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Ukraine gives initial approval to anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Is this country part of the E.U? If so then Brussels needs to intervene, and quickly.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 2 Oct 2012, 5:15pm

      It is not, just part of ‘European Council’ (together with other ~40 countries in the European continent, including Russia, Georgia and Turkey). But this law of course is not just ‘no’ to gay people, but also ‘no’ for membership in the European Union (on the paper Ukraine still rest seeking it – but just on the paper. And from now even this is very in question). Shame on you, Orthodox kingdom of hate!

  2. Funny that these post-Soviet countries have more sense than the Western ones!! Well done, Ukraine!

    1. Well they seem to be intent on allying themselves with progressive prosperous countries such as Zimbabwe and Liberia, and ignoring the backward dinosaurs such as Canada, Sweden, Denmark.Has it made your day;-)

  3. Cardinal Capone 2 Oct 2012, 5:35pm

    Why are they basing laws on the premise that sexual orientation is determined by what you read, rather than how you are born? Do they not do proper research on these matters, or do they blind themselves by being persuaded by certain people that its all ” gay propaganda”.

  4. Блять! A Russian expression indicating. er, displeasure.

    But this is not altogether surprising. In Ukraine, as in Russia, there is a vein of blatant hatred for gay people that is very visible and given free expression.

    While most young Russians and Ukrainians are perfectly comfortable with sexuality, the corrupt politicians are only too happy to pander to the wishes of the Church. A church so backward-looking it makes the RCs look like ardent modernists.

    Ukraine is a decent country, with decent a (if rather dour) population. Some gut feeling tells me that the president will gently push this to one side come signing time. I certainly hope so.

  5. You may not think there is much you can do, but ANYTHING is better than nothing, so here is AllOut’s petition;

    I hope this doesnt go the same way as russia

  6. Enough about Russia, where does Ukraine fit into this?
    We all know who is really running the show out there.

  7. It was my saddest day today! I dont understand how to live in such a democratic country like my Ukraine where to be homosexual from now means to be a sexual pervert who can cause demographic crisis. And the spread of homosexuality threatens the national security of the Republic. Millions of people living their own ordinary lives have become sexual perverts in one moment. ITs a real tragedy for us! Pray for us, ukrainian gays and lesbians, because we are now threatening the national security of Ukraine. We are not human beings anymore for the ukrainian government!

  8. GingerlyColors 3 Oct 2012, 7:24am

    The Ukraine is a country of two halves. In the mainly Catholic west people want closer ties with the EU while the mainly Eastern Orthodox eastern half wants to remain close to Russia. Although the Pope and other senior Catholics have maintained an anti-gay stance, this has not been shared by many grass-roots Catholics with some Catholic countries now enjoying good relationships with their LGBT communities. The Eastern Orthodox Church on the other hand seem to be the greater danger with homophobia percolating down from the priests at the top to their congregations. During the Soviet era religion was either banned or discouraged and what we are seeing is a backlash against the days of communism with people turning to religion for guidance in lieu of the state.

  9. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 4 Oct 2012, 3:10pm

    These “gay propaganda” or “do not say gay” laws are a utter and complete waste of time, money and resources. Why do bigots and homophobes have so much times on their hands passing ridiculous and silly laws in the first place I will never know??!!

    Why do bigots advocate referendums on equal marriage – when they are caught out at the same time they do not advocate referendums on new taxes (such as the carbon tax) for example!

    Two adults have the right to make a decision among themselves if they want to marry, regardless of what’s between your legs and your equipment is the same or different! Why do bigots spend soooo much time on issues that do not concern them, harm or threaten anyone in any way shape or form!

    Why do bigots have problems with gay men and lesbians and obsess about gay sex all day long (even more so than us) – you know we work hard, look after children or baby-sit, drive vehicles, live in homes and pay more taxes – just like everyone else who is straight in society!

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