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Elton John: I should be allowed to call David my ‘husband’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 8 Oct 2012, 9:32pm

    Elton finally gets it!! Well put Reg.

    1. Yes, but it would be nice if, since they got all the publicity with the highest profile CP, they allowed (or even helped) a couple (or several) who have actually been part of the fight for equality, and have held out for it, have the first marriage.

  2. Paul in Brighton 8 Oct 2012, 10:30pm

    Well done, Elton.

  3. Lovely.

  4. Marcwebbo3 9 Oct 2012, 7:19am

    At last a famous gay man saying something positive….well said Elton….Everett take note….cut your mummys strings and start to grow up

  5. Go for it Elton!

  6. Yes, you should, Elton. I sincerely hope you can very soon.

  7. Well said Elton! I refer to my CP as my husband, it seems to me that most people accept this already, except in the eyes of the law.

    1. People call their CPs weddings too, just as people called their events weddings before CPs, but there’s always this, um, well, unreality about it. We need equality to sweep that away, so the words mean what they usually mean, and the delicate dancing around the terms is no longer needed.

  8. I prefer the word partner as I don’t want the ownership and religious influences that come with the word marriage.
    Those that want a Civil Partnership and those that want a Marriage should have equal opportunity to do either irrespective of sexual mix; the two should be equal in every single way.

    1. That’s why most of my straight friends choose civil marriage – to avoid any religious connotations. I absolutely agree that you should be free to choose what you want, but don’t let the religious propaganda merchants make you think they own marriage – they don’t.

      We should all be free to choose what we want, and, of course, to refer to our spouses as partner, husband, wife or whatever we prefer. we all have our preferences and they should be respected.

      1. The principle of using the term the person uses is very good, and needs to be widely normal, but we do need to be aware that being uncertain what term to use, and also quite what the reaction might be if the wrong one is used inadvertently, increases social anxiety markedly. We need (for safety, health, and support) people to be comfortable with us as integrated members of society and local communities, and using lots of different terms, and being very picky about it, doesn’t help that.

        But then an an assimilationist (I’m told, by people who seem to regard that as a bad thing), as an equaity-seeking reformer rather than revolutionary, and as a bisexual woman who is decades over being “trans”. Obviously there are people who love being as different as possible, and they would argue quite opposite, it seems. And maybe we have totally irreconcilable objectives.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Oct 2012, 12:13pm

    Well, well, Elton has finally seen the light. A bit late in the game but most welcome and thank you.

    I’m puzzled as to why the two of them don’t go to David’s homeland of Canada, get married, return to the UK and really sock it to the government to get on with it and make it a reality. It would send an important message to the public that marriage is mportant and matters in how we wish to be treated like everyone else. There is no other universal gold standard for a legal union between two people who love and commit to one another. CPs will never have any such status, but fine if people prefer them. We need choice, not just one size that fits all. Civil marriage and civil partnerships can coexist in perfect harmony for both straight and gay couples. Absolutely no reason not to.

    1. “I’m puzzled as to why the two of them don’t go to David’s homeland of Canada, get married, return to the UK and really sock it to the government to get on with it and make it a reality. It would send an important message to the public that marriage is mportant and matters in how we wish to be treated like everyone else.”–They can’t, they’re already in a CP; just as someone in a marriage cannot go and enter into a CP too.

      If you had asked why they didn’t get married in Canada – which was legal before CPs became legal here – and challenge the government here then, when it might have done a power of good, instead of having their vast CP ceremony here and making it look like we were all just delighted to be unequal as long as we could have a pink day, then you’d have asked a very good question.

      The one (lesbian) couple that did that, after CPs became legal, got destroyed by the Labour government and almost bankrupted, which would not at all have been a danger for Elton.

  10. Well said Elton, I can’t wait to be able to officially call my partner, my hubby.

  11. David Furnish is Canadian.

    Elton John and David Furnish should get married in Canada.

