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Little Britain star David Walliams: I had gay experiences as a teenager

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Reader comments

  1. Why is bisexuality always ignored/forgotten at stuff like this ? It’s always ‘Oh, if he is not straight, then he is gay’ or vice versa. Hellooooo ? There is something called bisexuality and most humans are bisexual to some degree. And, it seems that this nice chap David is also bi.

    By the way, I am also effeminate and I have always been bisexual since I was first aware of my sexuality :)

    1. I think it’s because a lot of people call themselves bisexual until they’re comfortable to say that they’re gay. Which is obviously different to actually BEING bisexual.

      And I don’t think you call David bisexual – he’s straight, he just had gay experiences. That, again, isn’t bisexuality.

      1. He doesn’t really say he’s straight anywhere, does he? He has always said he was open to both sexes …

        1. Well in this he seems to be saying he’s straight.

          ““I’ve always been effeminate, and I think people confuse effeminacy with homosexuality, like they go hand-in-hand.”

          I don’t think he would say that if he was bisexual either.

      2. Spanner1960 29 Sep 2012, 2:24pm

        I think the jury’s out on that one.
        The word “denial” springs to mind.

    2. Paddyswurds 29 Sep 2012, 7:56pm

      I sort of have to agree with you on the salient point. Since I returned to Ireland from the USA 98% of my sexual encounters have been with “straight” men, one less than 12 hours before his wedding.
      I won’t say how many other than more than 50 in 30 years and all of them including the 2% i think were gay, have children and some even are still with their original wives. I live in the rural west of Ireland btw, not some anonymous big city!

      1. Paddyswurds 29 Sep 2012, 7:57pm

        my comment in reply to Jemmie….

        1. Paddyswurds 29 Sep 2012, 7:59pm

          Oh …and most of them became repeats ‘cept the dude getting married next day. I think his oldest son is gay tho….

          1. Have you noticed that the majority of these married guys who have sex with men on the side -seem to have daughters rather than sons?

      2. Cardinal Capone 30 Sep 2012, 3:40pm

        Thank you for sharing, Bishop.

  2. If he truly wants to be ‘honest’, he should say ‘and I still do just about every night’.

    1. He probably does – WITH HIS WIFE.

  3. I thought what he said was very open and honest. I had a few experiences with woman when I was younger. Does that make me Bisexual? No, I’m Gay. But as a teenager I was experimenting, just like him. Except Walliams is now happily straight, and unashamed of his past and experiences. I wish more celebs were like that.

    1. How very dare you! 29 Sep 2012, 4:11pm

      He can be as camp as a Christmas tree if he likes but what he actually does is make gross gay sexual innuendo and reinforces gay stereotypes. I wish he would just give it a rest. It’s been done before and better! If he’s anything, I think he is a closet woman – he does not seem to be comfortable in a man’s skin. Suggest he brings that sex change forward and enjoy his true gender identity.

      1. He’s a comedian, I like gross gay sexual innuendo, it makes me laugh and I live watching straight people squirm.

        But that’s just my sense of humor, I don’t take offence to everything and scream homophobia every 5 minutes.

      2. If you don’t like his comedy why do you insist on watching it?

    2. Paddyswurds 29 Sep 2012, 8:05pm

      I also had a few experiences with women when I was a teenager mainly because I was appalled at the idea of being “queer” but life caught up with me and i realised that attempts to be straight were futile. Women grossed me out basically and i reverted to my true nature… and I am glad I did.

  4. That There Other David 29 Sep 2012, 5:56pm

    Well, this has to be the least surprising thing I’ve come across this week. However, kudos to him for talking about it, not making a big deal, and then just being himself regardless.

  5. Well, just as long as he doesn’t start hiring male masseurs we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. I gave up trying to pigeon-hole other people’s sexuality more than 2 decades ago when two close friends – happily married with 3.0 children – both made passes at me (on separate occasions). Many of us have complicated past lives yet try to categorize public figures based on almost zero evidence!

    I find the speculation particularly pointless with actors who are paid to “lie” to us by pretending to be something they aren’t. Isn’t it enough to figure out whether you find them entertaining or not? (For me, a little bit of Walliams is enough…)

  7. auntie babs 30 Sep 2012, 12:42am

    colour me suprised.

  8. Interesting statements from Walliams. But I note that he does not mention how during the mid-90s, before becoming famous, he used to spend an hour or so every day sitting in the sauna at the Tottenham Road YMCA which used to be packed with gay men. How old was he then, I wonder.

    (By the way, he never did anything. He just seemed to need to be there, amongst the gay men who WERE, clearly, interested in doing things! It was as if just being “amongst it” was sufficient for him.)

  9. Cardinal Capone 30 Sep 2012, 3:30pm

    I didn’t have any sexual experiences at all as a teenager, but I knew I only fancied guys. No confusion there.

    How could he be confused? Either he fancied one gender or both. Does he mean worried, rather than confused?

    1. Sexuality is complex, he probably fancies women, but was intrigued by men, his campness made him think he was gay (because the media tells you that means gay). Thats why he was confused.

  10. There have been plenty of straight adults who’ve had a homosexual experience in their teens, but it doesn’t make them gay.

    Why does it seem such a big deal? Let’s face it there are plenty of us who have had one or more straight experience in the past because we were finding our feet or trying to except ourselves or fit in…didn’t and doesn’t make us straight!

    But you get someone who’s camp, but says their straight. they admit to having homosexual experiences as a child/teen, but know they’re straight and everyone assumes they’re lying and their a closet gay!!

    It can work BOTH ways you know!

  11. radical53 1 Oct 2012, 2:48am

    But it is a growing up thing to do. Is to experiment with your sexuality. Lots of boys were and are doing it. Part of life. Most still turn out straight.

  12. I think he makes some very good points about campness and sexuality. There are still a lot of gay men who think that being butch and gay is a front, that you are are a self hater or faking it.

    Personally i think those that claim that are ashamed of their campness, they are the self haters. Plenty of well adjusted camp men dont make the claim,

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