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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s parents thought he was gay and tried to ‘cure’ him

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, I had already heard in a TV program (I think it was E! True Hollywood Story) that as a teenager Schwarzenegger was already obsessed with bodybuilding and had pictures of bodybuilders in his bedroom.

    1. …. and ….. doesn’t that tell us that he was obsessed with ‘masculinity’ …that he had ‘leanings’ towards same-sex attraction? It certainly says that to me! In my opinion it is complete cobblers to suggest there is no ‘sexual’ element to someone having posters of almost-naked men on their bedroom wall. Perhaps his parents’ actions (to ‘cure’ him) simply made him suppress his true sexuality. But then, isn’t that what society – and particularly religion – tries constantly to do? Programme us to be ‘straight’? Did it work in Arnie’s case … or is he simply ‘in denial’?

  2. Christopher 2 Oct 2012, 3:48am

    I don’t grasp the whole str8 bodybuilder thing in the first place! It makes no sense and is a paradox: str8 teens obsessing about older men’s muscles – you see them flocking around any builder show! You can’t tell me it’s NOT sexual – they HAVE to be getting moist thinking about it! Simple hero worship – it ain’t! And, ask any woman, and she’ll readily say that she’s not attracted to it…

    I’m writing as a gay bodybuilder who LOVES men because of the muscles!!!

    1. I agree it’s weird, but I suspect it’s more an admiration of power/strength and winning awards and prizes – people can admire anything that appears to be a success, look at the way women will obsessively admire and try to emulate ‘supermodels’: there’s not much that’s sexual there, quite the reverse.

    2. Perhaps compensatory behavior to counter other perceived inadequacies.

    3. Sorry, Christopher, but young men who obsess about body-building do not always have a sexual interest in that pursuit. They don’t “get moist” thinking about their icons’ muscles. When they look at their icons’ muscles they see only their own aspirations, visions of themselves. I think you could suggest they are being narcissistic. But I don’t think their pursuit necessarily involves homosexual desire.

      1. Christopher 2 Oct 2012, 2:29pm

        Right…. and I have a bridge to sell you. If their icon backed them into a corner there wouldn’t be much resistance.

    4. Not always sexual, there are also blokes salivating uncontrollably in a non-sexual way over cars. And don’t get started on the pure non-sexual adoration and clan-like devotion many men have to football and rugby teams.
      I can see where you’re coming from though. Due to the law, much of the earliest homosexual pornography had to be disguised as something other than itself. ‘Bodybuilding’ was one of the ruses used to distribute it without getting arrested.

      1. Looking at the photos in the soccer section of the papers, there seem to be a lot of players with their shirts off, or at least lifted up. Few, if any, action shots.
        The back pages are the most homoerotic in any paper. Sublimating, or justifying urges towards other men, much?

        1. floridahank 2 Oct 2012, 9:05pm

          I think too many of you are obsessed with sexual thoughts regardless of the situtation. I look at some of the guys are my gym who are bodybuilders and I admire them for their physical definition and that’s it. It takes much dedication and much hard work to get a great body, but that has nothing to do with a sexual meaning to any of it. I work out to get a better looking body and be healthier — no sexual nature involved.

          1. Yes, but – narcissism apart – wanting to have a “great body” usually has some sexual element to it, even if it’s only to attract a mate of the opposite sex.

          2. Christopher 3 Oct 2012, 3:30pm

            I think you are making the human animal much more complex than it is. Basic urges such as hunger, power, consumption and sex are all pretty close to each other. Seeing a bodybuilder always gives me a thrill – and I can’t be all that different from others of my species.

  3. Peter Gregory 3 Oct 2012, 8:10am

    I think I read that he was “discovered” by some old queen when he posed nude for “bodybuilding” pics, and that guy launched him into an acting career; before that he was broke. so, maybe he vetoed the bills from the usual closeted angle.

    1. A man makes all the difference, enabling a hopeful young chap from a hick town in Austria start a career trajectory that ends up a US state governor, and he’s dismissed as ‘some old queen’. Sad, really.

  4. A staunch advocate of ‘family values’ …. didn’t he start to change his opinions following revelations about an extra-marital affair which resulted in an illegitimate child? Breathtaking hypocrisy. And, in my opinion, this man’s protestations are too loud! His parents were obviously more perceptive than he. If someone admires ‘masculinity’ to the extent of having posters in their bedroom… well … need I say more, dear?

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