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Paris Hilton apologies for saying gay men are ‘disgusting’

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Reader comments

  1. Hmmmmmm serious damage limitation there. Maybe next time you will think about opening that gob of yours!

    Even though I dislike her, I really don’t think that she meant to insult the gay community. It appears that the friend she was with at the time did not take insult at her words so perhaps we should do that same?

    1. “gay guys are the horniest people in the world…they’re disgusting”
      Which part of that quote do you think implies she didn’t mean to insult the gay community?

      1. she meant the people gay people on the grindr – straight people don’t have apps to hook up for anon unprotected sex. They have proper dating ones.

        1. How do you speak for her and know what she meant?
          How did you determine that Grindr is specifically for anon unprotected sex?
          When do straight people only use the web for dating, see

        2. Ahh poor, naive james. Straight men are just as horny as gay guys, they’ve just got women to keep them in check. And I know some pretty horny women too.

          As for not having apps, have you never heard of Blendr? Doh!

  2. I think it sounds like a good apology…shame she said the stuff in the first place , was taped and made public though….you never know with these taped snippets how it was really meant to be taken and she was talking to a mate who was gay…

    1. Exactly, we might not have heard the whole conversation and it could have been edited. While I don’t agree with what she said either way, we all know she is an airhead bimbo at the best of times!

    2. Julia Ford 21 Sep 2012, 5:02pm

      @John . It does sound like a good apology “but” who wrote it? .
      I somehow don,t think Paris Hilton did! I could be wrong but i very much doubt it.
      I will accept it is an apology but if she never made the homophbic comments in the first place she would not have to apologise now would she?.

      Mate or not she was in the wrong .

  3. “It is so wrong when people bully or put down others for being gay. No one should have to go through that.”

    Very true, but she did just that and now she’s trying to worm her way out of a bad situation.

  4. She is kinda right thought, using Grindr has been linked to an increase in HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases amongst gay men.

    1. It’s not the use of Grindr; it is unprotected sex that is linked to an increase in STIs

    2. rick george 21 Sep 2012, 12:11pm

      By who? I want the name of a published scientific report about actual scientific research that was done about this please.

    3. I link people with blue eyes as being more inclined to eat cheese on Fridays.

      Blue eyed people have now been linked to eat more cheese on Fridays.

      Now you know it is important to cite your source when making claims?

      1. I am blue eyed and eat cheese on a Friday, hell I eat cheese any day of the week ;-)

  5. Do we seriously expect anything better from a vacuous tart!?

  6. You vile bag -back peddling hard and very quickly – Hope you go down the pan like Donna Summer did when she made negative comment about gay people.

  7. That There Other David 21 Sep 2012, 11:37am

    Fair enough IMO. I get the impression the original conversation was taken out of context anyway, but that does read like a real apology rather than the faux “sorry that people were offended” nonsense you get from some.

  8. Apology accepted Paris….we ALL say things we regret at some time our lives,myself included. …except for the perfect ones amongst us of course!!!

    1. “gay guys are the horniest people in the world…they’re disgusting”
      And you accept her apology??

  9. Too little, too late.

    Appology not accepted.

  10. A dumb as bricks or head said something dumb? Colour me surprised – not. I don’t think there was any malice involved in what she said, just stupidity.

    And as others have said, we have all said things that we later regret – god knows I have. Hurt a friend very badly with my words, but hey forgave me. So yeah, apology for being a moronic ditz? Accepted.

  11. Also, I’m more bothered by the fact that this taxi driver was recording his passengers. I don’t care if they’re famous or not, he had no right to be recording them in the first place.

    1. Almost every taxi in New York now records video or at least audio as a protective measure for the driver and the passengers.

      Does it make it right that the taxi driver passed it on to the media. Absolutely not.

      However, if faced with a dilemma seeing a supposed supporter of the gay community and one in such a high profile position saying gay guys are disgusting, and that most have AIDS, hell no, screw the taxi driver / passenger ethics.

      1. we all know it wasn’t about the cab driver being shocked it was about him wanting money which is why he sold it to the media.

        1. How do we all know that? Do you know he sold it?
          Perhaps he, his friend, brother, cousin, uncle, etc is gay?

  12. Oh please… If she didn’t mean what she said why did she say it. I also find it amazing how this woman can make blatant homophobic statements and then later apologize and think it’s ok.

