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Audio: Iowa radio host announces agreement with Ahmadinejad on ‘gays are ugly’ comment

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Reader comments

  1. Usually I try to treat everyone as if they are a reasonable human being unless they prove to be that they are a simple-minded moron.

    With Americans, I tend to do it the other way around.

    1. And commentary on Pinknews is elevated another notch.

    2. Another worthless generalization comment by the all knowing. You sir are an idiot. All Americans are not the same. I guess I could make a statement about your teeth being bad but that would put me in your territory.

  2. Wow, indeed.

    Thanks Mickelson, for so ably demonstrating there’s no bottom limit to stupidity.


  3. Makes you wonder just how many ‘gays’ he’s met….

  4. That There Other David 25 Sep 2012, 10:35pm

    I hope they’re very happy together.

    Now, on with life eh?

  5. GingerlyColors 26 Sep 2012, 6:42am

    Why doesn’t Jan Mickelson sod off to Iran if he thinks it’s so bloody wonderful.

  6. How can anyone take a man who has a womans name and is on some two bit, yocal station serious?

  7. oh dear how much longer do we have to put up with this XXXX

  8. That’s an own goal if I ever saw one!

  9. And in other news: pot calls kettle ugly.

  10. Well I suspect many Americans would actually love to live in a theocracy so perhaps more should consider moving to Iran.

  11. “did I ever think I would be the position to actually agree with the potential-serial killing, nuclear-crazed [inaudible]. Talk about ironies. Anyway. Wow.”

    Actually the real irony is that these homophobic Americans who are part of the “moral majority” don’t see how similar they are to the Islamic fundamentalists. They consider themselves to be “more civilised” than the populations of the Middle East but ultimately when it comes down to it both belong to an Abrahamic cult that both treat women and gay people appallingly. The same goes for these Daily Mail readers who call Islam a “backward” religion yet in another posts defend the actions of homophobic b&b owners. Both the Judeo-Christian and Islamic cults originate from brainwashed desert nomads ultimately.

  12. Twitter the twit on @amtalker


  13. Why are people wondering ??? They both adore the variations of the intolerant as it gets abrahamic sect

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