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UK: Study shows high drug use in gay community

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Reader comments

  1. Not everyone obviously but as a group there tends to be more who have low self -esteem largely because of the stigma that comes from being denied equal rights and when our committed relationships relationships are not accorded equal status in law via marriage, when this stigma is finally addressed and equal marriage is introduced in UK it will likely give all of us more reason to feel positive about ourselves and to look after ourselves better.

    1. Staircase2 24 Sep 2012, 4:04pm

      I’m not sure that Marriage Equality is what is behind these figures to be honest…

    2. I’m sorry; but that is nonsense. Being able to call yourself ‘married’ makes little difference to how heterosexuals behave. It’s bunkum to think it will make a difference to gay people. Anyone who thinks marriage is a magic wand granting happiness is being very foolish.

  2. Staircase2 24 Sep 2012, 4:07pm

    Once again, I would suggest that the headline could have been worded in such a way as to accurately reflect the body of information in the article itself rather than just create salacious interest…

    Please address your headings, Pink News…

    1. Please use you “Staircase” to climb out of your own @rse.

      The day you own, edit and publish a newspaper is the day you can sit there and grumble.

      1. Hey, hey, hey – now that is funny

  3. Lack of self-esteem is certainly a reason some use, but I would wager as many gay people use drugs because they don’t for example have the responsibilities of bringing up children and, for many, they are quite simply fun..

    Many gay men using drugs live out the childhoods they were deprived of due to isolation, bullying etc. and a growing number are using drugs to indulge in edgier sex, as exemplified by the rapid growth of the fetish/underground sex scene.

    It is disingenuous and does our cause no favours to suggest all gays use them to ease shame and mental scarring.

    We need to consider all the reasons we use drugs more than the mainstream populace before jumping to make the usual conclusions based around our eternal and perceived victimisation.

    1. …and I dare say a good number of at men use drugs to fit in and feel comfortable among other gay men who can often be our harshest, least accepting and most judgemental critics.

      I know many gay men who only started taking drugs only after they came out, so quite how that fits in with the conclusions of this latest study is baffling to say the least.

      1. Dave North 25 Sep 2012, 3:25am

        Some of us gay guys use drugs daily.

        For breakfast it is 2 losec, to suck up the stomach acid.

        Lunch is 2mg warfarin to take care of the blood clots caused by 30 years of smoking.

        Cluster headaches again caused by smoking are all supped up with 360mg of verapamil.

        And supper is not complete without the suckling of a delicious statin to prevent my final demise.

        Im 46. Never taken recreational drugs. For me. All those that hate have caused this to

        1. GingerlyColors 25 Sep 2012, 7:03am

          The report concerned the use of recreational drugs and not essential medicines.

    2. Perhaps there’s also the factor that we’re already used to ignoring one ridiculous social rule about who we’re “allowed” to love, so we’re more inclined to ignore another ridiculous social rule about which substances we’re “allowed” to put into our own bodies? (Of course, the first one isn’t legislated anymore…)

  4. I refer to , which might provide some thought for discussion.

  5. would be interested to know if the figures are the same for Ls, Gs, Bs, and Ts –

  6. How were the gay people for this study selected? Because it seems to me that there might very well be a considerable skew in the sample towards the sort of young, nightclub-going, “scene” contingent. Which would explain the disparity. I’m sure if you skewed the straight cohort towards young, urban club-goers then you would find a much higher incidence of the use of “party” drugs.

    I’ve never known a gay person who uses drugs. Even tobacco. I suspect it’s the circles I move in. It seems to me that one should focus more on subcultures than the orientation as a whole to find out where these results come from and come up with strategies to counter them.

    1. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 8:29am

      I take it you don’t get out much, do you?

  7. Craig Denney 24 Sep 2012, 6:51pm

    I bet the money for this study comes from a right wing religious organisation hell bent on making gay people look sick.

    1. Craig Denney 25 Sep 2012, 1:37pm

      This research is about keeping people in jobs.

      Which Plays right into the churches hands by keeping gay people looking like a bunch of sickos.

