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UK: Muslim anti-gay cleric Abu Hamza in ‘poor health’ ahead of extradition

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Reader comments

  1. I really don’t care what his health is like. He hates this country so why the hell should we pay for his health care? The Americans want him, let them him!

    1. Whoops! Last sentence should read:
      Let them have him!

      1. the only ones requiring a MRI scan are those who continue to allow him to stay


    2. Cardinal Capone 2 Oct 2012, 3:40pm

      Yes only patriots should get medical treatment, lol. Not the strongest argument ever advanced. The question is whether its just a ploy to delay deportation.

      1. Julia Ford 2 Oct 2012, 6:28pm

        And you worked that out all by yourself? . You have just won a packet of out of date crisps.

      2. Of course it is a ploy to delay deportation. I fail to understand why we should pay for anything for this man who preaches the hate that he does against all of us, not just the LGBT community but the whole of the country. He has cost us millions in the legal aid he is currently getting. His family live in a big house and receive all hand outs possible and I, for one am sick of it. Get rid of him and the sooner the better.

  2. And the tiniest violin in all the land plays a slow and sad lament for him…

    I have no power or particular will to do him harm. But should he shuffle off this mortal coil soonish, I do intend to laugh myself silly.

    1. But if he did so in the UK, conspiracy theories would start before the funeral!

      1. Not really. We’ve been looking after him for years. Why off him now? It would be much more likely to cause a stir if he died on US soil

  3. Hmmm. I’d heard from some media source (not meaning to be vague there – I can’t remember which it was) that he had mental health problems and that that was going to be the grounds on which he appealed.

    No matter what health problems he may or may not have, I’m sure the US is perfectly able to give him equally good medical tests so that shouldn’t be a bar to him being sent there.

    And wasn’t this the man who was reported to have refused to attend court because his toenails were too long??

  4. i think it would be a fair thing to say this seems much like trying to stall for as long as possible, if as is claimed said tests were medicly needed.. why then were they not requested earlier? and if its a case of he is indeed medicly unfit to fly, then.. well there are still ships that go to the US im afraid so wouldnt matter :P

  5. Julia Ford 2 Oct 2012, 3:51pm

    The only mental health problem he has is “He is craping himself”.
    Get him out now and make his family follow him before they breed more..

    1. Don Harrison 2 Oct 2012, 9:32pm

      Julia we need to show him the door.

  6. Im sure that in the land of ‘Judge not …..etc I should feel for him…but fuk it…he deserves all he gets…Let him eat cake!

    1. As a PC, left leaning liberal, I should disagree – but I can’t!

  7. Cardinal Capone 2 Oct 2012, 4:01pm

    Just thought I should warn people that there is some sort of malware on PN comments pages.

  8. Nick Davis 2 Oct 2012, 4:58pm

    It’s a ploy, just like Arthur Guinness (the only man EVER to recover from Alzheimer’s disease) used at his trial to get off for money laundering.

  9. Paddyswurds 2 Oct 2012, 5:14pm

    Well, well , isn’t this convenient. What next will the lawyers come up with in order to save this terrorist’s skin. Sounds like the cowardly dinosaur is not exactly enamoured with the idea of being a “guest” of dear old Uncle Sam. Ship the phucker off on the next available flight, Teresa May. You have been saying for the last year you wanted rid….this is your chance to prove yourself.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Oct 2012, 5:22pm

    This reminds me of the case in the Lockerbie airplane disaster when the Scottish government repatriated a Libyan terrorist suspected of being the mastermind back to Libya because of ill health and was later determined not to be the case but who died subsequently.

    1. Yes he did die, but a couple of years after he was predicted to by our NHS…perhaps Libyan doctors are better than ours (they could well be), or perhaps those who made the decision knew damned well that the evidence against him was at best flimsy and just did the decent thing….

  11. What a coward in the face of being held responsible for al the hate he has spewed.

    He would sell his soul to the devil to get out of this.

    Cowardly dog.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Oct 2012, 7:44pm

    That’s fine – needs an MRI scan.

    Let’s speak to the Americans and get confirmation he can have one immediately he lands in the States, and any other tests his legal team want to cook up.

    The Governement can go before the court and provide all the necessary written assurances that he can have all the damn tests he needs ….. whisked off to a medical centre when he lands etc, finest healthcare in the world and so on.

    We are after all not the only country to carry our MRIs

    1. I would be happy for us to pay for the Americans to treat him, if it gets him to the States. He clearly fears the US authorities, and laughs at ours.

  13. That There Other David 2 Oct 2012, 8:36pm

    Americans are always saying how wonderful their hospitals and healthcare systems are compared to ours, and I think it’s only fair we give Abu Hamza access to the best doctors on the planet. As his health problem is serious I suggest we do the merciful thing and put him on a flight to the nearest US hospital immediately. Anything else would be utterly inhumane treatment of this man.

    1. He really needs to diet. Pork is considered a low fat because the fat surronds the meat and can easiely be removed.

  14. He needs to go somewhere where medicine is state of the art then. Pack your bag Abu. You wouldn’t to stay in such an immoral country as ours anyway, would you?

  15. Don Harrison 2 Oct 2012, 9:29pm

    The sooner we rid ourselves of this rotten man the better.

  16. Er….we’ve heard this one before over the Lockerbie bomber and although not in good health,he remained alive and well enough to be transported back to Lybia where he lasted years! It the last and only gasp effort from a desparate and dispicable waste of space. Book that one way ticket now!

    1. Please throw this twat out of the country ….

  17. GingerlyColors 3 Oct 2012, 7:13am

    As we are all sick of Abu Hamza, I dare say that we are all in poor health because of him. The sooner the Home Office puts him on a plane out of the UK the better.

    1. Get rid of the b*stard, the sooner the better and stop wasting UK taxpayers’ money keeping him!

  18. well if he’ that sick, maybe he is about to head out to get his forty virgins… we can but hope they are all male. We all know that anyone that is so unpleasant has to be sick in the head, muslims see westen generosity as a weakness to be exploited.. lets for once be strong.. and deport the bum.

    1. Julia Ford 5 Oct 2012, 3:35pm

      Peter! Where in this country are they going to find 40 virgins?.

      1. Julia Ford 5 Oct 2012, 3:36pm

        Or even his country! They breed at 12 years old.

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