taxes. Its owners pay theirs.

      What do you do other than decry people for bettering themselves?

    3. They are not spoilt! They started a business and it succeeded! If you are jealous in some way… make a change in life!

      The usual hate-mongers cottoned on to two gay guys who succeeded in life and chose to make up completely untrue claims about them.

      Again, if you’re jealous of two gay guys having some success in life… change something in your life.

      I best not broach too much about my successes in life, because I would hate for you to blow a gasket. Don’t need any more hot air escaping from the gay-hate-brigade do we now………………

  3. As I understand it, they weren’t hit by a tidal wave, more they drove into it misjudging how deep it was. In my opinion they are at fault and only have themselves to blame. And I also have to ask why on earth did they have laptops and photo albums in their car in the first place if they were at a charity event?

    1. Jesus, you’re right – driving around with a LAPTOP, I mean a BLOODY LAPTOP in their car!!

      These two have to be stopped, I mean A BLOODY LAPTOP. It seems they will stop at NOTHING, I mean BLOODY NOTHING, to rub it in our noses how much better that us they are.

  4. Samuel B. 9 Oct 2012, 9:55am

    What a pair of screamers!

    As press pictures showed, the water was barely lapping at the wheels of their Range Rover but there they were, clinging to each other perched on its roof while squads of firemen were called out to save the poor dears.

    Clearly that was preferable to getting their posh tuxedoes wet wading to higher ground!

    Aw diddums!

  5. And this is news because…..?

  6. Of the commenters who have commented so far, only one person so far has shown a kindly attitude towards this couple in the situation described.

    That’s mean-spirited and sad.

    1. “The car started filling up with water and it went dark. We had to climb out of the window. I thought I was going to die.”

      If you look at pictures, the water would have barely passed their knees. They must be thick as well as flaming because they seem to think the water level inside the car could somehow be higher than the water around them that they drove into.

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Oct 2012, 4:58pm

        I think you will find there are other pictures showing the water a bit deeper.

        The pics I saw show the water up to a level that would be clearly flooding the inside of the car.

        1. I didn’t say there wasn’t flooding in the car at all, just that it wasn’t life-threatening in the slightest

    2. To be fair looking at the pictures they have completely over exaggerated things. The worst that would have happens is some wet clothes, it wasn’t overly deep as the picture shows.
      I give them some sympathy for a water damaged car, on the flip side they wasted the emergency services time when they could very easily of waded to the side.

      1. Samuel B. 9 Oct 2012, 2:17pm

        I have zero sympathy for publicity-addicted drama queens!

        1. Can’t afford a 4×4 then I take it.


      2. This is what annoys me most. They had the fire and rescue service come out and needed a motor boat to save them. Even if they couldn’t swim, they could have easily waded through 5ft of water – heck they could have JUMPED it.

        1. A river broke its banks, it wasn’t 5ft of still calm water. No you wouldn’t wade through it!!!

        2. I’ve got an idea mate – next time a a river burst its banks in the middle of the night we’ll throw you in and see how you get on.

          1. AIB, what a party animal you are.

    3. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Oct 2012, 5:00pm

      I agree Eddy – it was the middle of the night and the car was filling up with water. Irrespective of how well these two have done in life, it was I’m sure a frightening experience.

      Its a pity people can’t see beyond petty jealousy.

  7. Suddenly Last Bummer 9 Oct 2012, 3:17pm

    LMAO. Not a ball let alone a pair between them. Essex drama queens.

  8. Cor, what MEANNESS, people!

    I’m ashamed of it!

    The Daily Mail article implies that there was a sudden surge of water, causing the vehicle to spin round three times!

    My vehicle suddenly spun 180 degrees on an icy slope several winters ago and I can assure you that it scared the hell out of me. Just try to imagine your vehicle spinning round three times!

    And look at the depth of that water in the uppermost picture. To “wade” through such very cold water in your clothes would be foolish, brave but foolish.

    It’s sad to say, but there are some PinkNews readers who need to develop some empathy, never mind sympathy.

    I have no great liking for this pair, but I think one should recognise an awful situation when one sees it.

    1. Samuel B. 9 Oct 2012, 7:21pm

      Eddy, if nothing else I at least admire you for your courage in admitting to reading The Daily Mail around these parts!

  9. Gosh!

  10. I’m glad they are ok, it must have been scary.

  11. Samuel B. 9 Oct 2012, 7:25pm

    Another point no one has raised:- after all the carefully choreographed PR and hoo-hah about what great parents they are, shouldn’t at least one of them have been at home tending to their brood, or does nanny know best?

    1. Dave North 9 Oct 2012, 8:35pm

      And the difference between a wealthy gay couple and a wealthy heterosexual couple is?

  12. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 10 Oct 2012, 3:15am

    In Australia we get floods often, and floods are very powerful.

    NEVER attempt to drive, walk and ride on a deep flooded road – even in a 4 wheel drive vehicle!


  14. Do these guys have shares in this website? Don’t care about these people and this is such a non story!!

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