      What about doing research into council spending on religious orgs compared to the gay community? Oh, No they would not want to upset their religious friends.

  8. Spanner1960 24 Sep 2012, 11:38pm

    No sh|t Sherlock.
    I was waiting to see how many people would come up with the gay “poor me” syndrome as an excuse for the fact the many gay men go out many nights of the week, get totally off their tits in clubs and then drag some bit of trade back to have unprotected sex because they haven’t got a clue what they are doing or who they are doing it to.

    It’s about time gay men faced up to the fact that a large contingent of us are just simply irresponsible, and stop making amends for them

    1. Dave North 25 Sep 2012, 2:59am

      Indeed some do. Just as lots of other people are irresponsible.

      It is not just a gay thing. I remember my cousin meeting severe ostracism from her own mother when she ‘shamefully’ got preggers before marriage.

      It took 26 years before her religio bitch mother spoke to her again.

      You speak for yourself in your whoring about or seeing it in others. You are no better..
      than these god freaks in pointing your finger.

      1. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 8:27am

        I do not claim to be immune. I have certainly had my fair share of men in my time, and have been known to dabble in illicit substances as well, although, I have to say generally less than most in that particular area as the booze and fags were always my drugs of choice.

        All I am saying is I never went around saying, “I’m gay, everybody hates me, so I’ll go drop some drugs to make me feel better.”

        1. But there is also the argument to be made that fags and booze are more harmful than some illicit substances favoured by gay men and would be equally outlawed if discovered today.

          Indeed C4 this very week is screening a programme this week demonstrating the effects of MDMA in the brains of users to show how it can have a therapeutic effect, while cannabis is scientifically proven to have a medicinally positive effect on patients suffering from certain extreme ailments.

          It really is time that drug laws were reviewed and a shuffling of classifications occurred to demonise drugs that are genuinely harmful and declassify those whIch are comparatively harmless.

          The classification laws around drugs as it stands is an ass.

          1. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 3:52pm

            Nobody is denying that.
            I am not saying it is any better to smoke or get pissed.
            I am simply saying, “It’s my life, I do what the hell I want, I don’t need some nannying state to tell me what to do, and I am totally responsible for my own life choices and bugger the consequences.”

            Rather than, as usual, blaming society, one’s sexuality, the government, the police, your genetic makeup, your junky boyfriend or the fact your Mother dropped you on your head as a baby.

  9. DJ Sheepiesheep 24 Sep 2012, 11:56pm

    Charlie, E, K and Whizz…….let’s see, what do they all have in common……ah yes, they are club drugs. While I wouldn’t claim that the higher incident of drug use is not in some measure down to social exclusion, I think we can conclude that there is a material correlation between likelihood to go clubbing, which I submit is higher dot LGBT folk, and the use of club drugs.

  10. It’s about we all started taking responsibility for our lifestyles, not whine about how badly we’ve been treated, how we’re victims of social injustice etc etc. the fact is that a lot of people on the gay scene lead hedonistic lifestyles in pursuit of sex, drugs, alcohol long after most straight people have given it all up and settled down to a life of quiet domesticity. They don’t want families or long term relationships, just “excitement”. This is at least part of the reason why ther are such high rates of drug taking, alcoholism and STDs among the gay community – and to deny it is just self-delusion!

  11. Jan Bridget 25 Sep 2012, 12:41pm

    Well done to LGF! It’s not just gay men who are affected; I have known a lot of lesbians over the years who have problems with alcohol in particular and few agencies are able to respond to our needs. If anyone wants to know more about substance misuse within the LGBT community, have a look here:

    1. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 3:53pm

      I’ll drink to that.

  12. How many times have we been talking about this issue. Too many to count.

    It is a big problem and has been for years.

    But the gay community prefer to bury their heads in the sand than to address this major problem.

    We all make lifestyle choices, some good, some bad. Having to conform to a lifestyle that is not suitable to you and who you are has devastating consequences on your well – being, health and your behaviour. Drugs have always been a way to ignore the reality of life and the situation.

    Needs a positive health program to deal with these problems

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