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Australian Senate follows second chamber in defeating equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. This is why I have such utter hatred for christo-fascist filth: “To decry my views is to seek to discriminate against me”.

    As the saying goes, your right to throw a punch ends before you reach the end of someone else’s nose. He may believe whatever ignorant lack-witted bronze age cr@p he wants, but it is tyranny to force it upon others. THAT is discrimination.

    Saying he is a bigoted tyrannical moron for worshipping the psychotic drivel of sheep-sh@gging tribesmen is NOT discrimination because he can demonstrate no actual harm. Nor does allowing same sex marriage injure him in any way, so that is not discrimination either.

    In short – another christian hypocrite telling lies, and then wallowing about in their ever-present victimhood complex.

    And people wonder why I loathe them and everything they stand for.

  2. You choose to believe in nonsense; you choose to use such nonsensical beliefs to make laws. Then you call it discrimination when people insult the ridiculous ideas that you have chosen to use as a template for society’s morals…

    Anyone else feeling a little bit trolled here?

  3. Unles Tony Abbot allows his party a conscience vote then a marriage equality bill at fed level will never pass! End of story. There simply isn’t a big enought majority in the Greens/Lab to pass it.

    1. Cardinal Capone 20 Sep 2012, 10:53am

      One possibility is that politicians are under the thumb of certain anti gay press barons. I very much doubt that hacking and burglary on behalf of certain press interests were unique to the UK. Just an opinion of what could be going on at some level.

      1. I don’t know. I think the barons in Australia’s case are probably the strong influence of the Catholic church in Australian politics. Gillard owes her job to the union barons and there’s a powerful anti-gay catholic union boss who predicted that Gillard would come out against gay marriage months and months before she actually publicly did (against all the odds really for a unmarried atheist). The press/media have generally been quite good (with exceptions) and I think that may be why everyone in Australia knows about the SSM debate and why the majority of Australians are in favour. The vote for SSM has greatly increased in favour from the last time around and if the opposition only allowed a consciene vote the vote would be even better and may actually pass. Unfortuntely the opposition will probably win power next yr and things may actually get worse at fed level???

  4. Cardinal Capone 20 Sep 2012, 10:48am

    What the opponents don’t get is that people will fight forever for love.

  5. Excellent news, well done Australia.

    1. Hi Aiden. Still spending your time on gay websites, I see.

  6. Hopefully Sidney Pride 2013 will be more of a demonstration than a party. If the LGBT community do not get angry about this then they shouldn’t expect Government ever to listen. Whilst Australian politicians behave with such homophobia, gay international travellers should boycott the country until equality is achieved.

  7. A country that is going back, back, back in time. A very sad and tragic decision for everyone in that country. And to have a lopsided government that advocates and supports hate is worse still. I hope and pray that individual states are more positive. Shame on the Australian Governemnt for their decision. That is one country I shall not be visiting again.

  8. PeterinSydney 20 Sep 2012, 12:01pm

    What a hippocrite Tony Abbott is, while chucking out nasty Bernardi for lowering gay people to animals, Abbott treats gay people worse than dogs by consigning them to social and legal no mans land.

  9. PeterinSydney 20 Sep 2012, 12:03pm

    We need marriage equality not just for love, but also for legal recognition of rights like inheritance etc. We must fight for justice in these matters.

    1. Except there is no inheritanace tax in Australia at all and you can leave whatever you want to whoever you want providinf you’ve written a will. In any case de facto couples (and civil unions can be used tto prove that) have more or less the same legal rights as married couples. I’m pretty certain of that. I think the right or need for marriage in Australia is more or less the same as why British gay couples want it. Gay couples don’t want civil unions in Australia at fed level they want marriage only.

      1. PeterinSydney 20 Sep 2012, 9:16pm

        But even in Australia inheritance rights are determined more by Marriage relationships then anything else. So it is not just about any tax. For example who has ownership rights over a grave for a deceased person? The widow or widower always takes precedence.

