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Video: Expedia advert shows a man’s acceptance of his gay daughter

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Reader comments

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! You’re a cold-hearted SOB if you can watch to the end with dry eyes! It’s about LOVE and UNDERSTANDING …. so what’s the problem? The problem, if one exists, is in YOU!!!

  2. Jesus moran 3 Oct 2012, 9:46pm

    Beautifully done, tasteful very touchy, lo ex it!

  3. Beautiful.

  4. jamestoronto 4 Oct 2012, 3:38am

    Well Done! Well Said!!

  5. Well done, indeed.

  6. That was beautiful, almost had me blubbing.

  7. That was an Expedia commercial?!? It played more like a marriage equality commercial. I’m not saying I didn’t love it. It just doesn’t say “buy airline tickets” to me; it says “denying marriage equality is wrong.”

    1. Surely it’s good for corporate profits to go to a good civil rights cause for a change, rather than simply back into more profits or off shored?

  8. Bless!

  9. Very moving commercial! Wiping my tears away throughout that, what a great dad!

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