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Dan Cathy: Chick-fil-A has made no concessions regarding anti-equal marriage charities

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Reader comments

  1. It’s sad that Chick-fil-A has chosen to fund anti-gay charities rather than ones which could do a lot of good, such as foodbanks which help provide food for those with no money.

  2. What a total drum stick!!!!!

    Dan Cathay, you have succesfully damaged your business with your bigotry. I just hope the people he is going to put out of jobs manage to get something better working for a better place.

    He deserves every bit of lost custom.

    On the headstone it will read. Chick Fil A, it left a bad taste in your mouth.

    1. The worst bit is it looks like theres people in HQ that are trying to rectify mistakes – I hope the shareholders put in a vote of no confidence against him.

  3. Can you say “scumb bag”?

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Sep 2012, 1:17am

      You just did and I’m going to say “assh0le.”..

  4. Hate to say “I told you so” but, well…

    In America we’ve become very familiar with the lies that anti-gay fundamentalist Christianists tell. We can tell that they’re lying because their lips move!

  5. Well, at least he’s consistently stupid. The change in heart was suspect to say the least.

  6. What a prat. I would be a very dissatisfied shareholder just as I would be a very dissatisfied constituent if my MP was using (misusing?) his elected position to promote his/her religious beliefs.

  7. How strongly held his beliefs must be if they change at the drop of the hat as suits the promotion of his company…

  8. Colour me unsurprised. No one donates that much money to hate groups by accident.
    KFC are probably the real winners here simply by not being run by hatemongering bigots.

  9. The company can only suffer more with Dan Cathy is his position as CEO.
    Either Dan Cathy is right, or he is wrong. Chick-Fil-A cannot cut funding to bigoted political lobbyists, while at the same time keep on donating to bigoted political lobbyists.
    Eventually, the company will need to decide once and for all what it’s politics are, and the longer it delays, the more painful the results will be for them.


  11. Sounds very typically Republican: Say one thing to appease the electorate, then do the complete opposite.

    I wonder how a party composed of racist, anti-gay, anti-women, born-again self-righteous psychopaths can even come close to achieving power in America. The parallels to the rise of National Socialism in Germany are unnerving.

  12. May the boycotts continue !

  13. That There Other David 23 Sep 2012, 5:49pm

    Well, this whole mess really shows a company with a clear consistent message doesn’t it? I’ll put money that those franchisees will begin dropping away soon enough.

  14. To be boycotted until closure.

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