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US: Lawsuit to challenge California ban on gay ‘cure’ therapy

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  1. Nothing says “Jesus” like squandering tens of thousands of dollars on trying to re-establish the right to abuse teenagers and sell nonsensical snake oil to the gullible and easily exploited…

    Once upon a time christians sold absolution and bits of the cross to mugs, now they sell phoney “cures”.

    Lots of luck proving it’s anything another than nonsense. One word they need to look up – perjury. This will be like the Prop H8 case, where so-called “experts” realised they would be forced to lie under oath and face perjury charges, or recant all the lies they had been spewing under oath.

    But go ahead, drive past the homeless veterans and needy children on the way to your attorney, fools.

  2. One of the worst things is that they may possibly win. All they need is a deeply religious judge and it would be a forgone conclusion. Let’s hope that they don’t though.

    1. They would say nothing if the deciding judge was a christian. But every time a homosexual judge makes a ruling on an LGBT issue, they scream to no end about the judge being biased.

  3. Some of these religious extremists – If they are not trying to sexually abuse young people they are wanting to psychological abuse them.

    Why isn’t the USA Medical regulatory boards not striking off these quack psychiatrists ? They are not practicing medicine they are practicing voodoo.

  4. Cardinal Capone 3 Oct 2012, 1:19pm

    An appeal for victims to come forward should be made, so they can counter sue.

  5. I applaud Governor Brown for passing this law. He is protecting gay youths from harm inflicted by outdated and false teachings, especially from conservative fundamentalist christian groups. As a now progressive gay christian, I know what this so called “spiritual conversion therapy” is. It’s no more than conversion therapy wrapped up in a cloak of bigotry and religion based on misinterpretations of the bible aimed at gay people. The bible has been used many times against certain groups due to misinterpretation and its history is repeatin itself again.

  6. “It threatens to have the child removed from families that do not affirm the homosexual conduct of their children.”
    Really? Where in the law does it say a parent must evict their child if said child decides they do not want to be abused by the local witch doctor?

  7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

  8. They will lose

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