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Lady Gaga: The Pope is irrelevant, ‘gay marriage is going to happen’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 24 Sep 2012, 6:14pm

    Or put it another, STFU Josef!! :-)

    1. That There Other David 24 Sep 2012, 6:14pm

      Or put it another way even. One day I’ll learn to proof read, promise.

  2. I just LOVE it! A person called “Lady Gaga” dares speak out loud and proud against the cods-wallop and gobbledegook uttered by that other person called “The Pope”.

    “What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world. It matters to the people who like the Pope and follow the Pope.” Absolutely, your Ladyship, absolutely! Spot on.

  3. The Catholic Church has been singing its swansong for the past few hundred years as it loses over and over and over again on social issues. In the end, a positive message of love and equality is bound to win against the dreary moans of the Pope.

  4. Love you GaGa.

    1. Paddyswurds 25 Sep 2012, 5:32pm

      …..even though you are a vile fur wearing harridan who blatantly uses animals to advance your agenda…. Really, Harry?

  5. Cat Howard 24 Sep 2012, 8:43pm

    Considering the Pope is also head of state of the Vatican, couldn’t these comments be construed as an attempt by a foreign leader to meddle in the internal affairs of France? Just asking.

    1. Simple answer: No.

      a) He was talking to Catholic bishops in the Vatican.

      b) Please read the comments in full, which are available on the Vatican website, and you’ll note that no specific mention to ‘gay marriage’ was made — in fact, the Church considers there to be other threats to marriage than just this one issue (divorce, infidelity, co-habitation, etc).

      c) ‘Meddling’ in the affairs of other states is common, it’s what the UN does, it’s what the US does all the time, and it’s what we shamefully did in Iraq, Libya, etc.

      1. Paddyswurds 26 Sep 2012, 11:50am

        France ought to do what Ireland did and shut its Vatican Embassy when the Cult of Rome clerics were caught raping Irish children for the last 50 years and more….

  6. Good on you Gaga.

    Of course the Pope will be pissed off with you ….. mostly because your wardrobe is so much more hip than his.

    1. I doubt very much that an 86 year-old intellectual academic, who is fluent in about 10 languages (so wouldn’t need a translator, as Gaga seems to do), and who — despite his age and apparent lack of charisma — can attract far more young people to his audiences than she can, knows who ‘Lady’ Gaga is.

      1. I too am fluent in a range of languages and the Pope ain’t that good. He murders Italian. His pronunciation is shocking.

        Also it is pretty easy to be an academic in the school of theology. It certainly ain’t rocket science.

        John you are being quite dishonest – the Pope nowhere near attracts as many young people as Lady G does in as many countries. Trying adding her concert tour attendances up – I know you will find it a revelation but perhaps not in the direction you would like.

      2. 1 Corinthians 13:1: If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
        That is what the Pope is, a noisy gong that speaks hate. Irrelevant.

  7. Ratzinger is a weird and weak asexual individual who uses the position he has achieved in the Catholic church to be a fascist anti-gay bully.

    1. Paddyswurds 24 Sep 2012, 11:19pm

      She is wasting her time worrying about what the Naz1 has to say about anything…

  8. Paddyswurds 24 Sep 2012, 10:27pm

    Would someone clue this idiot karaoke singer up on the fact that there is NO call for “gay marriage” anywhere on this planet.
    Gay people want Marriage Equality, nothing more and nothing less!. “gay marriage” is a term thunk up by the religious right in order to “scare the horses” as it were and to whip up hysteria amongst the deluded followers of the vile Abrahamic cults.

    1. Don’t be such a graceless wanker. Don’t attack people who are trying to help us, you fool. Aim at the haterz. Presume you are perfect….

      1. Paddyswurds 24 Sep 2012, 11:23pm

        No ones perfect but if she cares about Gay people she should know by now that “gay marriage” is an insulting term dreamed up by the xtians to whip up hysteria….. She is helping because she wants to sell rubbish pop to clueless teen Gays… Grow up, wake up and smell the coffee….

