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Serbia bans gay pride parade, again

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Reader comments

  1. Giving in to threats of extremist violence is the sign of a very weak democracy.

    I feel sorry for the LGBT community in Serbia. I fear the country is decades away from acceptance and tolerance. The only glimmer of hope is the government’s wish to join the EU may push them, at some point, to take proper action as regards LGBT rights.

  2. Jesus moran 3 Oct 2012, 6:29pm

    I really hope that countries like this don’t get to be part of European Union , they will only bring chaos and disaster to our societies .

  3. So ultra-right thugs are in control Serbia then.

    1. Yes, ultra-right wing thugs have teamed up with the Serbian Christian Orthodox Church to take control of the country. That’s Serbia in 2012 for you.
      Nedless to say that a country that disrepects basic human rights like that has absolutely no place in European Union.

  4. Ah, the grip of the Eastern Orthodox Church again! It’s frightening!

    And the funny thing is that a friend of mine who visits Serbia (and almost every other country in the EU regularly) advises me that the “best men in Europe” (meaning the hardest and most masculine gay men in Europe, the ones who give him the best time) are to be found in Serbia!

    Serbia is a mass of contradictions. A nation of double-think!

  5. Actually, our (lgbt in Serbia) only chance to be accepted is if we become part of EU. If our young people travel through EU countries and see that gay people are accepted in society, then we have hope.

  6. Serbia doesn’t belong in the EU, they are nothing but religious thugs.

  7. This is Serbia we are talking about. 20 Years ago the same politicians that are in power now were led and advocated war and war crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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