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President Ahmadinejad: Gays are ugly and are like thieves

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Reader comments

  1. I am so sick of the bloody ignorance, theocracy engenders brain damage in the believers.

    My parents are HETERO, you dumb beast, and I am still intact.

    The filth of religious stupidity stains the whole world.

    1. Carpet bomb the lot of them…

      1. Really? Because it wasn’t so long ago that we were that different. Only a few hundred years ago gay men were burned or killed in other ways across Europe. I know that might seem a long time ago but when you remember that our species has been around for about two hundred thousand years it really does put it into perspective. Islam is about 500 years behind “Christian” Europe but then again Islam is a much younger religion, Christianity was no better 500 years ago. I’m not excusing Islam because I regard all the Abrahamic religions as nasty, misogynistic and homophobic belief systems.

        1. Islam has regressed since the 60s, what’s your 500 year point to “christian Europe “all about? And what about the continued growth of militant Muslim Europe?

      2. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 8:33am

        They are Persian, they already have loads of carpets.

      3. sick bitch

      4. Because nothing says “anti-bigotry” for slaughtering innocent people for having the wrong skin color and living near a bad person.

    2. paul slade 26 Sep 2012, 2:06am

      Anyone iranian who can really translate the words which were issued. Was it ugly perhaps miswritten instead of ‘wrong’
      Homosexuality is acquired through life style… but gay people are the nicest people u can meet.

  2. Lynda Yilmaz 24 Sep 2012, 5:31pm

    This country regularly executes people accused of being gay. They regularly execute rape victims accused of being adulterers. These countries will never ever accept homosexuality any more than they will accept the rights of women. I don’t know why we would be surprised he said this.

  3. What about the jews ????? I thoght that they were responible for homosexuality !!!! Now seriously this theocrat and his friends are responsible for turning a beatiful country into hell-holle for ALL Minorities.It is amazing that this idiot thinks that words are worth our time and I hope that he will be alive when his fascist dream collapses

  4. armoureddinnerjacket’s kinda like jean genet on this one though. genet’s holy trinity: treachery, thievery, homosexuality. our lady of the flowers – hamdul’lah.

    1. journal du voleur (the thief’s journal) – mektoub

    2. rob, I think you have either misunderstood Genet or you have presumed that others do not understand him.

      Ahmadinejad and Genet have nothing in common.

      1. i never said the two of them had anything in common, merely that they both put homosexuality in the same sphere as thievery – for different reasons, obviously, but the point stands.

  5. Calliedog7 24 Sep 2012, 5:54pm

    Pot, kettle, black. Vile man.

  6. If being gay is ugly … what’s his excuse?

    1. There are no mirrors in Iran?

  7. Bit rich coming from him really.

  8. islam condems gays even to the point of killing gay people , but its ok in parts of pakistan and afghanistan for married old man to abuse young boys because apparently they dont love these boys they just have fun with them … Bacha bazi meaning playing with boys . who the f@@@ are this sickos talking about morals

  9. That There Other David 24 Sep 2012, 6:11pm

    There are some people in the world it’s better to just laugh at.

    This supposed “president”, who has no real power in his own country and comes across as nothing more than a loudmouth fool, is one such person.

    What’s more amazing to me is that someone must watch Piers Morgan for this to have been noticed?

    1. Yes, laugh, but do more than only laughing.

      Otherwise the beliefs of such Muslims as this one will one day eat at YOUR freedoms.

      Take action against any lessening of freedom imposed on us in the West by any Muslims.

      Mock Islam and mock it loudly and in public, just as we mock Christianity and all such superstitious cults.

  10. Ohmydinnerjacket is such a beautiful man on the other hand.

  11. It’s so sad, Iran used to have a democratically elected government until 1953, when the US and the UK had it overthrown because democratic Iran dared to try and nationalise their oil supply. The country was then ruled by an authoritarian monarch (US supported) until the Iranian revolution of 1979, which turned the country into the theocracy it is today, and the events of 1953 are a major factor in their hostility towards western countries and values. Who knows how much more advanced they could be today, in terms of human rights, had our greed for oil not caused us to destroy their democracy and utterly screw up their society?

    1. true… but in he 1970s there were gay bars in Tehran – the so called democratic overthrow of the monarch in 1979 has led to massive hostility to freedom, women and LGBT citizens. I’d rather live in 1970s Iran than 2012 Iran. The country has gone backward.

      1. Oh absolutely, the new regime isn’t any better than the authoritarian monarch put in place in 1953 – executing raped 13 year olds for “adultery”, executing gay people, they’re certainly not blameless in all of this. But before the west started to throw our weight around in the middle east for material gain, the Islamic world saw European democracy and liberalism as a wonderful model to look up to. Western imperialism destroyed that positive view, throughout that whole region. We’re the ones who opened the door for extremists to take over, and gave them great ammunition to rally the people around in hatred of us, so the routine trampling of human rights and freedom in that area has a lot to do with the actions of our governments. This makes it even more sickening when our governments fail to protect asylum seekers from that area who are persecuted for their sexual orientation, gender, or pro-freedom political beliefs.