    This is not the first time she made a statement like this. Who is she trying to fool?

  13. Too little too late, bitch!

    1. Absolutely she’s sorry.

      Sorry for GETTING CAUGHT!!!

    2. I wonder how long it took her public relations officer to put that drivel together.

      Gosh, I even counted several words of more than two syllables!!!

    3. Sighs I am so damn tired of these fake ass insincere PR apologies they rarely if ever are sincere or come from the heart or are genuine. Its always the same thing someone CLAIMS they have gay friends they are sorry they support the LGBT community etc…. Then they screw up and their true colors shine in the ugliest colors and light possible.Shame on people like Paris shes an idiot always has been one but this went too far and she did hurt this community with such ignorant and narrowminded thinking.She didnt help us she only helped the ignorant twits who hate us and would use something like this to CONTINUE to demonize and persecute this community with. To people like Paris actions speak louder then words people like you need to realize that you have no right to claim you support us as human beings…when you can belittle slam and bash us in the way in which you did.Such a hypocrite people like you and You in general.

  14. Thank you for the apology Paris, you were obviously talking in private with a gay friend teasing him without any real malice making a point that he should be careful, it would have gone no further but for the spying activities of the cabbie.

    1. Cabbie was not spying. Almost every NY taxi has video and/or audio equipment fitted as standard.

      “Ewwwww…. gay guys are the horniest people in the world. they’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS..”

      No real malice?!

      1. Depends how you say it and who you are saying it to, shouldn’t the guy she was in the taxi say something about the incident, was he offended or did he understand it as just banter between friends.

        Cabbie was spying, it makes no difference that they all spy on their fares, plus he’s selling it on to the media.

        1. A person in the mainstream media, who purports to be for gay rights and then says “I would be so scared if I was a gay guy”.. “you’ll like, die of AIDS’, shows an incredible lack of sensitivity and a huge amount of ignorance.

          You rely on some guy in the taxi not speaking up as a vindication that she was not homophobic? Get real!

          As for the spying cab driver? No evidence he did sell it, but it’s a mute point. The conversation is now out there regardless of means.

          1. Mister Fister 21 Sep 2012, 8:26pm

            ‘Mute point’? It’s a moot point, unless the driver was dumb. Your comment though is right on.

  15. BruceWillisFan 21 Sep 2012, 12:13pm

    Nope I still dont like her, so therefore I think she still deserves shooting in the head. :)

    1. So, anyone you don’t like, deserves to be shot in the head?

  16. nasty minded , talent less, inbred, sad woman.( well just about woman but only just )

  17. Well, what would you expect from a brainless bimbo and a closet lesbian who only dates gay men, something intelligent?

    1. You really think everyone in the world who isn’t openly gay is closeted, don’t you? Talk about living in a parallel world!

  18. Another wonderfull example of failing to think before opening your mouth. Meanwhile she has had plenty of time and no doubt help from her minders, to pen a legnthy apology. If she only stopped to think about all the young straight people who continuiously have loads of unprotected sex when out clubbing or on a holiday/vacation and proudly boast about it tanked up with the local beer! None of us are perfect regarless of sexuality and common sence often gets left behind, especially when drunk. She tried to verbally hit the nail on the head. Alas she used her unthinking head to hit the nail. Ouch!

  19. Crocodile tears. Too late, the damage is done. Spoilt brat brainless bimbo sorry she got caught more like.

  20. No credibility whatever in my opinion.

  21. johnny33308 21 Sep 2012, 1:57pm

    Unguarded moments are for the most part honest moments, so IMHO, she was merely being honest, for better or worse…..maybe her ‘gay’ friend happens to be a member of GoProud? They would not take offense at her remarks….the rest of us might do otherwise…

  22. “I hope that everyone can…know that it is not who I am or how I feel in any way.”
    Who is she trying to fool?
    And can someone please explain to me how these comments can be ‘taken out of context’?

  23. fak dat ho

  24. Calliedog7 21 Sep 2012, 3:44pm

    If you don’t mean something and you feel bad about saying it….why say it?
    She really is as dumb as she looks.

  25. That was just written by her PR team to cover up the fact that she got caught saying it. The sad thing is that so many people actually think those things too though.

