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Tennessee: University says it cannot offer health insurance benefits to unmarried gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. Why don’t they use their position in the State to change the law if they think its wrong – by going above and beyond your legal duties. Set the example and be the lead that other people follow.

    1. Obviously because they silently agree with the discriminating policy.
      It’s Tennessee after all. They embrace homophobia.

  2. That There Other David 25 Sep 2012, 10:38pm

    Well, in that case the Faculty should go on strike. If our Tennessee counterparts can’t even get active support in academia what hope is there for them?

    If they aren’t ashamed of this in Tennessee then it shows just how skewed their value system is.

  3. What about those gay and lesbian couples who ARE married in different states and different countries. For example- if equal civil marriage is legalised here- and I get married in the UK- would they recognise the marriage if I took up a position at the University of Tennessee? How could they refuse? This policy is basically inconsistent.

    1. No. they wouldn’t. A friend is CPed and got a visa to work in the US but his husband couldn’t enter as his spouse, he had to get his own visa sorted as the government didn’t recognise their CP. I don’t see any reason why they’d recognise a same sex wedding either.

    2. John from MN 26 Sep 2012, 7:44pm

      DOMA, the misnamed Defense of Marriage Act, prevents the federal government from recognizing any gay marriage. Even in states where gays can get married they can not get any federal benefits, and their rights disappear the second they cross a state border. It is also used to deport couples in bi-national unions. It’s a huge deal over here…. people’s husbands who are the sole caregivers to their dying spouse have been deported.

      It’s absolutely disgusting and the non-bigots over here have been fighting to get it overturned for years.

  4. Fake Drudge 28 Sep 2012, 6:08am

    Nothing to do with nothing — they don’t offer benefits to unmarried STRAIGHT couples either. Welcome to equality.

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