      2. John, civil unions have nothing to do with de facto status at all. De facto in Aus means you have lived together at the same address for more than a year. Having a civil union or even a foreign marriage is, at best, supporting evidence of a real relationship, but doesn’t give de facto status.

        If at any point one of you leaves that address (possibly travelling overseas to seek work or care for a family member living elsewhere) then the de facto status is lost and you have to live together for a full year to regain it.

        1. Most staes allow you to register a domestic partnership, which gives you legal rights equivalent to civil union and means you don’t face those dangers. The problem is not so much civil rights as being asked to sit at the back of the bus and constantly told your commitment is inferior.

          1. True true – sorry. I was talking from an immigration perspective only, it seems. And for divorce purposes a 2 year period living together is still reqd.

            Registration doesnt seem to be recognised between states tho.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Sep 2012, 1:00pm

    That’s why I despise certain federal systems of government. We should be thankful we don’t have that type of system in the UK.

    What an utter fool saying that supporting equal marriage is supporting discrimination against the opponents’ beliefs. Nobody is against anybody for having those beliefs or workshipping in any way. How on earth legislating for equal marriage be construed as discrimination? These buffoons shouldn’t even be holding public office in my view, totally unfit for purpose.

    Of course, our belief that we are being discriminated against doesn’t register with these bigoted religious morons. They don’t even construe opposition in this matter as discrimination. Fraudulent christians is what they really are. They can’t even be honest and admit they’re homophobic, in other words, liars too.

  11. Senate President John Hogg told the chamber he had a deep-seated belief that marriage was between a man and woman. “To decry my views is to seek to discriminate against me.”

    Awww, poor poppet.

    Alternatively, your views might be decried because they’re irrational.

    1. billywingartenson 21 Sep 2012, 6:50am

      same old bullcrap of the victimizer claiming he is the victim.

      It reminds me of how Germany Invaded poland in sept 1939. Tehy killed some polish soldiers, and took the bodis back to germany.

      And claimed that poland invaded germany. Their (ir)rational for going to war.

      Re marriage its going to take time. I think it was obvious that it wouldnt pass. Two things could help – rile up the mad conservatives – maybe the people will see them for the dogs they are and toss some of them out of the govt.

      next – be nice to the people on the fence – its also an education problem.

      BTW this is not just about gay marriage – its about finishing off the monstrosity of the western world – the church that laid the foundations for Adolph Schicklegrubers election in 1933 in Germany by hating the Jews for a millenia.

      IF there was a god the earth fault that lies only about 100 miles east of rome would have swallowed up the vatican in the hellfires.

      No more kiddies to be molested by that church.

  12. To me it is simple:
    If you want change in Oz you are going to have to take it.
    Remember the words of Ghandi:

    First they ignore you.
    Then they mock you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win.

  13. Ah Australia… always 20 years behind the times….

  14. Bill (Scotland) 20 Sep 2012, 10:47pm

    Why is anyone surprised about this result? This is the country that gave John Howard four terms in office. Sydney Mardi Gras, whilst great in principle, does not really encompass anything like the majority of Australian public opinion – when the Australian people start to vote differently then things will change. This goes way beyond party political affiliation as any amateur student of Australian politics can easily verify for themselves; Gillard is just as unreconstructed on this issue as Howard was. Obviously I am not Australian, just an interested observer, although with family and other ties there (including a former boyfriend – not himself a native Australian or indeed British).

  15. “Senate President John Hogg told the chamber he had a deep-seated belief that marriage was between a man and woman”.
    Senator, you are there to represent ALL the people, not push your own views.

  16. Boycott Australia.

    Starting now.

  17. GingerlyColors 21 Sep 2012, 7:19am

    Don’t expect too much too soon from a country that legally discriminated against it’s indiginous population until recently. It is no good Senator Penny Wong blaming Tony Abbott for the failure to bring in marriage equality when the blame rests with Julia Gillard. If Canberra cannot deliver then I hope the States and Territories can. Australia has made good progress on LGBT rights since South Australia decriminalized sexual conduct between men in 1975 but as always, two steps forward and one step back. Don’t write the Land Down Under off just yet.

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