  26. haris pilton 21 Sep 2012, 4:20pm

    burn in hell, hilton…you have pissed the guys who made your hairs for example

  27. this girl doesn’t have a brain. what’s the surprise? she’s just another american slut. (i have nothing against americans. i’m an american too.)

  28. She is, without a doubt, the most vacuous, pointless human being of the current age, you could have a more interesting conversation with an empty glass.

    BUT, as the quotes from the article before this one pointed out, her gay friend was telling her about someone he knows who has AIDS and still has unprotected sex (I think he should be reported to the Police btw), and showing her a website on his phone of a website that encourages “hook ups”. It’s not a huge leap of faith to reach the conclusion that when she said “they” probably all have AIDS, she wasn’t referring to all gay people, but the people on the website she was looking at – people who her gay friend was explaining have promiscuous lifestyles, so actually, venereal diseases are more likely.

    Paris Hilton isn’t homophobic, she can’t form the thought processes needed to hold strong enough opinions to be regarded as “homophobic.” I’d worry more about the billions of religious crazies who want our balls on spikes.

  29. This must be the week of phoney apologies. An insincere sorry , it seems is all that’s needed now for everything to be wiped clean. Not all the public are that gullible.

  30. Katie Kool-eyes 21 Sep 2012, 5:29pm

    When was the last time SHE took an aids test?

    1. “Aids test”? There’s no such thing. Anticipating you mean “HIV test”? Seems like many of us need some education around this issue.

  31. In other news (comments disabled)…San Francisco police have arrested a veteran gay rights campaigner in connection with child pornography allegations…

    Did you know that homosexual child abuse is disproportionate among homodeviant males ?

    1. Staircase2 21 Sep 2012, 5:49pm

      What a bloody daft and dangerously ignorant thing to say

      That’s like saying that ‘straight child abuse is disproportionally committed by straight males…’

      You’re a bloody idiot with your deliberate attempts at disinformation and bigotry.

      1. faeces on the penis causes HPV-- and HIV,..., 21 Sep 2012, 5:56pm

        You completely miss the point. If you take one million straight males and one million homosexual males. There will mny more instances of homoexual child abuse in the gay group than heterosexual child abuse in the normal (straight) group.

        1. On what evidence do you base this allegation, poor little coprophile troll?

    2. Ignorance is bliss with people like you .

  32. Staircase2 21 Sep 2012, 5:52pm

    Once again, predictable ‘I didn’t read the article just the headline’ bollocks from the Daily Mail knee-jerk club…


    Wrong wrong wrong!

  33. Apart from the stage managed apology I think PH should enroll on an HIV / AIDS awareness course as she has demonstrated she does not understand the subject.

    Also I think she would do well to take an HIV test & openly talk about that experience; this is the only way she can redeem herself in my view

    Her ignorance has also highlighted the same in others – it really is time that gay men & the general population take more personal responsibility to engage with the subject of sexual health / HIV.

    I find it really sad & frustrating that some PN commentators have agreed with the views PH has expressed – as a minority group we should be working together to stamp out stigma, discrimination & lack of understanding.

    I am totally open about my status, until more +ve people feel able to do the same things will be very slow to change.

    The question is why so many +ve people are unable to be open about their status – the answer has clearly been provided in the PH’s original uneducated comments!

    1. Fantastic reply.

    2. Fantastic reply.

  34. mark gresty 22 Sep 2012, 3:55am

    What can you expect from someone who is so stupid and linguistically inept that she has to, like, fumble around to find the word ‘die’?

    No Gay Person out of the approx 1 Million Participants in the 2005 Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade can forget the Controversy when She Was chosen to be the Celebrity Host. Most everyone said she had never done anything for the gay community and did NOT deserve to be sitting up there in her pink convertible. Turns out they were all EXACTLY RIGHT weren’t they. Nothing but a fake stupid loser hypocrite! She has just Slapped every person there showing her support in the face!

  36. She’s an oxygen thieving, thick-as-pigsh*t moron with no discernible talent and nothing useful to offer the world in return for her existence.

    The sooner we ignore her, the things she says and what she does, the sooner she’ll slip into the obscurity she so richly deserves.

    1. Julia Ford 28 Sep 2012, 8:06pm

      If your surname is Glegg i think you should say “Sorry”.

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