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George Michael cancels tour over ‘anxiety’ fears

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Reader comments

  1. Hope he manages to recover soon… Poor guy x

  2. Get well soon. I read his Twitter sometimes and even though he was a complete idiot for driving while high, he seems really funny and unexpectedly down to Earth.

    I hope his brush with adversity leads him to record something listenable anyway,

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery George! Power to you for recognizing the need to slow down and get treatment. Love the music, the lyrics and the messages..Keep it up!

  4. Bummer – I had tickets for the Hunter Valley concert in December.

    However, I did see him in London and Sydney during the 25 Live tour and he was awesome.

    He was still the only artist to publicly object to the Iraq (Shoot the Dog) and was vilified at the time.

    He’s done some stupid things but seems to have sorted himself out.

    Hope he gets well soon and I get to see him again.

  5. Is he a soldier ? no he is a singer, lets get this in perspective, lots of people experience far worse and they manage (in the real world) performing 9 concerts isn’t frontline life threatening stuff,,,is it

    1. A little sympathy wouldn’t go amiss – maybe recovering from nearly dying is something you can cope with more easily than others.

    2. I actually am a soldier and your comment is down right idiotic.

      He’s suffering with the after effects of the severe illness he went through. Try reading the article next time instead of making a knee-jerk comment.

  6. George should give up smoking weed and his paranoia would probably disappear. Anxiety and paranoia are common with excessive pot use, especially when mixed with alcohol and God knows what else he uses.

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