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Anna Paquin: Bisexuality? ‘It’s just part of who I am’

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Reader comments

  1. Happily bisexual 4 Oct 2012, 7:49am

    Good Anna! I am bisexual as well and was married to a man, engaged to a woman. That is who I am. Bisexual. It is discriminating and narrow minded to try to lock people like me to straight or lesbian box. Love don’t care for descriptions.

  2. Good on her speaking out.

    I joke with my bisexual friends about them being greedy and thankfully they laugh it off with me as we can do that, but like many others I do get annoyed when people think that bisexuality does not exist, it does! Like being gay or lesbian, being bisexual is not a choice as someone is attracted to both sexes and you cannot help who you fall in love with at any given time! I wish people would wake up to that.

  3. Dangermouse 4 Oct 2012, 9:13am

    I’m bisexual and was with a woman for 20 years, now I’m with a great guy for the past 13 years. We fall in love with people not a sex !!!

  4. Good for her – so much more elegantly stated that the recent dumb statements by Cynthia Nixon.

  5. Good on Anna for speaking out clearly.

    I am definitely gay. I know that many of us at the gay end of the sexual orientation continuum have at times been quite intolerant to those who identify as bi-sexual. I think we have not really understood or been suspicious of people that identify as bi-sexual. Perhaps it is a bit ironical as that is how straight people have looked at us.

    1. bi-sexuals are never really satisfied with one partner. thats what makes them unpoplular with both straight and gay people.

      1. Yes kay, just like how people who are exclusively attracted to women are never satisfied until they’ve felt all the boobies in the world, and how everyone who’s exclusively attracted to men can only achieve true happiness by having every penis in the world inside them at once. Being attracted to any segment of the population makes you a *total* greedy whore, and the only true path to morality is asexuality. Also, people who like both pizza *and* kebabs are gluttonous pigs who must cram both into their mouths at the same time, 24/7, until their stomachs explode! That’s what you get for being a filthy junk food slut.

        1. Well said, Marianne!

          1. Happily bisexual 5 Oct 2012, 3:06pm

            Ha haa Marianne. :) I have been accused of being bisexual but not by men only by women.That I would go to the other side as soon as I have lost my first interest. (sigh) Well shocker! I haven’t and even if I had who’s business is it ? Mine. Being bisexual does not mean = heartbreaker or vampire for sex.

  6. “…I’m just living my life…” Good on you girl. Most people are just surviving.

  7. I’m occasionally skeptical when I hear about a female celebrity coming out as bisexual or pansexual. Not that bisexuals don’t exist, which of course they do. Just that it’s so common for women in the entertainment industry to claim to be one to gain publicity. But ultimately if she came out as bisexual and married a woman people would be saying ‘oh she’s not really bi, she’s really a lesbian’.

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