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Couple to sue over anti-gay political campaign which used their photo without permission

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 26 Sep 2012, 11:01pm

    Good on you guys. Actions such as this deserve consequences. I hope you win an eight figure amount.

  2. They will try to get out of payment for the photo VIA a LLC non profit org. Well, the non profit is NOT to use it’s money to make political changes, or risk looseing their statis of Non Profit Org. So Bust them twice guys, you deserve it.

  3. Spanner1960 27 Sep 2012, 6:59am

    ““Tom and I both cringe now when we look at our engagement photo, a photo which will forever live on the internet as a message of hate”

    Sorry but BLEURRGH!
    OK, so they infringed your copyright, so sue their arses off, but no need to play the violins quite so heavily.

    1. That There Other David 27 Sep 2012, 10:12am

      Their special image has been put up all over the Internet, where it will never go away, and used to promote discrimination. Too right their feelings about the photo have been affected. If anyone had done this to my marriage photos I’d be devastated.

      I know your politics are on the non-empathy side of the spectrum, but to denigrate the distress others can experience in this way is very poor form. Life is more nuanced than being all about money.

      1. Spanner1960 27 Sep 2012, 3:34pm

        I totally understand their upset, but that still doesn’t lessen the impact of their big day, or the photographic record of it.

        The bottom line is, these people infringed personal intellectual copyright, which comes with heavy penalties. The claim they cannot bear to look at the pictures is frankly rather stomach churning, and sounds totally manufactured on advice from their lawyers to appeal to people’s sensibilities, when it will have little or no effect on the court’s judgement.

        I just hope they take these bigots to the cleaners, but getting personal about it helps nobody.

  4. Not only is Eugene DelGaudio being sued, he is also being investigated by the FBI.

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