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New York: Same-sex marriage case heard in appeals court

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  1. Gay in Canada 28 Sep 2012, 3:05am

    This topic PROVES that the United States, for all its chest beating about freedom and liberty to pursue happiness, is a fraud.

    Meanwhile, meek and mild Canada just gets on with it. Vimy Ridge just keeps repeating itself…

    1. Perhaps in your hurry to post something negative you failed to read the part that said the DOMA has been struck down by numerous judges and it will heard by the Supreme Court next year. What this means is, if it is struck down, it will be up to the states to make their own laws, or be able to enforce the ones already on the books without federal intervention. There are many states that will immediately give gays and lesbians the right to marry legally with all rights afforded by such, without the Feds intruding into their lives by trying to nullify their marriage.

      1. The fact that DOMA was passed in the first place, and that it is being defended by various factions even now, surely validates Gay in Canada’s point.
        Canada is a role model. America aspires to be, and too often believes it is, but is a land of hypocrisy, full of high ideals, but governed by (that word again) bigotry.

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