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John Travolta wins latest ‘gay spa’ legal case

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Reader comments

  1. This guy must have the IQ of his signature character, Vinnie Barbarino…about 7. Why else would he spending so much money to deny something any person with even half a brain knows is a fact…and has known for many, many years. It’s like Liberace or Michael Jackson denying they are gay.

    1. Funny how these claims never, ever hold up in court then, isn’t it?

      1. Travolta is a leading member of the cult of $cientology, who are notorious for their intimidation and harassment of people who threaten the cult.

        Plus both Travolta and $cientology have almost limitless finances.

        Travolta is gay. His fake marriage to Kelly Preston only happened after he was outed in 1986.

        His so-called heterosexuality is about as real as his hair (he wears a wig on his head, and a beard on his arm. His beard is called Kelly Preston).,

        1. You mean the mother of his 3 children?

          You couldn’t possibly think the ‘church’ of Scientology more ridiculous than I do, but do you really think it’s likely to shelter Travolta if it’s known he’s gay/bi?

          1. Oh yes. Kelly is very high up in the cult and apparently knew Travolta was gay from even before the wedding (he married her after he’d been outed by his ex boyfriend, in the page of the National Enquirer in the late 1980’s

            They have all his dirty secrets through their auditing sessions. He’s a cash cow to them.

            Those $cientologists are seriously weird.

          2. What are you talking about, Rehan? Tom Cruise is a Scientologist.

          3. And what proof is there that Tom Cruise is anything other than heterosexual, Cal? I don’t mean wishful-thinking backstairs gossip, I mean proof.

  2. Mr. Travolta is still appearing in Hollywood films and he knows that the minute he announces he’s gay the studios will drop him.

    The studios’ attitude and behaviour is wrong, but that’s sadly the way it is.

    It’d be great though, if Travolta said “Fc*k the studios!” and came out loud and proud.

    1. It has nothing to do with the studios.

      He is almost 60. His days as a romantic leading man or action hero are over.

      Plenty of other actors have come out – Matt Bomer; Ian Mckellen; Zachary Quinto; David Hyde Pierce; Anthony Michael Hall.

      it is the cult of $cientology that is preventing him from coming out (and by all accounts living a lie, has turned Travolta into a predator).

    2. There are plenty of actors who are gay and working! Regardless of how well known they are *rolls eyes*

      1. In TV and theatre maybe; not a single Hollywood movie star though.

        1. Zachary Quinto; Ian McKellen

  3. John Travolta is gay as Christmas.

    1. Christmas? That annual celebration of The Family?

  4. So how come he hasn’t sued Carrie Fisher yet?

    1. But she just said that he is gay (which is true).

      These guys allege that he sexually assaulted them – therefore he is entitled to sue.

      1. I see, quite right.

  5. better shape up…. and be man…and my heart is set on you…..

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 28 Sep 2012, 6:46pm

      John I don;t even know you but… can do better.

  6. They can’t all be liars!

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Sep 2012, 12:44pm

      Of course they can – I’m not saying they all are, but its perfectly possible none of them are telling the truth.

      1. And where’s the lies got them? they’re the ones being charged for court fee’s etc…Seems a futile thing to do to me! Or maybe that’s just me.

        And I too am not saying they’re all telling the truth…Just it seems odd really.

  7. Why does he bother denying he s gay when most on here seem to KNOW that he is …. Not sure where you all get your FACTS from though … Apart from National inquirer accusations . He could just be straight you know ….

    1. Has any female masseuse ever come forward to prove it?

      1. So if he makes an inappropriate advance to a masseuse, that’ll be proof to you that he’s not gay? For heaven’s sake!

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Sep 2012, 12:42pm

    Whatever he is is entirely his business surely

  9. Mister Fister 29 Sep 2012, 7:55pm

    I don’t know whether John Travolta is gay. I hope John Travolta is not gay – we get enough bad press as it is.

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