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US: Christian student hospitalised with ‘alcohol enema’ hits out at media coverage

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Reader comments

  1. I never for one moment thought that the story meant he was gay. I did think that he was a bloody fool. Stupid little prat is lucky he didn’t kill himself.

    And someone needs to tell him – There is no such thing as “taking the fifth” in a civil case, he would be deposed, his records would be exposed, and the amount of utter boneheaded dimwit behaviour he and his friends were involved with would become matters of public record. Including every kinky weird bit of hazing these fraternities are prone to.

    So perhaps he should sit down (eventually), shut up, and hope people will forget about him rather than bring it up at every date or job interview he will ever attend in the future.

    Not as news flash to anyone – straight guys also jam stuff up their backside. I don’t WANT him to be associated with being LGBT because the man is a stupid embarrassment to the human race and we don’t really want him.

    1. Dave North 3 Oct 2012, 8:46pm

      “Including every kinky weird bit of hazing these fraternities are prone to.”

      I always thought these “initiations” come across as very homoerotic.

      1. darkmoonman 5 Oct 2012, 7:37pm

        That’s because they are homoerotic, but the frats and the pledges refuse to admit it..

  2. Way too much information

  3. Wow, PinkNews, you’re really scraping the barrel here, aren’t you?

    1. What about the UN resolution Russia pushed through that can mean LGBT people are being oppressed due to ‘traditional values’ being over human rights?

    2. Couldn’t agree more with you, Jake

  4. So because it had to do with sticking something up the butt it is put in pink news… This is a common practice and not just done by homosexual men. Very popular in my province in Canada.

    1. No. It is in PinkNews because this stupid little redneck is so homophobic that he will lie about all the alcohol he stuck up his ass because he is so ignorant that he thinks doing anything with his ass is gay. In addition, he is afraid that his equally stupid Mama and Daddy are going to kick him out of the house and quit paying for his second-rate education if they think he is gay.

  5. So what is the legal blood alcohol limit in the US? Unless he was driving it’s a completely erroneous statement. There’s no law against being drunk.

    Valksy, isn’t it a little homophobic to say you don’t want him to be gay cos he’s stupid? Positive racism is still racism – same goes for homophobia. It’s not a private member’s club. If we want equality we have to stop being so precious about it.

    1. I’m embarrassed to be a member of the same bloody species any time someone does something so utterly boneheaded. According to the article, he is keen to tell people he isn’t gay and I am fine with that.

      Also – the legal limit mention is to simply describe the scale of his intoxication. A bit of research seems to suggest that his alcohol level was coming perilously close to the degree where he was in real danger.

    2. You’re right. There is no law against being drunk, per se. However, Mr Broughton is 20-years-old and therefore below the legal drinking age of 21.

      Homophobia is by definition: “an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.” I therefore fail to see how Valksy is being homophobic.

      1. I’d forgotten about the age limit in the US. Good point.

        And no, I’m not averse to LGBT people at all, for obvious reasons. I am averse to bible-thumping nitwits who pour booze up their @rse, and not beyond engaging in ill-tempered hyperbole.

        Should he happen to be LGBT, good for him. Then he would become a self-loathing bible-thumping nitwit who poured booze up his @rse. Run, don’t walk, PN guys, he sounds like an absolute catch.

        1. David Waite 4 Oct 2012, 5:59pm

          You’ve said it all, and perfectly, in two comments here.
          You’re beautiful. Marry me, I’m single and only 70.

        2. darkmoonman 5 Oct 2012, 7:44pm

          No thanks. I’ve married to wonderful man for 18 years who doesn’t do stupid life-threatening things like pumping alcohol up his arse so that he’s near the lethal limit.

    3. Spanner1960 4 Oct 2012, 8:51am

      I wouldn’t worry. There are more than enough boneheaded fckwits out there that just happen to be gay, to go around.

    4. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah ……. when someone is at risk of dying because of alcohol poisoning do you think the issue is whether the person is over the legal limit to drive or not or whether they are drunk or not ?

