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US: Gay rights group releases huge study of LGBT youth

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  1. Over 10,000 LGBT youth aged 10-13? I find it unlikely they managed to sample 10,000 LGBT 10-13 year olds.

    1. “Working with the Human Rights Campaign and Harris Interactive Service Bureau, who hosted the Web survey, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner created a link that allowed participants to take this survey online. Participants invited to the study through this source were screened for (self-identified) LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer) status. This method was used to collect the overwhelming majority of LGBT interviews in this study and ultimately produced a sample of 10,030 participants ages 13-17 who self-identified as lesbian, gay, biexual, transgender or queer.”

      See page 24 of:

    2. Unfortunate error by PN.

      The survey as a whole included students aged 13-17 in education, whether at High School, Middle School or university. No under-13s were surveyed, as that is the minimum age for surveys set by the relevant US professional body.

      The report does not separate out many statistics relating to Middle School, but European readers may find it helpful to know that Middle School in the US usually covers US grades 6-8 (typically ages 11-14), though Junior High-type Middle Schools have 9th grade too (11-15). Around 10% of students will be older that these typical age ranges, due to grade retention (holding back under-performing students). So while Middle School respondents will have been mostly 13 or 14, there will also have been 15 year olds and some older teens too.

  2. It still indicates a sick, unhappy society, incapable of find a solution to their own ills, so they take it out on the LGBT Community

  3. The HRC has consistently appalling record on “T”, so their survey, showing far lower rates of suffering as a result of transphobic bullying than the recent Scottish survey, has to be dismissed.

    The only HRC trans board member (on a very large board) has so little awareness that she used the denial in Texas of recognition of a change of sex (along with denial or equal marriage) in order to marry her lesbian partner there, instead of marrying in an equal marriage state. Thus shafting everyone imaginable in one single action.

  4. The psychoanalyst, whose D name PN seems to block, quoted sounding so supportive of LGBT has consistently failed to opposed reparative therapy against trans children whilst having been a leader in having it declared unethical for L&G, is a member of the American Psychiatric Association group writing their DSM to continue the very harmful listing of trans children as mentally disordered, and now is on a World Health Organisation committee apparently (although he refuses to answer questions about it) intending to continue the same listing there, with world-wide effect. Of course neither PN nor Queerty could possibly be expected to know that, could they.

    Isn’t it down to doctors to take a lead in ending the disparagement of sexual minority children?

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