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UK politician criticises Stonewall for ‘bigot’ nomination – but wants to attend ceremony

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Reader comments

  1. Stonewall can be such a ridiculous organisation sometimes. Looking at their “best places to work if you’re gay” list is a joke cuz i know first hand alot of those companies promote homophobia.

    1. Speaking as a partner in one of the law firms on the list which really is a decent place for gays to work I would like you to be a bit more specific please.

      1. Well it’s a widely known fact that to be included on the Stonewall list of best places to work, you simply have to make a monetary donation to Stonewall.

        It’s a biased list and does not reflect what the actual decent places to work are.

        Stonewall has always been about their own bottom line.

        Look at how they were campaigning AGAINST marriage equality until they were caught.

  2. He’s one to talk about inciting hatred. The hypocrisy really makes me feel this… frustration… for humanity. Are we still this primitive that we can’t see the dissonance between how we act, what we say and what we claim to be our morals?

    1. That There Other David 25 Sep 2012, 10:54pm

      Only those amongst us that are missing the gene that results in a conscience. Someone ought to do a study to see if those that depend so much on religion to guide them are actually lacking something the rest of us have DNA-wise. I mean, how can you honestly believe that you can only be good or do good things if you follow a particular code in a book? It’s absolute nonsense! Maybe they just don’t have that inner voice that tells them right from wrong, so have to externally everything as a substitute?

      I don’t know. I’ll stop rambling on now anyway…

      1. That There Other David 25 Sep 2012, 10:54pm

        externalise, not externally

        1. Sorry, I am using an IPad, and its touch pad; and the damn thing keeps predicting words! It even puts apostrophes in ‘its’ unless I go back and take them out. Very irritating.

          1. Oops, this is the wrong thread… Ignore!!

  3. plastic party, plastic christian

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2012, 9:08pm

    Another right winger playing the victim card in the name of religion trying to trample on full equality. Alan Craig most certainly IS a bigot if you look at the definition of the word in any dictionary. The truth hurts, that’s why he’s reacting.

  5. The foul fiend wouldn’t turn up even if invited. He’s just all mouth.

    1. Cardinal Capone 25 Sep 2012, 10:47pm

      Yes he would, and he’d use it as a secular pulpit to disparage everyone there.

  6. I had great fun debating with him in the comments section of that article on his website. It is sad that he removed his side of the argument though. It must be said that many straight Christians came to make their feelings known, about how ashamed they were with Mr Craig’s comments!

    I hope he attends, and gets to meet lots of LGBT people and hear their stories. . I think there are worthier winners though.

    1. caped crusaider 25 Sep 2012, 9:38pm

      how did the rich gay tory boys running crusaid decide how much aids charity money to use to pay people off in 2004

  7. caped crusaider 25 Sep 2012, 9:27pm

    Well its ok for the gay tories to use aids charity money to pay off a police panel member

    1. schizophrenic MUCH?

  8. These bigots do have rather thin skins, don’t they?

  9. caped crusaider 25 Sep 2012, 9:48pm

    Try working in the london aids charity sector lol

    1. you seem to have an issue you want to discuss. I’m not sure a comment thread is the place for it. Why not write an article, citing evidence and submit it to PN?

  10. Oh, it’s so upsetting when someone calls you a nasty name, isn’t it mr Craig?
    Grow up, please.
    When you do it, it’s all good, freedom of speech and all that stuff. But when your target fires back, it’s suddenly a vicious attempt to “bully, intimidate, humiliate and generate hatred of individuals”.

    1. caped crusaider 25 Sep 2012, 10:06pm

      In the gay run aids charity sector they emailed a hiv pice panel member “pain n suffering to alot of people – get a better job “- then had to use aids charity money to gag them and pay them off gay tory boys dontchajust luv em oh la la :-)

      1. caped crusaider 25 Sep 2012, 10:12pm

        The rich gay tory boys threatened a police panel member with “injunctive proceedings at the high court without hesitation” then quickly backtracked lol and gave them a medal claiming its long closed all hushed up by hiv media oooh la la :-)

  11. Stonewall makes me sick at times, this level of bullying is not the way to win people to the cause. Things should be done through dialogue and mutual respect.