        1. casparthegood 25 Sep 2012, 8:55am

          The Shah was by no means ‘liberal’ by our standards but he was at least willing to talk and reform albeit slowly. Remember he was still dealing with a stone age mentality among many of his countrymen.This mentality continues to this day. Who knows what might have happened if his family were still in power? This Imperialist western oppressors line does not impress me as we ,at least tried to improve the place in line with our political thinking at the time. Iran was seen as a bastion against the rising influence of communism in the middle east for very good reason.

    2. That is hardly the excuse. Latin America suffered similar conditions, in some countries even worse (Pinochet might ring a bell). Yet, the region is now on par with Europe and North America on human rights.

      1. I’m not saying it’s an excuse – the people in charge of Iran now are absolutely responsible for the awful crimes they commit against their populace. I’m just saying that we played a big, big part in what they’ve become. To boil it down to a really simple analogy – if you hand a gun to a murderer, and they shoot someone with it, you handing them the gun doesn’t mitigate their guilt, but you’ve both got blood on your hands.

  12. America is mostly a civilized country, why is someone like this even being given time on TV?

    1. To give Piers Morgan a go at looking like the good guy

    2. The saddest part is that there are a lot of hate-filled evangelicals in America who probably liked his comments.

    3. That was my immediate thought. Why would anyone want to interview him. For what?

    4. America civilized? Really? Since when? Did I miss something?

    5. Bad things aren’t news, now?

      Bad stuff is what you need to know about.

    6. Because we have freedom of speech, and it’s important for us to know who’s out there and what they’re spouting.

  13. Iran – the promised land for all right wing extremist evangelicals. Scott Lively would be happy there.

  14. It’s always depressing to see things like this :(

    To be honest, I think the ‘gays would die out in a few generations’ argument is so pounded into the dust that he probably doesn’t actually believe it – he’s just going for whatever keeps his prejudice afloat.

    And isn’t it just the height of hypocrisy that such a disgraceful man should have the audacity to call anything ‘ugly’…

    It’s a form of love, not just a form of sex ^-^

  15. He looks like something out of Star Trek Voyager

  16. A complete brainwashed tyrant and lunatic.

  17. Does this guy own a mirror?

  18. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Sep 2012, 7:24pm

    Support IRQR ! ! They help LGBT-individuals who flee Iran to escape discrimination , execution and imprisonment. The Islamic Republic of Iran has executed thousands of gay- lesbian and transgender persons since 1979 ! IRQR – ( Toronto, Canada. )

  19. Mumbo Jumbo 24 Sep 2012, 7:33pm

    The Alf Garnett of Persia speaks.

  20. “Gays are ugly…” He must have been clubbing in Cardiff there’s some right stinkers here

    1. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 8:32am

      Ignore the arrows Karl. Some people have no sense of humour.

  21. wow what a vile dirty ignorant mouth this fella – but you have to remember this bloke is so backward. the sooner he pops his clogs the better

  22. sister madge 24 Sep 2012, 7:56pm

    gays are ugly – hey Ahmadinejad look in the mirror your see what ugly id dear

  23. Says the man who looks like the rear end of a donkey…

  24. When will these people start adding
    “in my humble opinion” to everything they say?

  25. has he looked in the mirror?

  26. Has this squinty-eyed cünt ever looked at himself in the mirror? And who exactly is the thieving bastard after our nuclear technology? This guy needs to be taken down.

  27. Mr Imadinnerjacket has very close set eyes.

  28. Aren’t all the religious gay bashing idiots out in force today.

    Muslims Presidents, Catholic Psychologists and Bishops.

    Don’t you just love the religious.

    So loving and caring.

  29. Paul Essex/London 24 Sep 2012, 11:45pm

    Well from a man who hangs 18 year old boys for being in love with other 18 year old boys this is hardly surprising.

  30. Hanski, Finland 24 Sep 2012, 11:59pm

    That Iranian bigot looks like our own bigot, parliament member Teuvo Hakkarainen, who wants to send us gays to Aland Islands:

    1. Send HIM to the islands with a farewell fanfare.

  31. Why was this murderer and thug allowed airtime on a Western channel?

  32. Gays Are ugly? Mister Immaneedajob, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

  33. That is ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ if ever I have seen it!

  34. GingerlyColors 25 Sep 2012, 7:11am

    What do you expect from some butt-ugly git like Ahmadinejad who has to resort to arranged marriage in order to get a wife? He should look at himself in the mirror before he criticizes others. Now that he has insulted gays I wonder if the gay communities are going to erupt in violence in the same way that some Islamic countries have kicked off over some crappy, amatuerish video that someone has posted on YouTube. I think not, if we did we’d only encourage more disparaging comments about us. As long as Muslims throw paddies over every perceived insult then the more that people are going to insult them. Iran has got no talent.