        1. For once, Padders, we are in total accord.

        2. Well I for one am not “insulted” by the term. Until we have marriage equality it helps us all to show that there is a distinction between the unions. Civil ceremonies (which I am insulted by. How can you possibly have equality by creating civil ceremonies, therefore, creating further inequality) are commonly called “gay weddings” and it is a term used often with affection. Personally I think you should lighten up. For once we have a famous person who is actively fighting for equality by using the platform of her celebrity. Xx

      2. Paddyswurds 25 Sep 2012, 5:28pm

        I will always attack vile harridans who use animals to advance their agenda. This woman has paraded herself covered in animal flesh in order to sell her “music”, and just lately has resorted to wearing fur, which is always better on the animal it grew on, rather than a publicity hungry karaoke “act” from NYC…… It is no surprise that she has come out with this latest stunt as she is currently doing the rounds of any studio who will have her, trying to flog her latest crap offering. The graceless wankers are those who fall for her and her PR companies blatant populism. She is helping no one but herself and it’s time you wakened up to that fact were you not such a brainless airhead…
        I have more regard for the animals we share this planet with than the need for equality, laudable tho that is…..

  9. The only time the Pope has visited France was in 2008.

    Facts, please.

    1. Please lick the pope’s bum then.

      1. Julia Ford 26 Sep 2012, 8:40am

        @Mike. No! Don,t make such suggestions to John. You know the pope will enjoy it.

  10. Thank you Lady GaGa couldn’t have said it better meself :-)

  11. Santa GaGa!

  12. So now we have a war of words between two freaks of nature, one of whom is a frustrated drag queen with devilish eyes who protects paedo priests:- the other a publicity seeking desperado who envelopes herself in animal entrails to score headlines and openly wallows in devil worship.

    With friends and enemies like these…

    1. Paddyswurds 25 Sep 2012, 1:02pm

      It is just sickening how gullible some Gay people are. They get taken in by the most blatant commercialism imaginable. How anyone can “love” this clueless woman who has to resort to the most sickening tactics to get noticed and to sell her crap “music”.
      While I do agree with her message to the ex Naz1 in Rome, i don’t think it is genuine and just another ploy dreamed up by a New York PR company to ingratiate her to the Gay community and especially those who advocate for Marriage Equality. Their use of the detestable term “gay marriage” proves without doubt that they are not genuine and are paying lip service…….

  13. PeterinSydney 25 Sep 2012, 11:05am

    Thanks you Lady Gaga. You are my model and inspiration.

    1. Paddyswurds 25 Sep 2012, 1:53pm

      ……”You are my model and inspiration”. Really? Just how sad are you that the only role model and inspiration you can find is a mediocre karaoke singer from New York who has to decorate herself with animal entrails in order to get her “music” noticed.
      It is telling that she is doing the rounds of the Radio and TV studios atm pushing her latest drivel.

      1. Mister Fister 25 Sep 2012, 4:40pm


        If this dreadful fur- wearing harridan is your ‘model and inspiration’ you are in need of some serious help.

    2. Suddenly Last Bummer 25 Sep 2012, 6:50pm

      Jeez PeterinSydney, how empty is your life?

  14. Julia Ford 25 Sep 2012, 1:39pm

    I myself was one of those poor souls who was born with the afliction being Catholic. Of course by the age of about 12 i realised i was being brain washed and i rebeled agian,st the rubbish being fed into my head and questioned “everything” being Catholic stood for . I was called the devils child by every teacher and priest.

    This Pope and any future pope will never learn! Being Catholic is an afliction and being gay is not.
    I was tought God created us all and loves us all???? I must have missed something somewhere because all i ever see is hate from the Catholic church aimed at gay and trans people.

    We are all entitled to opinions but the pope should realy get it into his head we are who we are and cannot change to suit him .Religion is evil not us “that is my opinion”.

  15. We haven’t heard from GAGA for a while…PUBLICITY STUNT…..

    1. Paddyswurds 25 Sep 2012, 10:11pm

      Yea she has a new record out so this is why this latest stunt

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