    1. caped crusaider 25 Sep 2012, 10:14pm

      Waste of a “charity”

    2. At least it shuts them up. I note that Melanie Philips hasn’t published one anti-gay column since she won last year’s award. In fact she was dropped from the BBC Moral Maze programme when the subject of extending civil marriage to gay and lesbian people was discussed. So-if nothing else- Stonewall gets the bigots to stfu!
      But I suspect Mr. Craig will seek to use the Stonewall Equality Awards to further his own homophobic agenda. Incidentally- that is an agenda completely separate from any religious one. Just pure homophobic bigotry in fact.

    3. Spanner1960 26 Sep 2012, 9:06am

      I totally agree. Stonewall have their own agenda of what they think is the right way to go, without any consultation with the wider ‘community’.

      Remember, these were the same people that wouldn’t promote SSM until everyone ripped the crap out of them and accused them of not supporting us.

      Just another bunch of self-aggrandising nest featherers purporting to speak for the rest of us whilst making LGBT people look like idiots and laughing all the way to the bank.

      1. Who cares how they do it so long as they actually do it? So long as the ends are achieved most of us are willing to turn a blind eye to whatever methods are employed. I certainly don’t care If a couple of old, hateful religious nutters have to face a painful truth.

        1. Spanner1960 26 Sep 2012, 2:51pm

          Because these people end up appearing to the rank and file as ‘the voice of the LGBT community” – this bunch of self-appointed lefty mouthpieces have very little in common with a great deal of us, and some of their actions and opinions do not represent a lot of us. All this sort of thing does is stir up animosity. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat without having to resort to this mudslinging match.

      2. Paul in Brighton 26 Sep 2012, 2:51pm

        Agree entirely.

    4. Bullying? He fits the definition of bigot. Besides, bullying people is the best way to get what you want in politics – it’s worked so well for the Christians up until the last few decades. Society is basically framing the argument for us and the religious are only strengthening that with their venom and arrogance.

      1. Spanner1960 26 Sep 2012, 2:54pm

        It worked really well for the N@zis too.
        Just because something works does not mean it is the right way to go about it.

        Good politics is about debate and proving one is right, not beating somebody into submission.

  12. … have to thank Mr Clegg once again for raising a platform so this bigot can claim a victim status. In a few years time we could be watching another of Clegg’s apologetic videos. This time to the LGBT community, for failing to deliver on his innumerable promises. As if we didn’t know he doesn’t care about anything else other than his own pocket and status.

    1. caped crusaider 26 Sep 2012, 6:17am

      A equality award for crusaid management who all kept their jobs after their hiv returb to work staff were emailed “pain n suffering to alot of people- get another job” in 2004 the gay tory boys used charity money to pay them ofc ohhh la la tht has recently destroyed their gagging compromise agreement but the gay press its hush bush

  13. If the cap fits

  14. caped crusaider 26 Sep 2012, 10:06am

    A special award for the gay and hiv media (pinknews excluded) for not allowing the disabled a voice as they try but fail to cover up the london aids charity scandals while demanding equality the london lgbt community is nothing more than a sic joke while the disabled a ripped off and denied a voice by their very own community – what sort of people would do that ? ? ?

    1. caped crusaider 26 Sep 2012, 10:16am

      They made fools of their own community in london stephen bitti ceo of ukc covering up losing £150k in 2005 and getting the gays and disabled to support him after squandering £150k of their money refusing crusaids hiv redundant staff a voice in 2005 – leaving the charity when all the money had gone huge debts left behind disablef lost further money denied a voice by the hiv media u gotta laugh – they call it equality oooh la la

  15. Strange that none of my comments were posted in this thread. However, I would say that he should remember who were the victims of mass murder only a couple of generations ago.

    1. caped crusaider 26 Sep 2012, 12:04pm

      With 3000 new diagnosis of hiv last year (mainly young gay men)? Have we learnt anything ? ? ? Keep the rich gay tories and their corrupt and bully.boy tactics out of the london hiv charity sector there a disgrace involving the disabled in their dodgy affairs

  16. Why can’t these people admit to their bigotry? If they’re so sure about what they believe in then why can’t they just admit that they dislike gay people and want as many of their rights taken away as possible? Instead they have to go on about this “sanctity of marriage” nonsense and they complain about how they are the ones who are “really” being oppressed. The “sanctity of marriage” is something we made up, it serves the self-righteous and makes them feel better about themselves. The mentality of people like Alan Craig never progressed to beyond that of a school bully and usually when bullies finally get challenged they are the first to start crying.

  17. I think Stonewall should hold the awards ceremony at a suitable Roman site, invite him along, and let a couple of lions loose on him while he’s defending his lies and bigotry. I would like nothing more than to smack his face a 1000 times.

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