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Sacha Baron Cohen signs up to make new film, The Lesbian, based on a true story

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Reader comments

  1. Aff…Sacha Baron Cohen… I hope it’s not another one of his tired mockumentary comedies.

    1. Spanner1960 5 Oct 2012, 7:17am

      You obviously haven’t seen “The Dictator” then. Quite a change of direction, still pretty bad taste in places (but I like that sort of comedy), but more story driven.

      I think this whole story is rather bad taste, so it could be quite funny.
      It would be even funnier if they made him a rich catholic.

  2. I liked Borat and Ali G.

    But Bruno and the Dictator were weak – his shock humour was getting stale, and no longer shocking.

    If this new film is in the same style as his earlier films then I doubt it will be much good – he needs to change the record a bit.

  3. Star of the Low IQ Entertainment Channel. Seamy, tallentless twat!!!

  4. Ahem, it’s all happening in Hong Kong, not China, get it right!

  5. I hated all his work, I think he is an unpolitical correct fool

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