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Muslim anti-gay cleric Abu Hamza should not be sent to the US, says UN adviser

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 3 Oct 2012, 1:26pm

    Give me strength! This man HATES the UK yet is desperate to stay. He advocates murder and is a coward who hides behind UK and EU Human Rights laws.

    1. These Muslim bullies are cowards and misogynist, who hide behind superstition to bully and threaten those who disagree with their hatred –

      ”oooh, you have insulted Islam again whinge, whinge, whinge,” – Thou doth protest too much

      Now lets see how many spineless contributors tick a negative to this simply true statement.

      By doing so I can only conclude you support this limbless thug!

  2. For someone who purports to hate this country for our “liberal ways” and everything we stand for..he seems hell bent to remain here..time to stop wasting time money and justice..ship him out plane or boat I’m not fussed..bye Abu don’t wanna be ya!!

  3. Tell you what Mr Mendez, you take this evil b*stard to live in your country then let’s here you say how welcome he will be.

    The sooner he goes the better all of us will be.

    1. *hear*

  4. Get back to us, UN, when you work on and enforce some proper protections for LGBT citizens around the world.

    And like most brain addled theocratic dimwits, he disdains human rights, and then cowers and snivels behind them like the depraved beast he is.

  5. unfortunately i believe Mr Mendez’s feelings on the matter are perhaps coloured with his own experiences, specifically he was a political prisoner who was tortured by the old military regime in Argentina for about a year and a half if i remember rightly, a maximum security prison is not quite the same thing although the conditions in them arnt the best in the world they dont amount to torture in my understanding of it but then im not a lawyer so i cant say for sure

    1. ah.. tell a lie most human rights organisations DO class some of the stuff that is done in those prisons as torture, mainly constant solitary confinement which is recognised as a form of both mental (and if it continues) physical torture

      1. don’t keep him in solitary, America, I am sure many of his fellow prisoners would like to discuss his support for 9/11 with him…..

  6. “He… is in need of an MRI scan to determine the health of his brain.” Hahaha

  7. Spanner1960 3 Oct 2012, 3:04pm

    I hope the UN get’s treated for the toothless, useless bunch of chocolate teapots they are. They complain about everything but in reality do fck all except squabble amongst themselves.

    I really wish all these other countries would put their own fcking houses in order before they start questioning British law.

  8. have you got too much free time on your hands Mr Mendez? Worrying about this piece of scum and his scum family most of the family have been found guilty of various crimes.

    can he not have his MRI scan in the US where they have far better scanning units?

  9. If he was harmless but gay some UN members would be happy for him to be strung up. What a crazy world.

  10. “Mr Mendez claims the solitary confinement that Hamza would endure in an American “supermax” prison amounts to torture”

    I do wish someone in the US would sue him for saying that. And, as I thought, the health problems are revealed to be mental health problems. Well, perhaps he contributed to the depression himself by making appeal after appeal and delaying and delaying in an attempt to avoid justice. If it backfired on him, then tough sh*t.

    Anyway, the US has a vast selection of drugs that may help him and top class medical facilities so get on and send him over if he’s really concerned about his health. A further delay won’t help.

    1. nah they cant really sue him cos thats the official position of the UN and of a few high profile US politicians

  11. Julia Ford 3 Oct 2012, 4:10pm

    So are they saying the UK should spend yet more money on this vile piece of crap? .
    He needs a brain scan? He is depressed? .No he is craping himself because he will not get the life of luxury he has had here.
    8 years in this country , close to 3 million of tax payers money spent keeping him and his family here.
    Enought is enought just get rid of him now and his family too.
    If they are having problems putting him on a plane then i will gladly do it.

  12. The sooner this rat is dead the better it is. Torture is a gift for creatures like him!

  13. The UN these days is about as good at it’s job as the “League of Nations” that came before it.
    It is probably best to just ignore it completely.

  14. welcome to the gaily mail. This site is a joke

    1. As far as I can see his crimes are imaginary ! Verbal abuse , threats , “plans” for terrorism that never materialised etc ! Better to ignore him than persecute him for his faith !

      1. Julia Ford 5 Oct 2012, 3:02pm

        @Rodent! Very apt name by the way.
        So as far as you can see? Is that very far past your own nose?.

        His crimes are not imaginary. Do you actualy know anything about him/it?.
        If you are gay believe me given the chance he would kill you. The reason he has one hand and eye is because he blew his hand off making a bomb and lost his eye in the explosion too.
        He incites hate and it is only because he has either been in prison or being watched 24 hours a day has has been unable to carry out his threats.
        I don,t know if you are a tax payer but if you are then this piece of scum has cost us very close to £300.000.000 “Yes three million” About 4 To 5 hundred thousand pounds a year. .

        If you support him then here is a reality check for you “You are as bad as he is”.

    2. Julia Ford 5 Oct 2012, 3:05pm

      @James!. Only when it lets idiots like you comment.

      If you think its a joke then go find another site to run down.

  15. Dave North 3 Oct 2012, 8:47pm

    Oh just execute the death peddling freak.

    Human empathy stops where this man begins.

    1. I think he would agree with you as far as the empathy thing is concerned . Humans are not his concern !

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