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Malawi: President Joyce Banda U-turns on gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Surely change begins at the top? If she forced change through parliament, then the rest of the country would follow suit which would lead to better understanding?

  2. I heard an appeal on the Today programme this morning for charity funding to Malawi. Needless to say- I won’t be contributing to Megan’s Kitchen project. They can stuff it!

    1. GingerlyColors 2 Oct 2012, 7:03am

      I have just seen an article about the project myself on the BBC News Channel. While I believe that beggars cannot be choosers, I would hate to see these happy, well-fed children suffer because Joyce Banda feels that it is ‘not the right time’ to decriminalize homosexuality. Please do not cave into the bigots, Joyce. I know that voters may turn against you should you make that brave step but a fat foreign aid cheque, courtesy of the UK taxpayer should swing voters back in your favour.

  3. Garry Cassell 1 Oct 2012, 1:51pm

    What in the F****** did Madonna have to do with changing her mind about gay rights?…Time for the people to give her a very BIG U turn..

  4. Since when does democracy equal mob rule? just because a bunch of homophobic, retarded sub-humans can’t get their head around the idea of everyone being born equal, doesn’t mean you give in to their moronic ideas.

    1. Sub-humans? That is a very offensive and racist remark. I spent three months living in Uganda last year doing aid work, another very anti-gay African country. I made many good friends there. Are they sub-humans too?

      Instead of sitting in your comfortable western culture, perhaps you should actually go out there and try to understand them? Only by understanding will change come about.

    2. Peter Nkosi 3 Oct 2012, 7:19pm

      I am writing this from the land of the retarded sub-humans.

      I would like to see the laws on homosexuality repealed here, and was initially shocked at Joyce Banda’s apparent U-turn. I wondered what the Cream of Civilisation had to say about the issue, so here I am at Pink News.

      Bwana Sevrin, after reading your comment about us being retarded sub-humans, you are pushing me towards homophobia, and I was nowhere near to that before. I am bookmarking your post, and will have a look for ones like it on other First World LGBT websites, and will save all of your derogatory comments for sharing later with my retarded, sub-human friends. Really, people like you are not doing the LGBT cause any good at all in countries like mine.

      (I wrote “apparent U-turn”, because if you read the article calmly and carefully, you will see that she did not say that repealing those laws was off her agenda.)

  5. the problem is you could argue the people of any country are usually never ‘ready’ to deal with most bit social/human rights issues, its kinda why in most cases it has to start with the government legislating on the issue, majorities rarely wish to change things for the benefit of minorities if just to keep the status quo, as a race we as human dont seem to like change very much if its not somthing that is of direct benefit to a majority and even then somtimes not.. heh

  6. Then maybe she should plan to repeal it in X months time after she’s instigated a programme of education? Or maybe she could keep the law for now but take away its death by reducing the punishment to basically nothing? Or perhaps she could amend the law so prosecution only happens in extreme cases?

    Her attitude seems quite defeatist.

    1. *death should be TEETH!! Excuse me while I swear at this stupid auot-correct function!

  7. Bigotry is a very difficult thing to shift. Of course it’s disappointing, but let’s give Banda the benefit of the doubt.

    She might fear backlash if she changes the law. That would be counterproductive as it would improve the law but worsen peoples’ lives on the ground.

    Letting the issue cool down enough to handle it later might be a wise strategy. And one that Western governments would do well to follow in their approach to homophobia abroad.

    1. Good job yours wasn’t the approach to the old regime in South Africa, then.

      1. It’s not quite an equal comparison. The vast majority of South Africans were against Aparthaid. The vast majority of Malawians are against legalising homosexuality.

  8. PrinzOtto 1 Oct 2012, 2:51pm

    We all need each other in this world. I would support withholding grants and gifts to African nations that have a particularly heinous anti human rights record. (all of them except perhaps South Africa) This might educated governments and peoples that they do indeed ‘need’ us. That the gifts and grants, indeed some of the actual physical support and technology to improve their lives comes from the hands of Gay people. I vote education thru denial of access to goods and services.

    1. I’m with you.

  9. “She urged the international community to allow “each country to have that debate freely without the pressure of being pushed.” Quaint. Even those countries that sponge millions in aid off other countries and won’t even pay for their own schools.

  10. Dragging people like this into the 21st century was always going to be three steps forward two steps back.

    1. Dave North 1 Oct 2012, 5:40pm

      Unfortunatelty the POPE got there 1st.

      This is why these people live in a fugg of ignorance.

  11. Gosh, who saw that coming?

    [Irony alert]

  12. The LGBT folk of Malawi need every bit of help they can get. This is totally unacceptable. Some can argue over whether or not to allow marriage equality (even if they are totally wrong), but on these basics there is simply no argument. Let them live freely!

  13. Art Pearson 1 Oct 2012, 7:46pm

    Just goes to show that some people will do anything to get elected. Her constituents should be mounting a recall petition.

    1. As if! Her constituents no doubt pressurised her into changing her mind! Most of the electorate there will be relieved by this news.

  14. One of the least developed countries internationally. It’s not a surprise that they’ve once again failed when presented with a crucial opportunity to better themselves.

    “Not yet ready” is exactly the mindset that is causing Malawi’s development to reach almost a standstill. If Joyce Banda wants to work hard and improve her country, then “not yet” is an excruciatingly poor mindset to take. She needs to be bold and help her people, stepping out of her comfort zone if necessary. Shame on her, and how unfortunate for her people that she has let them down already.

  15. What a weak leader.

  16. That There Other David 2 Oct 2012, 10:41am

    So I think we can safely assume Malawi has received its aid money from the UK then…

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