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David Laws: Coming out as gay earlier would have ‘made my life a lot easier and happier’

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Reader comments

  1. You make your bed and sleep in it as they say.
    He’s out and that’s the main thing but I have little time for people in power who stay in the closet. For me, they have put two fingers up to all those who, in much more dangerous times for LGBT people, were out trailblazing the way for equality. He didn’t come out, he was outed. I am glad though that he was forced to realise that being closeted does no good for anyone.

    1. It’s not exactly sticking two fingers up. I mean yes, it’s certainly better for the LGBT community the more people are open about it, but sometimes people are just really scared, and that’s understandable given the amount of hate and bigotry that still unfortunately exists in our society.

      1. …but do we want people with so little backbone running the country on our behalf?

      2. He is a middle aged millionaire who has chosen to be a public representative.

        His cowardice and dishonesty is completely disgraceful.

        I want to know if benefit cheats are going to be given 2nd chances like David Laws.

        If not then why not?

  2. £40,000 is an awful lot of money, and he’d probably still be doing it had the Telegraph not exposed the scam.

    1. The irony is that if he had been open about his relationship he could have claimed an even bigger amount in expenses.

      1. I imagine they still had a good few holidays on the proceeds all the same.

  3. “Mr Laws’ sexuality had been an open secret at Westminster for several years.”

    Really?? Not sure what makes you write that but, having worked in parliament and been very up-to-speed on the gossip, I seriously question this statement. I also remember newspaper stories when he came out in which colleagues and friends claimed to have had no idea.

    1. He’s just so butch.

  4. I guess he should have come out as soon as he realised that he was breaking parliamentary rules by keeping his partnerships secret and claiming expenses.It was ok to be private as long as he was within the rules, people were annoyed by the expense issue not his private life and still are and can’t quite understand how that deserves promotionn.

    For a gay person’s point of view It’s slightly annoying MPs being in the closet and having to be outed and really he’s not saying anything that isn’t obvious to anyone who isn’t currently in the closet and with an ounce of commonsense.

    Anyway are the remaining 19 undeclared libdem MPs going to declare their support for SSM this weekend and boost the support figure on the C4EM website?

  5. How many more politicians are still living secret lives-possibly because they have acquired all the trappings of a heterosexual lifestyle including wives and children. How many more politician’s wives are living in a limbo situation-where they know what their husbands are- but are trapped into a pretend game for the sake of political careers and children?? More than we think I am sure.

    Cast an eye over the current government and you will see exactly what I mean.

    1. That There Other David 22 Sep 2012, 2:16pm

      Can’t speak for the current crop, but back in the mid to late 90s there were quite a few closet cases both in government and amongst the backbenchers. I used to do some work for one of the lobbying firms back then, and several MPs were quite open once the doors to public eyes were closed. The journalists were all in on the secret too.

      Westminster doesn’t work like the normal world. It’s more like a members only club.

  6. I am touched by David Laws’ personal story. I really am. It is almost that of a Gay Everyman/woman.
    But known liars and thieves should not be restored to ministerial office, especially in such short order, and especially when their dishonesty is also accompanied by crass stupidity (stealing money in reference to something one wishes to conceal is the action of an idiot). The fact that this man has been so restored is more woeful testimony to the state of our political class.

    1. That There Other David 22 Sep 2012, 2:22pm

      Indeed. In a way the manner of how his story is being treated is similar to that of Iris Robinson. Nobody should care about the private life side of things, it’s the hypocrisy and the corruption that’s the important point. We should expect better from our politicians.

      Sadly, as I post above, Westminster doesn’t work like the normal world. It’s all just a game to most of the people within it. What goes on outside of SW1 is secondary in their thoughts, as is how people outside of their select group view them.

    2. Absolutely on the money! One would hope that integrity would be the minimum standard for a privileged life in parliament.

  7. How many people believe in you Mr Laws? You don’t care about anyone else but your own arse-self. You are again in a public position not to serve the community but to line your own pocket again and again. Just remember this, you reap what you sow.

  8. Stinking greedy self serving Tory.

    F everyone except yourself.

    That 40k nicked tax payers money could have helped my spastic sister. And the fight my 70 year old mother has with local council to help her.

    But your greed is more.

    F U Mr Laws. So not ever claim any of your issues on being gay.

    You are just a greedy sh!t.

    1. he’s a lib dem actually

    2. de Villiers 23 Sep 2012, 5:16pm

      I dont defend the use of £40k, which I read has now been returned – even though it has been argued that he could have claimed more legitimately had he acknowledged the relationship with his partner.

      However, this £40k against the figure of public spending of £689 billion in the year-end 2011, is 0.000006%.

      1. That There Other David 24 Sep 2012, 10:52am

        By the same logic any individual government spend is small fry against £689 billion, including the amount of benefit given out per person or the amount of funding given to each local authority. Are you therefore implying that the government shouldn’t cut its spending at all, because compared to the total no amount matters?

        1. de Villiers 25 Sep 2012, 12:18am


  9. Pavlos Prince of Greece 23 Sep 2012, 4:17am

    Don`t carry, David. Some people not come out lifelong and even still are self homophobic (like Pope Benedict). As say Germans, ‘schlimmer gehts immer” ( always can be worse).

  10. I was sucking cock etc when I was 16.

    And have never looked back. Never been in the closet. Hooray for that.

  11. Jailing the politicians who stole taxpayers money to flip their second home would have made my life a lot easier and happier.

  12. He’s still a liar and a thief and he is not fit for purpose as a government minister.

    His reappointment shows the utter contempt in which the government holds the electorate.

  13. Has the lying, thieving coward David Laws been investigated fully by the police to see if any criminal charges can be brought against him for his theft of 40,000?

    If not then why not?

    If someone defrauded the benefits system of 40,000 there would be no 2nd chances. It would be an almost certain jail term.

    Why the double standard for thieving coward politicians?

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