    He could then ask why his legal civil marriage is not recognised in the UK.

    1. They cannot; a UK CP is an impediment to marriage in Canada, so they would have to end the CP first.

      I dunno, all these people who seem to think CPs are just as insubstantial as the mock ceremonies of old. The aren’t equal, but they are legal.

    2. Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson did that already, marrying in Vancouver in 2003, and getting most unjustly slapped down by an obviously biased judge (Sir Mark Potter) in the High Court in 2006, on the grounds that there was no discrimination as CP was the same as marriage, and, ridiculously, that the case was “too soon” after the CP legislation came into force (see ) – even one minute in force is always too much for a denial of human rights. The (Labour) government demanded full legal costs, almost bankrupting them, and making the necessary appeal impossible.

      Disgracefully, they got little support from the communities, or personalities, who all seem delighted to be able to have pink CP ceremonies and pretend they were marriages – which L&G media were constantly doing at the time, undermining the couple’s court’s case.

  12. Dave North 9 Oct 2012, 8:32pm

    There’s that word again.

    “Allowed”, “I should be allowed to call…”

    As if we are asking for something.

    No. We are demanding it.

    Enough of the crumbs thrown by the likes of Widdebeest and her poisonous bishops, priests and churches.

    They have this very week revealed themselves for what they are.

    Hateful, poisoned sexually repressed individuals hiding behind their bl00dy bibles.

    The more these icky god freaks vomit their bilge the further they progress our wishes.

    I would like to thank “Ms” always a virgin Widdecombe and the “I used to be Thatchers bish” for helping us along the way by showing everyone just how vile, illogical and nonsensical their arguments really are.

    After the last 2 days events I feel…. more normal and human than any of these people.

    1. More to the point, rights are “allowed” by superior people; equal people have a denial of rights ended. We have a right to equality; religious or heterosexual people are not superior, and act under a delusion when they assume or state that they are.

  13. Michae Freeman 9 Oct 2012, 9:43pm

    I too am not too happy with partner to describe my – —- but husband seems gender specific has anyone got a non gender word – I don’t want to be a wife none does my other half and neither of us are keen to be husbands – there have I made that clear ;-) Mike

    1. Spouse?

    2. My better half? :D

    3. Tim Chapman 9 Oct 2012, 10:31pm


  14. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 10 Oct 2012, 4:25am

    The UK Government needs to introduce a Equality Within Civil Marriage Bill 2012 now!

    Time to stop promising and start doing and implementing laws on civil marriage equality for same sex couples David Cameroon!

    1. And waste all this momentum with another unequal measure? It might take decades to then get another chance to get equality.

      At least if they open up marriage but have a clause excluding religions from being allowed to perform ceremonies (as with CPs up to recently), the European Court of Human Rights would likely (if the Russian judge wasn’t on the 3 judge panel) remove that as discrimination against religious people and bodies. But then an ECHR outcome would take at least 3 years.

  15. You cld make history by aplogising for your colleagues in the aids charity sector for their email to hiv police panel member “causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people get a better job with another employer” from 2004 go on sir elton lead the way in treating people living with hiv with redpect luvvvy

  16. the poverty sisters london 10 Oct 2012, 12:26pm

    Poor sir elton his gay the london aids charity sector ave bn using aids chariyy money to pay off people to kerp quiet and not told him oh la la have you binned the ukc hero award lol we would luvvy then you ccan get married make sure threres no more scandals ya aids charity pals are keepin from you ? ? ?

  17. I recall a different tune being sung when the fight in your country was on to get the civil partnership recognition. It was Elton who came out in favour of the CP instead of equal marriage. Now he sings to a different tune, I guess the tides of change are strong enough to support it now, that it will become a reality. Yes, I also wonder why they didn’t come to Canada to be married. Why was it so important to be one of the first to do a CP there when they could have easily married here. I guess it there would be no more need for media releases and keep one’s name in the public then would there?

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