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Canada: Census may have erroneously counted roommates as same-sex couples

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Reader comments

  1. same conclusions could be drawn with a man and a woman sharing who are migrant workers married to a person in another house.

    1. There’s an important difference. Same-sex marriages are relatively rare, and so a fairly small number of misidentified straight migrant workers could account for a significant proportion of the total same-sex couples reported in the census. Different-sex marriages are much more common, so the effect of a few misidentified migrants is proportionately much smaller.

      1. yea but how many are classed as being in a different sex marriage when they are actually not?

        1. A tiny proportion, for the reasons I just explained.

  2. Who really cares…the fact remains that this is an error in statistical reporting rather than a discussion about same sex marriage. Canada is light years ahead of the UK and whatever the case, it must follow that since same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada there will be a significant increase. I am Canadian, I live in the UK right now for work, with my Canadian husband…we married in Toronto and love it !! Shame the Brits ate denied that equality that we take for granted…

  3. I’m thinking college jocks!


  4. just about compensates for all the gays still in the closet!

  5. Cardinal Capone 21 Sep 2012, 6:39pm

    I noticed not one single positive story in all the headliners at the moment.

    Come on PN, show us some good news!

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