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Russian court backs St Petersburg’s anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. And so they descend further into past!

  2. This should be no surprise !!! Living in an ex-communist country myself(Albania) all you can see is pure homophobia at its worst

    1. Not all ex-communists states are going backwards though.
      Quite a few are making progress. Granted, it is slow, and they’re a long way behind the rest in the ‘west’, but it is still progress, and we shouldn’t belittle them over it.

      1. Well depends… In my country ”homosexuality didnt exist” even as word back in the old days so we have made quite a progress

  3. the messiah 3 Oct 2012, 3:48pm

    Try working in the london aids charity sector they gay tory boys running crusaid somehow managed to email a police panel member “pain n suffering to alot of people” three months after they requestef the charity remove someone elses aids diagnosis from their staff appraisal then used charity money to pay them off – the gay media is desperate to cover up gays were forced to have their aids diagnosis in their staff appraisals at crusaid ! ! !

  4. Shocking. I didn’t expect to read something like this in 2012. I wonder what motivates the people who push to pass laws like this. Yes, homophobia, of course, but such a violent over-reaction is incomprehensible.

    1. Most in people in Russia probably believe that homosexuality is a mental illness designed by the west. What do you expect ???

  5. Garry Cassell 3 Oct 2012, 3:55pm

    The world should boycott Russia and anything that comes out of Russia…The west in particular should stop any form of trade with Russia and stop travelling to the biggoted country..

  6. Homophobic and biased Russian Supreme Court.

    1. The thing with the Russian Supreme Court is that we don’t know for sure that they are homophobic, though they probably are biased (I know of only the chief justice there who is definitely homophobic). The court is fully under the sway of Putin & Co, so we don’t get to know their actual thoughts and feelings. Russia does not have a truly independent judicial system.

  7. Cardinal Capone 3 Oct 2012, 4:04pm

    Is there a summary or translation of the judgment available online somewhere?

  8. Christopher 3 Oct 2012, 4:56pm

    The triumph of ignorants with power. We still beat a path to Arabia and China, too… which makes me wonder why commerce is totally separate from conscience…

  9. Unpleasant backward ‘thinking’

  10. Do they actually export anything? I can only think of Sekonda watches and
    Vodka. As for going there i wouldn’t even for a free ticket.

  11. What are is the current male ‘elite’ trying to hide, one wonders? Statistically most paedophiles are likely to be middle aged heterosexual men – like Russia and Ukraine’s leaders, for example;)

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