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Italy: Police break trans prostitution ring

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Reader comments

  1. OrtharRrith 8 Oct 2012, 6:17pm

    Come on Pink News, don’t just copy and paste! Of all the news sites you should know that its transsexual people, men or women not transsexuals – that the same as saying ” Italian police say they have broken a prostitution ring which brought blacks (or perhaps gays) from Latin America into the country.” It’s impersonal and suggests these women are nothing more then their GID.

    1. Were the terms changed after initial posting, because, although the BBC report says Transsexual, the PN report now says Transgender, which is certainly more accurate, in English. In Italy Transseexual is widely used in the way the international porn industry does, which is to oversell, and that’s why it is also often used with sex workers. A similar usage in in English aside from porn is starting to become quite libelous, with transsexual used for criminals and transgender for everyone else.

      If these (alleged) sex workers were mostly from Brazil they are more likely Travestie – a specifically Latin American term and culture where income from sex work (and if possible from theft instead of sex) is the motivation, and not at all a need to have the body of the other sex, or a transgender identity. So the female clothing and make-up may only be worn for the work. Travestie are usually very clear that they aren’t transsexual. That would however come under the TG umbrella.

      1. OrtharRrith 12 Oct 2012, 12:25am

        Pink News changed the wording after my initial posting. Thankyou PN

  2. Hodge Podge 8 Oct 2012, 10:48pm

    Disrupting sex trafficking is always good news.

    1. “Disrupting sex trafficking is always good news.”

      No, it isn’t always good news. These transsexual people (who have supposedly being rescued from sex trafficking) are now in jail, and may well be prosecuted, for a crime that has no victims apart from those who are jailed for it, but is deemed a crime merely as a way for society to punish and stigmatise a minority.

      Even if they are deported instead of prosecuted, they may well be worse off than they were in Italy, where one presumes at least they did not starve. Some of them may end up dead in Brazil, where they may well need to resume prostitution (virtually the only type of employment available to transsexual people), a profession that has a high murder rate in Brazil.

      1. Virtually the only type of employment available to transsexual people? I know a fair few transsexual people, and none of them are prostitutes.

        1. Are the people you know from Latin America?

      2. Katie Kool-eyes 9 Oct 2012, 10:00am

        last time I checked, prostitution was not in my job description

      3. Hodge Podge 9 Oct 2012, 8:35pm

        Do we know if the sex workers themselves have been arrested?

      4. It is likely they were Travestie sex workers (Travestie is a type of sex worker, by definition, so it makes no sense to say they have no option but sex work) back home, and are not transsexual. Transsexual women in Brazil are not at all limited to sex work. It is incredibly harmful to transsexual women to say we are all sex workers – many doctors, for example believe that lie and it messes with proper care.

        Oh, and there are transsexual men too, and prostitution is very uncommon indeed amongst them.

        If these are Brazilian and have been trafficked to Europe they belong back in Brazil, unless that will threaten their life. European sex workers have enough competition as it is. Sex work is not a valid employment for immigration purposes.

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