  35. GingerlyColors 25 Sep 2012, 7:17am

    Will gay communities erupt in violence after this insult from some pathetic thug who should look in the mirror before calling other peoplr ugly? I think not. If we did we’d only give the bigots a bigger stick to beat us with. As long as Muslims throw a paddy over every perceive insult or crappy video posted on YouTube then the more that people are going to make such insults and videos. Mr. Ahmadinejad should take a running jump off Mr. Morgan’s first name. Iran has no talent.

    1. GingerlyColors 25 Sep 2012, 7:19am

      Sorry, I thought the other comment failed to publish.

    2. You are aware that Muslims are quite a large group and that different individuals respond to things differently?

  36. AhMADinejad as backward and nasty as ever along with the rest of Islam.

  37. Spanner1960 25 Sep 2012, 8:30am

    “Gays are ugly and are like thieves.”
    Says the creepy towelhead with the piggy little eyes.

  38. Are bigots a bit slow? He’s linking being born gay with the fact that a gay couple can’t procreate, as though that’s a logical response. It makes you wonder if he’s too stupid to realise that it’s STRAIGHT people in the main who give birth to LGBT people.

    And as for ‘homosexuality ceases procreation’ – that sounds like something the Pope would say… Homosexuality has been around since human beings have and it’s not ‘ceased procreation’ yet. Idiot…

  39. I think we should roundly critisise Piers Morgan for even wanting to interview a vile man who has allowed the hanging of gay youth, just for being gay, classes women as 2 nd class citizens and wants to allow a law to allow hetrosexuals the right to marry a 10 year old! as the Iranian authorities bevieve that they are mature enough at this age to form relationships!!! Piers, you are also a disgrace!

    1. Morgan is desperate for viewing figures so he might as we try to get someone so controversial.

    2. Really? ‘Cuz that all sounds like stuff I *want* to be talked about more.

    3. soapbubblequeen 27 Sep 2012, 11:39pm

      WTF?!!! He wants to interview him?! What the hell for?!!

  40. In fairness, he doesn’t compare being gay to stealing at all. Read the text. This is journalistic tripe.

    Using the word “ugly” is probably just a poor translation.

    Come on Pink News – stop trying to create headlines where there are none.

    Mind you, I suppose there is no story in the headline “Known homophobe doesn’t like gays” is there?

  41. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 25 Sep 2012, 12:42pm

    Gays are ugly ?erm mirror required !!

  42. He ain’t no oil painting himself and is an ugly person both inside and out!

  43. Could his eyes be closer together?

  44. Idiot Islamofascist !

  45. indeed he is as ugly as a toilet full of excrement of his countrymen

  46. Art Pearson 25 Sep 2012, 4:34pm

    If he wants ugly, he should just look in the mirror, and as far as theft is concerned, what he has done to his country is ‘theft’ of the highest order.

  47. Ahmadinejad has got some nerve calling anyone “ugly”. He looks like a baboon

  48. global village is missing its idiot

  49. What horrendous lives LGBT friends must live .
    Extremists from any religion are completely insane in my opinion .
    This bloke is a tosser grade 1.

  50. Janet Lameck 26 Sep 2012, 2:59pm

    One can’t believe anything this dork says. His anti everything retoric gets sickening. When the ayatollah took over Iran the country jumped back into the 12th century. News agencies need to STOP reporting what this jerk says.
    We all know he is a bigotted a’hole.

  51. I’m Gay….so were my father and his father before him…..but that didn’t stop them from procreating. I have THREE son and grandchildren. As for being ugly because I am Gay…..has the dear man looked in a mirror lately? None so blind as those who will not see!

  52. “Morgan, who also judges Americas Got Talent replied: ‘yes, I absolutely believe that’.”
    Not quite the right answer.
    I *know* that; it’s a fact, not a subjective or debatable belief.

  53. If as Ahmadinejad said, “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals”… then why is there systematic persecution of LGBT people in Iran?
    In Iran there are no ugly, lying, thieving, homophobic despots either.

  54. soapbubblequeen 27 Sep 2012, 11:38pm

    If Iran doesn’t have any gay men, then why are you always hanging people you ugly piece of sh8t? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Drop a massive nuclear bomb on them all – problem solved.

  55. I saw the bastard on Piers MOrgan. Never answered a question directly. You know, I’ve heard George Bush, President Obama and several others being referred to as Hitler, and I’ve been angered by it, because it’s diminishing what HItler was and is an insult to Jews, homosexuals, and everyone else who lost family in the Holocaust. Now this horror of a man–that’s Hitler.

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