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Video: Hugh Grant comes @Out4Marriage and says ‘love is the same for everyone’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2012, 12:34pm

    Thank you, Hugh, every bit helps. Let’s hear more from our celebrities.

  2. There is a lot of homophobia in his movies though.

    1. Four Weddings and a Funeral, for example?

  3. Well done to Hugh Grant.

    However I have some doubts about the effectiveness of this campaign.

    The 3 main parties all support equal civil rights for LGBT people (granted there are major doubts about the sincerity of the Tories).

    We are not trying to convince the politicians – we theoretically already have their support.

    Would it not be better to start demanding to see an actual timetable by which we will have equality.

    The horrendous consultation is over.

    We need to start demanding dates (and ‘Before the next election’ is a woefully inadequate response..

    I just hope that this Out4Marriage campaign is not hiding the fact that nothing seems to be happening on the marriage equality front.

  4. Is this really news though?

    Now-if Anne Widdecombe were to record an Out4marriage Video that WOULD be news!

    1. It was to me and it will be to many others. It’s very welcome.

      1. But the campaign serves no real practical benefit.

        I would prefer if this Out4Marriage campaign focussed on drawing attention to the fact that nothing is being done on the issue of marriage equality in Britain.

        Do we have a date by which analysis of the offensive consultation will be complete? No! Why not?

        Do we have a date by which legislation will be introduced before parliament? No. Why not?

        I want to see videos with people asking questions like ‘Why is David Cameron not fulfilling his promise to introduce equal civil rights for LGBT people?’ or ‘Mr Cameron – please give us the timetable by which time the LGBT population will enjoy equal civil rights?’

        As it stands teh Out4Marriage campaign seems like a feelgood campaign with very little practical benefit, in terms of advancement of our rights.

        1. As usual Dvid-you are so right!

  5. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Sep 2012, 2:37pm

    Honest gesture for man, who has play in the ‘Maurice’ of James Ivory (1987), one of the best films about same-sex love ever. Klyve (Hugh Grant) together with Maurice (James Wilby) in the spring grass somewhere near Cambridge – like two beautiful young birds, making the nest… In vain.

    1. You seem to forget that the character of Clive [sic] was uncomfortable with his sexuality, repressed it and married a woman. You also forget that an actor’s job is to act: Hugh Grant neither adapted the novel nor directed or produced the film.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Sep 2012, 6:48pm

        I have ‘forget’ nothing. And I adore this film, including ‘repressed’ character of Clive (thanks, English is not my native language) too. It was in the middle 80-es, during the Conservative ruling. Not the most easy time for an young actor play gay character, including kisses etc. And I know too very good, that director of this film was James Ivory.

        1. At the risk of going off at a major tangent, most of all you seem not to understand that the character of Clive is by no stretch of the imagination a ‘gay’ one.

          1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 26 Sep 2012, 2:02am

            Good. And? The film rest wonderful.

          2. Has it ever occurred to you that your perceptions might be a little on the shallow side?

  6. Sorry Hugh, but you being the latest celeb to step into line and clamber on board the equal marriage rights self-promotion bandwagon, particularly this late in the day, is not likely to endear me to any of your movies any time soon.

    1. That’s not fair really.

      I am sure his intentions are good, and one can’t really complain about people supporting equality.

      However the whole Out4Marriage campaign is misguided and is not being used in an effective manner.

      Exactly what is it hoping to achieve by getting a load of celebrities to endorse what is already government policy? (introduction of equal civil rights). If the government already supports equality then surely this campaign is unnecessary.

      The Out4Marriage campaign should be getting celebrities to ask why there is no progress being made on David Cameron’s specific pledge to introduce equality.

      Where is the timetable for equality?

      When will legislation be introduced?

      Why is nothing happening to introduce equal civil rights for the LGBT community.

      Does LGBTory condmn the governments delay in introducing equality?

      (Actually that last question is just my little joke – of course LGBTory don’t have an opinion on when we should have equality.)

      1. Fair points dAVID, but the motives of a lot of these celebs and MPs rushing to support our rights all of a sudden after years of looking the other way just smacks of cheap opportunism to me.

        Unless they take the bull by the horns, are prepared to stick their necks out and stay with the latest (trendy) cause for the duration and beyond like the shining example set by Ben Cohen and his raising awareness of gay bullying, then the likes of Hugh Grant et al should quit posturing in our name and using gay rights to hoover up karma points.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Sep 2012, 5:44pm

    Has anyone noticed that StonewallUK has barely said one word since the consultation was over?

  8. Good man. I like his honest caveats too – I’m not a huge believer in marriage either, but I see no reason why it should be restricted to opposite-sex couples.

  9. Aryu Gaetu 25 Sep 2012, 9:41pm

    One of the first Gay movies I had ever seen was “Maurice”. I still think far too many Gays are closeted like that. Just look at the tons of straights and “bisexuals” on the Gay chat sites. It’s quite sad really.

  10. Than you very much Hugh Grant. Your support is great and we call on more celebrities, politicians and church leaders to come @Out4Marriage.

    1. No we don’t.

      We call on more people to start demanding why the government is not fulfilling its specific promises to the LGBT community.

      We want to see a specific timetable for equality, not some woolly headed, vague, feelgood video.

  11. radioredrafts 30 Sep 2012, 12:46am

    Define “enough”.

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