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Madonna no longer hip for Radio 1, says DJ Scott Mills

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Reader comments

  1. Suddenly Last Bummer 24 Sep 2012, 2:42pm

    Wow! Open season on Madonna? The list of her ‘failures’ reads like something a ‘little monster’ would write up.

  2. Madonna has past it, she is old. Why would a spotty teenager or somebodies in there 20 wants to listen to her music.

    1. Quin Reardon-Davis 26 Sep 2012, 8:55pm

      whats age got to do with it thats like saying someone whose fat cant be a popstar the extra weight hasnt stopped gaga has it

  3. What a truly pathetic article.

    On what planet could this ever be considered news.

    The stories ‘borrowed’ word for word from the US websites are better than this drivel.

    1. On Earth apparently. Actually I’m sure if other planets had a press they’d have higher standards than ours….

  4. Although I occasionally like me some some old school Madonna (although its rare, preferring heavy metal), I get where the DJ is coming from. This wasn’t an attack on Madonna, just a statement of old hard facts.

    Radio 1 is the beebs flagship radio show, intended to appeal to younger listeners – and madonna’s musical style is not the current “in thing”. She isn’t a has been, she just has to accept that her music appeals to a different generation.

  5. Alex Eugenio 24 Sep 2012, 3:20pm

    Well… that’s the reality. She doesn’t appeal to this young generation anymore… Only her old fans and a slice of the gay community still follow her madly. If she still wants to be on top she should have a long break and come back with a storming good album… but not trying to sound like any Kate Perry, Rihanna, etc… do your thing and do it good. And remember… you are 54 now ;-)

    1. Well done you for being ageist and dumb, are you supposed to act a certain way at a certain age? Can you send me the guide as I seem to forgot I should be acting a certain way because you or society says so. Get back to the dark ages you ignorant prick and please never have kids if you havn’t already, we don’t need any more damaged village idiots like you!

      1. Paddyswurds 24 Sep 2012, 10:37pm

        I’m 61 and can’t stand the vile harridan and never ever could …yeukk!….. am I ageist too?

        1. Harridan? It’s nice to see that some people have old fashioned attitudes towards women. It really does make this site seem like the beacon of progress it’s supposed to be.

          1. Paddyswurds 25 Sep 2012, 5:49pm

            Madge Richie is a woman? Could have fooled me, as she looks more like a rather downmarket drag act…!
            FYI…Harridan n, haggard or ill tempered old woman… what exactly is old fashioned about that. It is clearly descriptive of Madge Ciccone

  6. Staircase2 24 Sep 2012, 4:14pm

    I listened to Radio1’s chart show last night for the first time in years and it was bloody crap!

    Almost everything sounded identical; the same decade-old, tired synth sounds which were bloody annoying enough 10 years ago when they were flooding the gay scene with so much crap are now in EVERY BLOODY SONG…
    (It’s like Jeremy Joseph died and went to Heaven! Lol)

    So it beggars belief that Scott Mills would say that Madonnas is ‘irrelevant’ to the Radio 1 youth audience…EVERYTHING I HEARD IS BLOODY IRRELEVANT…

    I’m not a fan of Madonna’s musical output over the past 10 years to be honest. I find it derivative and lacking in conviction or artistry. But I honestly don’t see any kind of difference between that and almost everything else in the top 40.

    There were about 4-5 tracks that stood out as sounding unique and interesting (and one of them was Gerry & The Pacemakers with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’….!)

  7. Jesus moran 24 Sep 2012, 4:43pm

    Agreed Adios madonna!!!

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 24 Sep 2012, 5:01pm

      Gaga stan?

  8. Jesus moran 24 Sep 2012, 4:44pm

    Agreed adios madonna!

  9. Do not make a confusion between the effect and the cause Dear. RADIO 1 has decided around 2 years ago that Madonna will not be played anymore on RADIO 1…this is a clear discrimination but it is. For the rest, Madonna is at the top of the world as her last album is the 6th world best selling album of 2012 and her current tour the most succesful of 2012 with already 2.5 millions tickets sold for USD 300 millions of revenues…

    1. But the media don’t want people to know that … If they want the world to think that Madonna flopped, that’s what they print, despite numbers proving differently …

  10. Officer Dribble 24 Sep 2012, 5:52pm

    Something that needs to be acknowledged…Madonna has now reached that ‘Rolling Stone’ stage if her career. Yes, I’m sure she’d love to be able to extend her influence to the teenagers, but that only ever happened once before in music history (Bill Haley was a relatively old man when ‘Rock Around The Clock’ was a hit’).

