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George Osborne: I will vote in support of equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Carl Rowlands 7 Oct 2012, 3:36pm

    I am no fan of George Osborne but he is nailing his flag to the mast here!

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 7 Oct 2012, 3:54pm

    Thank you very much. Only one question still rest: when?

  3. Thank you George. From your point of view it isn’t the easiest of times to reaffirm your commitment. Not with people like Carey and Widdecombe lining up to do some rabble rousing. (Or blue rinse rousing).

  4. Good for him – I hope many join him in voting for equal marriage.

    ““Once we move from the solid ground of marriage…..we can be sure the result will not strengthen the life of society and will not greatly help the life chances of our children”.

    Well if Carey really is going to say that then he’s a liar or a fool (or both). You can’t be “sure” at all. You’re merely making nasty speculations and hints of awful things to come because you can’t stand a minority group getting equal rights. Not so easy to pick on women now, is it? So you’re going for LGBT people instead. Disgraceful.

    1. Dave North 7 Oct 2012, 4:25pm


      They always project their own PERSONAL prejudices and use religion to pretend otherwise.

  5. Whatever one thinks of the Tories, it is good to see individual Ministers standing up for marriage equality.

    Good work Osborne.

  6. Carey really is twisted – all that wrestling with his conscience. He is deeply homophobic but offers charitable bits of remorse whenever he feels guilty. Such an old, deluded fool.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Oct 2012, 5:29pm

    Thank you, George.

    What exactly are those “unintended consequences” about which bigot Lord Carey speaks of? Could he provide us with the evidence and facts please? I didn’t see any unintended consequences when women were given the vote and I don’t think there have been any since civil marriage was introduced for heterosexuals which enabled them to remarry after committing adultery and divorcing, sometimes several times. Nobody forced the religious denominations to marry them. That will be the case with equal marriage. Simple as that. Religious opponents should confine their comments to religious marriage not civil marriage, the two are entirely different.If they truly believe in freedom of religion, then they should not oppose those denominations who support our right to marry. A bit hypocritical if you ask me. They want it both ways, but that’s not going to happen.

    1. Fiery fire raining from the skies, demonic tentacles rising from the ground, and doughnuts being filled WITH GRAVY INSTEAD OF JAM!!! This is the sort of madness that will occur!! D:

  8. Well, I never thought I’d type these words, but…

    Well, done George Osborne! And, indeed, William Hague, who has also taken the decision to be on the “right side of history”.

  9. George Osborne has always been relatively liberal. I remember a couple of years ago when Labour was still in power, there was a vote to reduce abortion – he voted against all proposals to reduce the 24 week limit (to 12 weeks, 20 weeks, 22 weeks etc). David Camerone voted to reduce it (either to 20 weeks or 22 weeks- can’t remember exactly.)

  10. Sensational news !

    A poll of just 100 elderly Conservative men shows that they’re mostly stuck in their ways?

    Wow, who’d a-thunk it !

  11. These ComRes Polls cost money. Whose paying for them? Or is ComRes owned by a prominent Catholic? Doing it free of charge?

    1. Dave North 7 Oct 2012, 6:52pm

      The Christian Institute pays for these…..

  12. Nice…

    …And when exactly can we expect to see an equal marriage bill on the legislative agenda?

    There are no adequate excuses for any further delays.

    It’s time to get on with it.

    1. Dave North 7 Oct 2012, 6:48pm

      Oh no. It must be discussed with the god bothering goons.

      As to why.

      I can only reason that these politicians are in fear of the “religious” element of their parties upsetting
      the apple cart.

      Personally I am sick to the teeth of these people being allowed a voice on a subject that has 100% nothing to
      do with them.

      Get these thick stupid uneducated christians out of secular society.

      FFS. Dont they read their own hateful bibble,

      They only introduce divisiveness and hatred.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Oct 2012, 8:23pm

        Many of us are missing the point. Those religious goons are not genuine Christians. There are very few of them in the world, you know, those who do NOT judge, condemn, discriminate, spread malicious lies (bearing false witness against one’s neighbour, a violation of the 8th commandment) and in doing so, incite hatred and intolerance. None of them have any charity. Hypocrites all and that includes Lord Carey.

        1. Dave North 7 Oct 2012, 9:48pm

          All of them sit behind their “good book” in condemnation of others and refuse to own that bigotry.

          Their “churches” are in collusion with all of it and it is time they are all prevented from perpetuating their nonsense.

          This is what these “so called Christians” wish to prevent.

          The end of their self fulfilled superiority based upon that sh1t book written by peasants.

          These are just people too scared to understand that other people are NOT LIKE THEM, and using religion as a shield
          to mask their ignorance and fears.

          I despise religion in all flavors, whether Christian, Jew, Islam Buddhism, Hindu, Sikh, etc etc ad nauseaum.

          I simply do not understand this need some people have for a deity that will look after them in life and death.

          I take responsibility for myself in this one wee life I have and do not need or require threats of HELL and DAMNATION to stop me from being a nice person.

          1. Just as an aside, Buddhism in its purest form does not depend on any deities, and stresses the importance of personal responsibility for leading a good life. Its only supernatural aspect is the belief in reincarnation (which is admittedly rather dippy).

  13. Why is it that when we are shown pictures of those who oppose marriage equality, they look like child molesters?

    1. Dave North 7 Oct 2012, 6:54pm

      Indoctrination in biblical faith does that to them……………………

  14. ‘…I will be voting for it WHEN (?) it comes to the House of Commons, but it will be a free vote issue – in other words every MP will vote according to their CONSCIENCE (?)…’

  15. About time we had some communication about how far they are along with this though. 2015 is a bit of a long wait, before the end of 2013 at the latest is more than enough time I’d say. At least this indicates they’ll probably implement it at some point, they wouldn’t be drawing attention to it if they were going to quietly sweep it under the carpet. And strong statements of support from one of the most senior ministers in the country can’t go amiss. Still can’t say I like him though.

  16. Peter & Michael 8 Oct 2012, 6:43am

    Thank You George, at last the Conservatives have put their seal of approval to LGBT peoples having Equality in Marriage. Can we look forward to making Equal Marriage law sooner, rather than later please ?

  17. Good on your George!

    And as for those devilish ‘unintended consequences’ of equality, no doubt the Lord Careys of earlier times would have been muttering the same dark forebodings in opposition to the abolition of slavery in 1833 and votes for women in 1918. He is no Christian but is a man addled by deeply unpleasant prejudice and hatred.

  18. ...Paddyswurds 8 Oct 2012, 11:35am

    That’s just great George, but could you have a chat with your boss and ask him to get his finger out. We want our rights recognised now, not at some vague point in the future. There is no reason a bill cannot be tabled in the next couple of weeks if the Tory party is really serious about it. Doing it now will give the religious crazies time to calm down and latch on to some other hate campaign before the elections. Do it now or suffer the consequences of tardiness….

  19. ...Paddyswurds 8 Oct 2012, 11:48am

    “C4M claims 71% of Tory constituency chairman think the policy should be abandoned whilst 47% believe David Cameron’s support for the move has cost them members.”
    OK so where are they going to move to given that all three main parties now support Marriage Equality. They could always try UKIP, which is BNP Lite for the middle classes. They even have ultra bigots thrown out of Unionist parties in the north of Ireland in their ranks so the bigots from the Tory Party will feel right at home.

  20. This is perhaps the first time I can contemplate looking on Osborne’s fat smug face without wanting to smack it. Weill done!

    1. * well

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