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Israel: Lesbian couple awarded payout in landmark ruling

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Reader comments

  1. the last line is the key “the venue is not a religious venue but a public business and therefore cannot discriminate”

    ie if you want to discriminate based on your religious beliefs then run a religious venue not a general public business.

    1. personally after they said that I wouldn’t want to give them my custom anyways – I am the one with the money to spend and if they don’t want it then i can and will go elsewhere and they have lost out.

      1. and if the venue that doesnt want your money is the best venue around in terms of location, prestige and value for money, would you still settle for something second best (and as a result allowed homophobic discrimination to continue) just to prove ur point?

        1. Yes I would because clearly they aren’t the best around, they would begrudge being forced to hold it and I can’t even begin to think what goes thru the head of bitter people who feel so wronged and what they would do to get revenge.

      2. Well, you don’t have to. And you probably wouldn’t want to. However, it presents a perfect opportunity to fight for equality. I’m sure the couple chose a different place after all. (The refusal itself happened all the way back in 2008, aka 4 years ago.)

  2. It may seem strange, but I hope there are more cases like this, getting the equality message across through the courts.

  3. israel has a long history of discriminating against all sort of people

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 24 Sep 2012, 1:24am

      Israel is far from perfect, but let’s see a court in Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Lebanon or Jordan or Syria or Palestine award damages to a same sex couple. Not going to hold my breath on that one.

  4. When LGBT rights get to a certain point in a country, this type of thing happens. If the law says you can’t discriminate, you can’t use “I’m religious” to do so. In Canada, a few years ago, an elderly couple refused a gay couple from their B&B. Even though this was the older couple’s home, they were fined for refusing the gay couple a room. The judge even said, would you have refused service if this was a st8 mixed race couple? For a public business, refusing a customer based on any such criteria is against the law.

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