    Madonna is now ‘Rolling Stones’ in that she can quite easily sell out tours based on her track record (over 60 top ten hits in the UK, three of the highest grossing tours of all time etc etc).

    So Madonna…thank you for the music. Thank you for the support and please…ease up on the tricep curls…

    1. Paddyswurds 24 Sep 2012, 10:44pm

      If Freddie Mercury could be resurrected tomorrow Queen could fill Wembley Stadium for weeks with teenagers so your wrong about the wrinklies and teens. It is just that the young are more sophisticated today and know good gimmick free music and have twigged that Madge Richie is just a talentless old woman who has been conning people for ever….

  11. Radio 1 listeners want One Direction just throw away pop – Madonna has more talent in her camel toe than they have collectively but young girls live em that’s show business !

  12. I don’t know a single 17 year old who would listen to the radio on a regular basis. Radio is obsolete.

    1. You don’t know many 17 year olds then.. listening to the radio on a stereo – no they probably don’t, except in a vehicle. Most people at home these days stream radio stations.
      Utterly brilliant as you have access to shows from around the world and for any niche.

  13. Ooo Radio Ones attempt at being relevant haha

  14. Once again, some idiot using Madonna to make headlines. Interesting since her album is still the 6th BEST SELLING album this year. I wonder why the headline says Bruce Springsteen no longer hip to 17-year olds? What about Paul McCartney no longer hip to 17-year olds? We know why.

  15. Paddyswurds 24 Sep 2012, 10:34pm

    As I’ve said on previous stories about this washed up circus act, it is high time she slunk off to her dusty pile in the Hamptons and counted her ill gotten gains and awaits her grandchildren.

    1. you are a twat

  16. Personally I loved her new album; it was better then the last one. As for current faves I love Adam Lambert. Lady gaga isn’t bad either.

  17. auntie babs 25 Sep 2012, 1:03am

    well…i have heard of Madonna….but who the fook is Scott Mills???????

  18. GingerlyColors 25 Sep 2012, 7:26am

    Madonna still sells records, so does Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Over the years Madonna has given us plenty of enjoyment and she even upset the then Pope with her ‘Like A Prayer’ video – kudos to her! The talented Madonna will always have a place in the hearts of people such as myself who are now in our mid-lives but naturally young people prefer Lady Gaga who has been described as ‘the New Madonna’. In 20 or 30 years time people will no doubt be saying the same thing about Lady Gaga and somebody else will be stepping into her shoes for the future generation. Don’t forget Vera Lynn is still the Forces Sweetheart!

    1. Quin Reardon-Davis 26 Sep 2012, 9:03pm

      thats if gaga lasts 20 to 30 years

  19. I’m a madonna fan and i hated her new album, it was rushed, cheap and rubbish. Her flagship first single Gimme All Your Luvin’ was atrocious. No wonder radio1 didn’t play it. It was an embarrassment. If Madonna brought out a decent album with decent hit songs – then maybe they’ll play it, regardless of whether scott mills calls her ‘hip’ or not…

  20. Anyone involved in the music industry should be publicly humiliated, urinated and defecated on & then shot in the head on public TV on their 30th birthday. And then thrown in a mass grave marked “REFUSE”. Is that too harsh? Will someone please tell me what the appropriate boundaries for hatred are?

  21. “Radio 1’s target audience, as set by the trust’s service licence, is aged between 15 and 29. But the official average age of a Radio 1 listener has risen from 29 to 32…”

    Dropping madonna from their sh1te playlist doesn’t seem to be working. Scott mills probably knows about as much about 17 year olds as David Cameron.

  22. wow I’m 19yo am I too old already to LOVE MADONNA??? I think Madonna is the sh*t Gurl knows how to give it out!

  23. Quin Reardon-Davis 26 Sep 2012, 8:54pm

    so is radion 1 only for 17 year olds now then I thought it was for all oh well I just wont listen then. As for the comments about her failure etc one thing i have to say the most successful female in pop in the world in history get over the jealousy shes worked hard and deserves respect love or loathe her.

  24. I kind of get what he’s saying in the article…personally I love Madonna. I mean she has put out a couple of duds but what artist that’s been around this long hasn’t? The younger generation may not be as into her and other pop acts but to say that her career is over because she’s old and she should retire is sexism and ageism pure and simple.

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