      The issue is whether they could die or not.

  6. A college student acted like a stupid prick, and is embarrassed. Big shock horror story

  7. Good luck with that law suit you fool, since you can’t even remember sh¡tting your own pants.

    1. John Jones 4 Oct 2012, 12:10am

      Ever heard of patient / doctor confidentiality?

      If doctors can go about telling members of the press that someone has sucked wine up their bums, then what’s to stop them revealing someone’s HIV status or whatnot?

      1. That’s at the crux of any law suit though – It’s not clear where the information came from. It took place at a frat house, there were witnesses, as well as a police investigation which – but its nature – would have disseminated information.

        As for forcing the press to reveal confidential sources… have fun with that one.

        If I was an utter cynic, I would wonder if it was more likely to be the kind of lawsuit that is filed to encourage a payout that would be cheaper than going to the trouble of a court battle.

      2. Perhaps the difference is that one is self inflicted harm and the other is a health condition that is not exactly known how is was contracted.

        Authorities do regularly release information about reasons for hospitalizations following self harm. For example if a person jumps off a high building the injuries are commonly reported …. they broke their leg etc. If a drunk driver causes harm to self or others medical injuries are often reported.

        It maybe they could use the public interest argument for disclosure meaning they can justify the release of the information if there is a public health risk, such as it becoming a misguided fad for students to stick alcohol up their anus in the belief it will get them higher quicker and perhaps more cheaply.

        Looking at it another way if authorities didn’t warn of the dangers of this practice they could be regarded as neglectful.

  8. Pinknews you make yourself look so desperate for news, you don’t even realise you’re hurting your business. Pathetic

    1. “Business”? Exactly how much did you pay to visit this site today? I didn’t realise a free news outlet needed a content barometer to appease the ‘more discerning’ browser (aka whiny, ungrateful f__king trolls).

      1. PinkNews relies on visitors, such as Blue, to drive advertising. This newspaper is harming its business by publishing extraneous content.

        1. Not really, we’re all on here reading and commenting on it. If it was that pointless why comment?

        2. Samuel B. 4 Oct 2012, 9:34am

          I couldn’t agree with you more, Jake.

          Btw PN, what has happened to the regular Corrie and ‘Stenders soap updates of old?

          Bring them back, I implore you!!

  9. Can someone direct me to where it is attested and supported by evidence that a deity has forbidden us to put wine up our bums?
    Some god-botherers are beyond parody.

    1. If god wanted us to put wine up our bums, he’d have given us holes the size of bottletops and anal veins to absorb the…alcoh….ol….thru…

      Oops. My bad :)

  10. Ah, so cr*p DOES come out of both ends…

  11. So if this guy needs a colonic irrigation….

    that automatically makes him, in the eyes of the Faily Dail, a gay guy then?

    Oh wake up for *** sake you silly newspaper.

  12. I can believe that he engaged in a “normal” drinking game with his fraternity brothers. I can believe, too, that once he was insensate, his fraternity brothers effectively sodomized him with an alcohol enema — evidenced by his damaged rectum.

    But for all his protestations that he wouldn’t engage in the enema activity because it violates his Christian faith, he ought to tell us then where violating the law (drinking age is 21) isn’t violating either his body or his Christian faith — many of the more extreme Christian sects in the United States deny themselves the use of alcohol at all. Frankly, I think the young man is making it worse for himself by putting conditions on his protestations when he ought to be throwing himself before the feet of his lord and begging forgiveness.

    What a freaking hypocrite.

  13. Oh Noes! the world now knows that I had Butt Sekz with a wine bottle!

    Quick, deny everything!

    1. I believe they found numerous empty bags taken from wine boxes …

  14. Damn ! I’ve shoved things to my ass but never alcohol.

    1. Logically, then, you are not gay!

  15. John Jones 4 Oct 2012, 12:07am

    Regardless of whether or not the man is telling the truth, why on earth has:

    a) A hospital breached patient confidentiality in such a heinous way, as if designed to humiliate someone under the care of the medical profession?

    b) Why is this story being publicised at all?

