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Stephen Fry tweet confuses fans into believing Hugh Grant came out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. Katie Kool-eyes 26 Sep 2012, 12:15am

    I think this is a case of tongue in cheek

  2. You mean someone doesn’t KNOW GRANT ISN’T GAY?!!! How dumb can you get?

    1. Nowhere near as dumb as those who think every actor is gay.

  3. The Out4Marriage campaign needs to STOP with this idea that celebrities are ‘coming out’ for marriage.

    Coming out is a rite of passage for most (or at least many) LGBT people, and often it involves deep fear, pain, and stress and can take quite a lot of time (you come out to yourself 1st and then others).

    Hugh Grant simply made a statement which said that he supports equal civil rights, and showed that he is a decent human being.

    The Out4Marriage campaign is trivialising the experience of LGBT people in coming out by pretending that making a 5 second statement to say you support equality is on a par with the ACTUAL experience of coming out.

    This Out4Marriage campaign needs to get its house in order.

    Stop saying that these people are coming out – they are not.

    And why not start making USEFUL videoa – ones where people ask for a specific timetable by which we will have equal civil rights.

    It would avoid all these ridiculous misunderstandings.

  4. Does it really matter? All that matters in the end is that we are all on the same side. Nothing else really is that important.

    1. True.

      That’s another reason why this Out4Marriage campaign makes me feel a little queasy.

      Why exactly is it news that a straight actor supports equal civil rights?

      Isn’t that what we should be expecting from ALL decent human beings?

      it’s not news that someone supports equality.

      the whole Out4Marriage campaign strikes me as an attempt to emulate the ‘It gets better’ campaign in the US, but hasn’t been thought through properly.

      I can see the practical benefit in teenagers being told that their lives will improve; ‘It gets better’ is a viral, feelgood campaign to give support to vulnerable people.

      We have a situation in Britain where all the main parties theoretically support equality; so why is our focus not in making them live up to the specific promises they made to our community.

      These Out4marriage videos are hiding the fact that NOTHING is currently happening in terms of our gaining our equal civil rights.

  5. Has Stephen Fry made an Out4Marriage video yet?

    1. Does it really matter whether he has or he hasn’t?

      The question you SHOULD be asking is ‘When will equal marriage legislation be coming before parliament, seeing as the government has made a specific promise to introduce it duringthe lifetime of this government?’

      1. I think it matters. Stephen Fry is a very high-profile figure, and very well respected. His explicit support would mean a lot to the campaign. We all know that he’s behind it, and that’s good, but since the campaign is, in a large part, about posting videos, one from the august Mr. Fry would be very helpful. It’s not as if he’s shy about appearing on camera or taking advantage of new media after all!

        Very few people type the name of their local MP into a youtube search. Thousands will type in “Stephen Fry”. His name has real value in this context, and could really help to publicise the campaign.

        And with that kind of publicity it could help to make the coalition sit up and take action. It’s not like we have to choose between campaigns like this one and asking tough questions of the government after all – we can and should do both.

        1. We don’t need an ‘Out4Marriage’ campaign though (or certainly the way the campaign currently is).

          Labour/LibDems/Tories all allegedly support equal civil rights for LGBT people. Those people are the ones who are the people who can implement equality and theoretically they already do.

          The Out4Marriage campaign SHOULD be getting people to ask specific questions about why the government is failing to live up to its promises to introduce equal civil rights.

          That would be FAR more useful and beneficial than the videos being made at present.

          1. I disagree. The matter is going to come before parliament eventually, and I doubt the coalition’s priorities and timescales are going to be changed by any amount of question-asking, The important thing is to win hearts and minds as widely as possible before it does come to a vote. The important thing is to do everything we can in order to show how much support there is for the measure, and mobilising celebrity endorsement and popular feeling on the internet is an important part of that. That’s the sort of thing that changes minds and spreads tolerance, not haranguing politicians over the timing of their legislative agenda.

          2. They deserve to be harangued.

            The government made a specific promise to the LGBT community, which it is now doing its utmost to wriggle out of.

            We had the appalling ‘public consultation’ – the ONLY time in living memory where the civil rights of a law abiding minority has been put to a public consultation.

            The fact that there is no specific timetable is a matter of grave concern,

            Why can’t marriage equality legislation be brought before parliament next week?

            There is no valid excuse for this delay.

  6. *rolls eyes and yawns*

  7. I was being facetious, by the way. Of course Grant is gay. I mean it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

    1. Divine Brown AGOG!.

    2. I think it’s only ‘obvious’ to those with less than half a brain.

  8. It is funny, but then again i first read it a Hugh Laurie so i guess anything is possible if you arent paying attention.

  9. There is no such thing as a ‘straight’ actor. The animal simply does not exist. And, yes, I am one…actor, that is.

    1. And a fool, I fear.

  10. Ahhh the power of confusion and twitter!!! lol

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