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Intel ends funding of Boy Scouts troops that discriminate against gay members and leaders

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Reader comments

  1. The Inspector General 22 Sep 2012, 1:47pm

    Well, what do you expect ?

    1. Your back.

    2. Sadly, rubbish from you.

  2. That There Other David 22 Sep 2012, 2:04pm

    Good. The pressure is building for them to drop this recent Mormon-driven nonsense and go back to welcoming all.

    1. Calcified conservative Mormon-driven nonsense. Moderate-to-liberal Mormons like me and my family are far more accepting and affirming of gay people. Also, Mormons in general have a huge political divide between young and old, what with young Mormons being three or four generations younger than their famously long-lived leaders, and so little generationally in common with them.

      I mean, I appreciate the theoretical value of the wisdom of elders, if that wisdom is indeed precious. But it’s when elders expect such absolute deference to their authority that they become so self-important and corruptible. When there’s such an expectation of filial piety, the elders must necessarily have a much higher ethical burden to rule wisely…and history seldom sees that happen.

      1. Funny, two paragraphs and all I can see is: “I believe Jesus went to North America”. I just can’t take anything Mormons say seriously.

      2. why don’t you actually think for yourself and leave this ridiculous sect.?

  3. Makes me glad a bought an I5

    1. You mean you didn’t buy Bulldozer? ;o

      1. nope :-)

  4. Good. The more companies that do this the more they isolate the bigots. And its well established that economically companies that embrace diversity and equality have a better workforce.

  5. Here in Utah, while BSA’s LGBT ban remains in our consciousness, the BSA remains a target of regular criticism for an even more serious reason – they keep losing so many boys in the mountains, who go missing or later turn up dead. With that and the recent revelation that the BSA has been covering up pedophile abuses for years, their obsession over harmless gay people shows they have very warped priorities.

  6. Good news. Money talks

  7. I was a Boy Scout in the 60s, and, if things are still the way now that they were then, and on both sides of the pond, then the BSA’s discriminatory policy is more than unjust – it’s hilariously hypocritical. In my day there was so much boy-on-boy sex that’s it’s amazing that we learned to tie any knots.

  8. Excellent news! Maybe that’ll concentrate the BSA’s minds. And maybe they’d like to look at some other countries’ Scouts which DON’T have a problem with LGBT people and educate themselves.

  9. Isn’t it true that no matter what the local branches say, if the BSA says to remove a gay Scout or leader, they have to remove them? We’re fighting a couple of cases now where the locals had to remove a couple of leaders & eagle scouts even though they were highly thought of.
    So what’s the point of giving friendly scouts money if they still have no say in who goes and who stays?

  10. nope

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