    Surely, this man has suffered quite a grave internal injury — self-inflicted or not — and should not therefore be subject to further pain by members of the press.

    Also, what this non-story has to do with being gay is totally beyond me. It appears designed purely to humiliate and bully a young man who ended up in an A&E for something that happens to many students.

    1. If there were witnesses – and given that it took place at a frat party that is likely, as well as police trying to ascertain if there had been an assault (a fair question) I don’t know there is any way to say where the information came from. That will be at the heart of any law suit.

      Why publicise. Honestly? This guy could have died, it’s that dangerous. Is there a public interest aspect in play? I don’t know. Did you know about this practice? How about girls are soaking tampons in vodka and inserting them – would you have known about that if I didn’t tell you? How can people be told these things are dangerous if we don’t talk about them? Or must we wait for people to die? Is information in abstract as effective?

      The man in question raised the point and wants to tell the world he’s not gay. OK, he’s not. But is it not interesting that there is an automatic assumption that anal sex is an exclusively homosexual activity? Why do you suppose people think that?

    2. I suspect that it is a new practice that students may be experimenting with and it is dangerous. Hence authorities are wanting to make examples out of the more sever cases to try and dissuade other students from trying it.

      What I found interesting out of his reported gay comment is that others knowing that one has been totally wasted on alcohol while being Christian is less shameful than being gay and Christian.

      If so, what a deluded way of thinking …. but then this story is out of America and some consider delusion as a national characteristic there.

    3. I don’t know, but am wondering if it has to do with university public records. I know a lot of colleges have been accused of covering up crimes and alcohol deaths and incidents, so they may have to make everything public. They may not have named names, but if it was at a frat party, people figured it out.

  16. He’d be better off changing his name and internet identities, moving house and school, dying or shaving his hair, growing a beard and maybe getting a bit of plastic surgery. That’s what I’d do, then again I can’t for the life of me think of a situation in which I would be in that…position. Anyway, moving swiftly on…

  17. Obviously his head and his bottom ain’t talking.

  18. This is one weird story.

    Butt chugging ? What a bizarre sounding practice.

    Even more odd that he somehow feels he has been defamed by the reporting of the incident in that people will think he is gay.

  19. Of dear, its against gods law to abuse my body in that I’ll. Just pour enough alcahol down my throat instead..gods law allows problem.. yes he’s young..but only in america could anyone say that with a straight face…pun intended…needed a laugh today..and this was it

  20. vincable1986 4 Oct 2012, 10:30am

  21. Pink News, are you kidding me with this? What’s the relevance of this story? It even reads like something you’d find in Viz, not in Pink news!

    1. Because of the suspicions that he might be gay since only gays apparently shove things up their asses. Sometimes PinkNews doesn’t have the best or most relevant stories, but what can we do ?

      1. And finally……..(Guess it was a quiet news day – even PN has a “silly season” it seems.)

  22. He does have a point. As a christian, the arse is for talking out of…

    1. roflmfao

  23. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds kinda fun?

    1. The practice I mean. Not the extent to which he took it.

    2. Yeaah, it’s funny in a mean schadenfreudean way.

  24. floridahank 4 Oct 2012, 10:41pm

    I hope it was red wine because I understand red wine is healthy for a person.

    1. I wonder if Porto wine is the best wine recommended for alcohol enemas.

  25. Today I have learnt what butt chugging is. I could have happily lived without that information.

    As for the young man in question, I suggest he keeps his head down, and gets drunk the old-fashioned way.

  26. After reading the daily mail story I can’t help but think that something went on and the “butt-chug” is an excuse invented by the people there to try and cover up something else that happened.

    1. especially given the track record on hazing this particular frat has.

  27. I could not help laughing after having read the article.
    what a total non story.

  28. So, he’s not ashamed about getting so drunk that he had to go to the hospital? He’s more worried people will think he’s gay? Boy needs to get his priorities straight.

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